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You are so correct about God's creation and its wonder. All you have to do is walk down a forest trail and all around you is God's brilliance. Man has not even approached what God has done in one flower. It really is amazing if you think about it. Praise the Lord !!

God's creation comes to mind especially in the past year and a half when the wife and I have had the priviledge to see most of the US from our motorhome. We sold our house in Florida a year ago Nov. Gave away most everything and hit the road. I was on the north rim of the Grand Canyon last year for Easter Sunrise service. This year in Surfside Texas for a Sunrise service. We've seen so many wonders. No big bang could create these things. A few health problems for the wife have slowed us down recently. We will see what the Lord allows next in our lives. He has protected us and seen us through many things. What a Gracious God, Lord and Savior we have. I've been able to do One Year Bible on line and blog everywhere we go with the aid of a wifi hotspot. in His Grace, Alan

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