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Exodus 2:24-25:
God hears. God remembers. God sees. God knows.

Matthew 17:25-27:
What a cool miracle. It reminds me how easy it is for God to provide physical and monetary needs.

Psalm 22:
WOW!! This entire chapter is Jesus on the cross. It is prophecy about what the Lord would accomplish on the cross. Jesus quotes the first phrase of this chapter while on the cross and ends by quoting the last phrase, "It is done." So many things in this Psalm took place while he was on the cross. This very song was on our Savior's mind while on the cross.

How many things happen at wells in the bible...

Rebekah was found as a wife for Isaac...Jacob first sees Rachel...Moses finds his wife...Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well and tells her about living water. Not perhaps a profound insight, but it's interesting to me...

"After looking around to make sure no one was watching", Moses killed a man, but word got out anyway. God was watching for sure, but how did the knowledge of who killed the Egyptian get out as we learn of later? Did Moses talk about it, boast about it? Did someone deduce that it had to be him? Of course, the Bible does not tell us, but I want to close by stating that I pondered verse 12 for a long time this morning. How often have I "looked around" before I sinned and felt "secure" that no one was watching?

In Christ:


Exodus 2:11-3:22

I don’t know when he understood his purpose and his calling, but Moses knew somewhere deep down inside of him that he was a deliverer. He attempted to deliver one of “his people” from the hands of an Egyptian; he successfully delivered his future father-in-law’s daughters from the “bulling” of the shepherds after running away from Egypt after a failed attempt to deliver one of “his people” from the hands of another “his people” because they knew of the murder, along with the rest of the people and Egypt too.

God’s gifts and callings are without repentance (Romans 11:29) even when we don’t use them righteously, even when we take those gifts and callings as a right of ownership instead of protecting them in a stewardship capacity, God still shows His Grace and Mercy toward us. Moses killed the Egyptian when he was between 39 and 40 years of age. He spent another forty years in Midian shepherding a flock of sheep (The motif of shepherd continues to run through the Bible), yet at the age of 80 God said, “Go!”

Some of us think we have missed it, some of us think we have disappointed God because we have jumped ahead of what God wanted so we’ve “blown it.” That is not true. First of all we cannot surprise, disappoint or shock God. God knew what we were going to do before we even did it. If we could do any of the afore mentioned three to God, than God is not God. Everywhere in these two chapters I see the sovereignty of God in the story. The enslavement of Israel’s people had been foretold by God to Abraham over four hundred years before (Genesis 15:12-16) as well as her deliverance. Now, in the fullness of time this man, Moses, was about to serve his purpose at eighty years of age. You go boy!

All that is needed to walk the path of righteousness, the path the God has planned for us, is to submit to the will of God. God told Moses everything that he needed to say to the leaders of Israel and to the Pharaoh. He even told Moses how they would both respond to the Words God would give him. Now that is an awesome God.

Matthew 17:10-27

At first glance it could seem that Jesus was hard on His disciples and the people for not being able to cast out the demons from this hapless young man; however, Jesus had previously given them the power and authority to cast out demons (Luke 9:1), but they failed to take responsibility for what they had been given. Jesus stated that they were powerless because of their “not enough faith.” I know that it is traditional that we ask God for more faith. But it seems to imply in this text that we are responsible for the amount of faith we do or don’t have. When Jesus gave them the reason for their failure, He didn’t lay hands on them, He didn’t pray for them He told them the problem was with them. So too when I fail to do what I have the ability to do and try to hide my failure by keeping myself prepared spiritually to do the work of the ministry.

How many of us in this community are just like Mr. Peter? We brag on God, then go ask God will He do what we have just bragged on Him about. “Of course he does,” Peter replies to the Temple tax collector when asked if Jesus paid tax. Either operating in uncertainty, because he stated a fact he had no direct information on, Jesus beats him to the punch with his answer in the form of a question.

I caught this time in this reading that Jesus, this time, was concerned about them being offended because he really shouldn’t have to pay taxes because He was the King of the Kingdom. Yet several chapters before this, Jesus offend the religious leaders by speaking the truth to them. So it appears to me that we are able to offend people in two ways; however one is acceptable and the other is not. We are to adhere to the governing authorities even when we have the right to exempt ourselves from the laws and traditions.

The other thing I notices in Jesus’ directions to Peter in getting the money to pay the taxman, He tells Peter to get the tax money out of the mouth of the first fish. This implies that Peter needed to spend some time down by the lake and get a few more, possibly to sell. You don’t distinguish first, if there is to be a second, third, fourth and so on. Tax time is coming so pay your taxes.

Psalm 22:1-18

When I think about how God inspired, God breathed into man the Words that are in this Book we call the Bible that foretells of events yet to come is mind blowing. This book composed of 66 books written over a 1,500 year period by 40 authors pointing to the same Man, to the same creator of the Universe, Jesus, is speech and mind numbing. We serve an awesome God. Each and every thing that Jesus did when he walked this earth taking on the form of a man,

Proverbs 5:7-14

The pain of regret and the crippling effect of shame are the consequences of not avoiding the adulteress/adulterer. Listen up folks

Grace and peace,

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