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In Malachi, verse 7, God also spoke to my heart immediately when I read how he despises imperfect sacrifices. He wants our very best and we (or I) compromise that so many times. The "things" of this world easily entrap us and worm their way up to first place and before we know it, our sacrifices to God even begin to smell bad. And we expect Him to accept them?
Wow! Thank you Lord for showing me this today. And at a great time...the beginning of a New Year. "His mercies are new every morning." I am thankful that He gives me a new beginning everyday and now a whole new year to offer him my best and first fruits. I am so thankful to have found this site. I am excited about an ordered "plan" to begin reading God's Word in a whole new way. This is definitely an answer to prayer. God Bless you. D.

I am writing this early, as I do not know if I will get a chance to get on-line Friday.

I have always liked the book of Malachi. I know Friday's reading (especially 3:8-12) for some will be very interesting. I take those verses to heart and I believe in tithing 10% first to God before paying your bills and spending and saving. Yes! I tithe faithfully. I went ahead and read what Hampton Keathley IV had to say about tithing and I agree with him 100%.

I live by this principle... 10-10-80 plan. Tithe 10 percent, save 10 percent, and be a good steward with the remaining 80 percent. I believe what my pastor says to be true… “Which is more 90% or 100%. I am sure you would say 100% is more. However in Kingdom mathematics gives a different answer. Which would you rather have, 90% of your money with God’s blessing (after the tithe), or 100% of your finances under a curse, (see Malachi 3: 8-11). You see, 90% with God’s blessing really does turn out to be more than a 100% without His blessing.”

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