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Thanks for this resource, Mike. The church small group I'm in has decided that we need to be accountable for being in the Word every day and the one-year bible is an excellent way to do it. I've been following along with you for a week now, and I love it: I read it on my laptop before I even get out of bed.

As for paths, it reminds me of two things. The first is a book by Steve Farrar called "Gettin' There: How a Man Finds His Way on the Trail of Life" and he noticed the same thing you did about all the paths (trails) in the scripture. This book focuses on the Psalms.

The second thing is your question of how I am doing on my path. I think I see it as I mostly am going straight, but occasionally start to veer off to the side. Thankfully, I have those grooved bumps on the sides that give me a wake-up call when I get too close to falling off the road into the dirt. Those "bumps" are my friends from the church and my family, whom I trust to keep me accountable.

I've learned over the years that I can't trust myself to keep myself accountable. The more I walk with God each day the easier it gets because I can see his blessings, but I still need other people to know that they can say, "Should you really be doing that?" and I have to let them without becoming defensive. We aren't on this journey alone.

Thanks again for this resource. I appreciate it.

Speaking of paths........ I know that if I take my eyes off the Lord for even a second, and begin to focus on circumstances that I am headed for big trouble. It is when I am centered on the Lord, through His Word, and in prayer that I am at my best.

He promised to be our Light, and I believe with all my heart that He is the way, the truth and the life.

As long as my eyes are on Him, then my path is clear. : )


Mike, i love the idea about paths. Maybe jungle paths or battle paths or beating a well worn path 9trodden by saints who came before us). It's all about seeing God build his church and leading us in ways that are complementary and for his glory!
I also think that we need to be careful that we don't take this to mean that there is just one path for us - and if we "miss it" we are in trouble for the rest of our lives... I think God gives us generic guidance in the bible as to good paths for a Christian, and also gives us individual guidance for our own path: but this too has breadth and he is gracious when we take our time getting where he wants us to be!

Thanks for your daily posts. I've been browsing them for several weeks now.

Here are some of my questions and thoughts on today's reading.

In Exodus 1:8-14, why does God bring hardship on the same people he previously blessed so richly? Is it because His plans include both providence beyond measure and hardship? It seems the two are brothers. God uses both through scripture and history quite a bit. He shows Himself mighty through both - an incredible and worthy God!

The Lord is teaching me the difference between right/wrong and holy/evil. God blesses those that fear him - even if they lie in honoring him. What? It seems crazy. Look at Ex. 1:17-20. The midwives didn't kill the boys because they feared God, but they lied when questioned saying that they weren't there when the babies were born. God responded by dealing well with them and blessed them because they feared Him (despite the fact that they lied). God seems more interested in the holy/evil aspect than the rght/wrong aspect. This isn't liberty to go around lying or cheating for God, but it definitely makes you think. He knows our hearts. WOW!! It reminds me of how Jesus responded when he was questioned about performing miracles on the Sabbath. He sought what was HOLY.

(There was another instance in the Old Testament where a woman lied and then God blessed a woman because she feared him. I cannot find where I read this story. Please help me if you know what story I am referring to. She llied to the authorities about seeing ______ (God's servant) when the authorites came to her house looking for him. Thanks for your help.)

In the NT readings:

Matthew 17: I wander what Jesus, Moses and Elijah talked about.

I wander why Jesus met with them. Did he do it for Moses and Elijah? Did Jesus do it because he wanted visit with them? I visited the mountain where it is believed this took place while in Israel this October.

Go here to see my photo of it:
To see other photos from my time in Israel go to:

Today's reading in Proverbs reminded me how crucial it is to see with spiritual eyes and not trust mere externals. After reading Pr. 5: 4-6, the sweet lips and smooth words in v. 3 are no longer appealing. Without knowing the truth, many people are decieved by mere externals. That is why seeing how God sees is crucial. We tend to naturally only see with our physical eyes. Jesus saw with spiritual eyes while others around him saw only mere externals. (In yesterday's reading he spoke of what really defiles a person. It't not anything external or physical. Mt. 15:10-20)

God is good and his words are true and upright. It is good to seek him together.

I absolutely love my church too. I don't go from church to church. I stay put. The church I am in I immerse myself into servanthood.

You had asked..."Do you praise Jesus regularly for the church you attend? Do you pray for the ministry of your church regularly? Do you pray for your pastors? Do you pray for others in your church? Do you pray for those that will soon be coming to attend your church?" And YES!!! I do. Everyday.

Not only that, I also pray that everyone in the city I live has the chance and oppurtunity and ability to hear the message before they pass on.

Not only that I also put myself out there available for service. I Know that God is going to do some awesome things not only in my city but also the world so I pray that God will give me the privilege of allowing me to get in on some of what He is doing.

And I pray that not only the churches in my area but ALL churches and their members plant and water the seeds and then let God create the growth.

God Bless

I will not be doing my usual long post today because I’m a little bit tired and I’m taking a break but I want to address Brady’s questions, at least some of them.

Regarding people who lie: God doesn’t use perfect people, give Him praise for that, He uses willing people. This walk is a progressive walk it is not instantaneous as per the passage we read in Proverbs on Sunday, 4:18The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.

Why did Jesus meet with Moses and Elijah on the mountain? Jesus represented the culmination of the Law, Moses, and was the fulfillment what the prophets proclaimed, Elijah During the Passover Seder a chair is left empty which is Elijah’s chair, and there is an invitation for Elijah to come through the door and sit at the Seder table. In Jewish tradition the coming of Elijah preceded the coming of Messiah. Moses and Elijah, the Law and the Prophets, pointed to Jesus as the Messiah. Another way to look at this is in understanding that God always confirms his Word, and that Word is Jesus, which is confirmed by Moses and Elijah.

Sorry this is not my usual post; I had a three-hour commute getting home. Hopefully I’ll incorporate today’s readings with what I post tomorrow.

Grace and peace,

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