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Thanks for the beautiful pictures on nature, Mike, the sunset especially. I've always loved the sunset. There's nothing like a prayerful walk on the beach with the sunset on the background. It stills the soul and lifts you up the ground!!!

I've taken pictures of sunset in my travels----they may look slightly different but the beauty and grandeur is all the same.Like God whose presence never fades...

I also like the symbolic aspect of the sunset. While it signals the end of the day, it is a reminder that there is another tomorrow when the sun rises again to signal another day. The sunset and the sunrise, the Resurrection!

That's what I meant the last time I said not to be so much to be focused on the Crucifixion but on the Resurrection.


"I'm guessing he left his wife to follow Jesus."

For a time, but Peter remained married. Apparently later Peter's wife joined him in his ministry.

"Don't we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the other apostles and the Lord's brothers and Cephas?" NIV

[Note: Gk. "gune" can be translated "woman" or "wife", but the context here points to "wife". Paul is talking about his rights as an apostle and compensation (which he does not desire). The compensation picture entitled to apostles during their travels and ministry does not seem to lend itself to an accompanying sister in Christ (woman), but rather to a wife - that both husband and wife were to be supported.]

Absolutely -- I'm incredibly fortunate because I work with very good friends who know Jesus. Many times, when I've descended the spiral staircase of despair, self-flagellation, and pity, they've brought me to Jesus. My beautiful wife has also carried me as I've sprawled on the mat of regrets. This passage and your comments have nudged me to do the same for a struggling family member. Thank you -- awesome pix, too!

Wow those pictures representing different nature scence are fantastic. I just brought a fireplace DVD and looking at these pictures I wish they made a DVD of nature. It helps me to appreciate all of Gods wonders and allows me to spend time with Him.

Last night 2 of my friends & myself could not make prayer service because of the threat of rain. We decided to have a prayer service over the phone. We incoporated my church style of prayer service. The first prayer we prayed for ourselves, the second prayer was for others and last for the leaders in our life. While we prayed we talked about how Gods grace truly is amazing the 3 of us had long term relationships which ended recently. We could not figure out why? or What was going on? But now we get it we are carrying one another, holding up and undergirding each other when the other is down ..We can carry each others mat and it doesn't matter that my marriage was a 10 yrs one, another friends was 12 yrs and the other 5. We ALL carried that mat for each one of us during this time in our life. And when we can't pray for ourselves we know our sisters are in the gap for us. I pray God continue to use me for His purpose.

Proverbs 65 (scatter rose petals down your paths,
All through the wild meadows, rose petals. )
Stood out to me today because there are times that I believe my path is going to be filled with rocks but instead I feel the velvety touch under my feet and it is then I know my Lord has spread rose petals along my wild path.
And I think Him...and absolutely love Him.

Actually just today I stood in complete silence before God because of his beautiful creation. This morning I happened to be doing such a mundane thing as making the bed, when I happened to look up at the window and see a beautiful rainbow. I was immediately struck by it's beauty, so I ran to go get the camera and took a picture from our balcony, which I would share here but HTML comments are not allowed. Maybe I'll try to post it or something. But anyway, right after the chaos of making sure I got the picture before it went away, I was able to stand in complete stillness for a few moments to admire it, and was really reminded of God and the Noahic covenant. I could tell that God was really speaking to my heart, and was so moved by that moment, as silly as it sounds :)
Another funny thing that happened today was that I was driving to a friends house and missed the freeway exit, and was forced to drive another 5 miles or so without another exit. I got angry at first, but looked at the mountains and scenery around me and realized that this was a perfect opportunity to be alone with God for a few minutes and pray, so that's what I did. It actually turned out to be a nice blessing in disguise. :)
So lots of God-created beauty in my day today, it was a very nice reminder of all the incredible creation that God has granted us that most of us don't even have the time to notice...

I too love this account in Luke. The Bible doesnt say the man on the mat had faith or not, but his friends did. How awesome! What a good example of not going at it alone in the Christian walk. We need to surround ourselves with people of faith. I have found myself faithless at times, but the faith of my loved ones has boosted me, encouraged me.
Also note Jesus said, man, you're sins are forgiven you. Jesus said this before healing him because this was a greater need. I heard some teachings on some of these biblical healings and why did Jesus say your sin is forgiven, then heal them...could it be a sin on their part contributed to their condition? LIke the man by the stirred waters, he said, 'go and sin no more'.

I had to pull out the big guns on this one, the Vernon McGee study Bible (aka, a Thru the BIble in 10 years Bible with commentary.. so vast, it takes 10 yrs! , i'll post a portion of it:
"There are many people who are not going to receive the message of salvation unless you lift a corner of their stretcher and carry them to a place where they can hear the Word of God. They are paralyzed--immobilized by sin and many other things the world holds for them. Some are paralyzed by prejudice and others by indifference. They are never going to hear Jesus say to them, "You're sins are forgiven" unless you take the corner of their stretcher and bring them to Him. All these incidences reveal the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to spread the gospel of Jesus to others."
---wow, thats convicting. I dont think this means drag people against their will, but tell them of Jesus, pray for them, encourage them, invite them to church, give them a Bible, whatever we can do to share with others.

The link at above was really good in explaining it further, haha. fred...didnt get that at first.

Good Morning!
what a reading, I am moved. I am in the process this morning of praying for someone in particular, and so this reading in Luke really spoke to me. I even interupted my husband in his reading and read the commentary to him :).
Thank You Lord for Your perfect timing and telling me what I need to do.

Isn't God wonderful?

The cities of refuge as a picture of Jesus.

a. The Bible applies this picture of the city of refuge to the believer finding refuge in God on more than one occasion:

i. Psalm 46:1, says God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. More than 15 other times, the Psalms speak of God as being our refuge.

ii. Hebrews 6:18 says, That by two immutable things, in which it is impossible for God to lie, we might have strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before us. We can flee to Jesus for refuge!

b. Both Jesus and the cities of refuge are within easy reach of the needy person; they were of no use unless someone could get to the place of refuge.

c. Both Jesus and the cities of refuge are open to all, not just the Israelite; no one needs to fear that they would be turned away from their place of refuge in their time of need.

d. Both Jesus and the cities of refuge became a place where the one in need would live; you didn’t come to a city of refuge in time of need just to look around.

e. Both Jesus and the cities of refuge are the only alternative for the one in need; without this specific protection, they will be destroyed.

f. Both Jesus and the cities of refuge provide protection only within their boundaries; to go outside meant death.

g. With both Jesus and the cities of refuge, full freedom comes with the death of the High Priest.

h. A crucial distinction: The cities of refuge only helped the innocent; the guilty can come to Jesus and find refuge.

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