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Love Matthews west new song "Broken things" is really good. It hits the core. We are all beggars at the kings feast. We will be broken till we reach our eternal home and our bodies are made new. Praise be to
God! Lord come quickly!

I love listening to music. Thank goodness my choice of what I listen to has changed. When I sing along to some of the songs I listened to growing up, I think, wait a minute, what are they singing about here! From the time I was a small child, I have loved the old hymns played by the church organ. Thank goodness every Sunday morning, God would pull me back to him with the beautiful songs created by Christian people.

When our small church first started to include praise songs in our worship as a way of connecting to the younger generation, some of us older folks kind of raised our eyebrows and were not sure about this kind of music. It was louder and more repetitive. Some of the songs seemed to go on forever and ever. However, over the years, the more I listed to and sang these songs, I realized I was praising and praying to the Lord in a more emotional and active way. I love the song SOUL ON FIRE by Third Day.

Let's all have our souls on fire for the Lord today!

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