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Before I spend time in the Word every day I ask God to show me something new that I can apply to my life(And believe me, He shows me.). And I ask Him to take what I have read and learned and show me how to apply it my my life. By reading His Word daily I do believe I am being led by His truth.

Putting hope in God can be hard, especially all day long. Losing hope and getting discouraged is very easy to do.

By putting on hope all day long, asking God to put on us His armour, extinguish all firey weapons Satan tries to fire at us, and putting our faith in Him, we will get less discouraged and have less bouts of worriness.

If you have worries then givem them all to God.
Phil 4:6 Do not worry about anything, instead pray about everything.
1 Peter 5:7 Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about what happens to you.

Proverbs 6: 9-11 talks about, it is okay to sleep. But we need to becareful that we do not let the temptation of sleep and laziness take over our time of work.

Should you be feeling guilty about your 10 hours of sleep the last couple of nights? Be careful where the quilt is coming from. Is it Satan trying to make you feel bad that you are sleeping so much? Or is it God trying to quide you and prompt you to spend more time in service for Him.

We should work. We need to work. If we don't work, we don't eat. We should rest. We need to rest. So we don't get burned out and become useless to our employer or to God. And remember we have the Sabbath in which it is a day of rest, a day of restoration, a day for us to spend with God, to spend with family.

As long as you work, and you feel you have completed your day's service for God, you can rest. God wants us to take care of our minds and bodies to remain in fighting shape for Him.

God Bless,



I have not missed a day this month. My mind always seem to wander when I haven't done my daily bible reading. This is such an awesome experience. Please pray for me in two areas:

1. I am apllying for nursing schools. I pray that the right school will accept. God knows which one :)

2. I am dealing with sexual addiction again. I gave it over to God last falla t my Men's retreat but it is back. Pray that I can continue my journey with God.


Hi: Praise the Lord, I have not missed one single day of my readings. I asked the Lord on Jan 1, to help me do this years reading of the Bible, under His guidance and He is faithful....
Some days, JUST IN CASE, I do double reading, if I can not do it next day, but if I do, I read it again the following day, it is working great. One day I did not have time, but I had done it already the day before.
When I do the daily reading I have a Commentary, a Bible dictionary with me, if there is something that I want to go deeper, I look. I have found also a very good book, called "How to get into the Bible", by Stephen M. Miller that is very interesting. It is not a profound or extended book but has a little bit of everything; highlights, plots, behind the scenes, reviews, encores and some simple pictures of some chapters and verses. (Now that you have some pictures in the daily blog, but mine are not as sofisticated as yours) Last week I was doing my reading with my grandson, who is 9 years old, and he loved it. Along with reading we were looking at the pictures and commenting on them.
I am greatful to God,and happy for myself that I found the web page last year and I am reading the Bible with the plan we are following. It is very good, complete and full of insight. I am discovering many new things and God is speaking to me daily.
God bless you Mike. Sincerely, Eugenia

Exodus 10:1-12:13

10: 1 Then the LORD said to Moses, "Return to Pharaoh and again make your demands. I have made him and his officials stubborn so I can continue to display my power by performing miraculous signs among them. 2 You will be able to tell wonderful stories to your children and grandchildren about the marvelous things I am doing among the Egyptians to prove that I am the LORD."

I’m been trying to come to terms with God making Pharaoh and his officials “stubborn” for years, so I went to speak to Mr. Strong. In the KJV and the NIV the Hebrew word translated into our English word, stubborn, in the NLT is translated “hardened.” Why would God do that to a person? Doesn’t that run counter to free will? However in the eleventh chapter the same Words God gave Moses and Aaron to speak and the plagues that disrupted the lives of everyone in Egypt, except the children of Israel living in Goshen, predisposed the rest of the Egyptians to not only look favorable on the Hebrews but also to see Moses as a great man (verse 3).

Upon further research I see this Hebrew word, Kabad (Strong’s Number, 03513), appears a total of 109 times; however, it is only translated, hardened (KJV) seven times. Yet over 50% of the time this work has been either translated honor, glorify, or honorable 62 times. Hmmm! The following is my own thinking and if anyone else has an explanation please post a response. I believe that Pharaoh and his advisors were so full of their own honor and glory they were unable to see the power and truth of Israel’s God. Like two opposing sides digging in to maintain their “lines,” Pharaoh’s heart maintained his false self-importance at the expense of the knowledge of God, leaving him stubborn to the truth. A stubborn man is an ignorant man because he refuses to be taught, and woman too. In other words, “He thought he was ‘All That and a Bag of Chips with a Coke and a Snickers Bar!’”

Although I’m not a farmer or gardener I do believe the condition of the soil depends on the make-up of the soil, water and the action of the sun. The soils’ mixture, rain, or lack there of, can be either soften or made hard as a brick when the action of the sun’s light, which also produces heat beams down. Remembering that in both the Old and New Testament, the heart is symbolically spoken of as being soil in the parable of the Sower and God speaks to the prophet Jeremiah (Jeremiah 4:3) and Hosea (Hosea 10:12) commanding the people to “break up your fallow ground.” God is not responsible for the condition of our hearts, we are. His Word to us can either soften or hardened based on what is going on in our hearts.

The tragedy of the “sacrificial” Passover lamb, which will latter be Jesus Christ, can see seen in the edit to pick out the lamb on the 10th day and take special care of it until the 14th day when it is slaughtered. To take special care of this little lamb you must spend time with it. How very difficult it must be to take a small cute animal, which has its own personality, and then kill it. I believe this is a tiny example of what God went through while watching His Son, who was before the foundation of the World, be brutally beaten, reviled then crucified for sins that were not his own.

Matthew 20:1-28

The Story of the Vineyard Workers, I believe is also about Israel and the Gentiles. Israel is God’s Covenant People, while the Gentiles are the ones who have come into the Kingdom at four at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and at 5pm The issue of those who worked for only an hour, the 5pm hires, getting the same pay as everyone else may not have set well with the other groups that came in so each and everyone of us at what ever time we came in Jews and Gentiles alike may have a problem with that death bed confession.

But this is also saying that an owner, any owner has the right to use their resources, which really belongs to God, at his or her own discretion. How many times have we read a news story where someone decides to use their money to benefit a certain group or cause then those who may not be beneficiaries of their largess mumble and complain because the money didn’t come to them? We need to stop that.

Between the above Parable and Jesus’ teaching on serving others, Jesus again speaks of His death. In seems that these were some “dull” guys or they were hoping against hope that Jesus was speaking in Parables and or other symbolic language when he repeated this reality that was to come. Yet were they dull or what? Am I reading through these Words of Christ, the Prophets, the Law and Psalms with the same dull mind as the disciples? If I am I must realize that Jesus handpicked them just as He picked me, and all those who call on His Name. That Name that is above every name!

Serving others is the way to leadership in Jesus’ MBA program, which you certainly won’t find at Harvard Business or Wharton. O, you might come across a Servant Leadership Program, but without placing Jesus as the model, what you will get is behavior only and not the heart of a servant leader, which can only come by way of love. Love desires to benefit others as the expense of self and without that love you will only have theory and will find application hard or next to impossible to achieve.
Psalm 25:1-15

This Psalm is one of them that should be taken to heart and posted daily in a place that we come to often. This rehearses before our eyes and our memory the character of God, His mercies and graciousness toward us. Verse 14, ”Friendship with the LORD is reserved for those who fear him. With them he shares the secrets of his covenant,” is something I covet because I want to know the secrets of His law, his commands. When I understand why, following them becomes so much easier. Yet I know that it doesn’t take faith to follow something that you know is true. But I thank God that like the ever brightening sky when morning dawns, revelation is progressive and for what He has revealed to me I cherish, and try not to handle lightly.

Proverbs 6:6-11

Mike, I’m not so sure that this is about “sleeping” because there are people who hardly sleep but they are not productive. This is about productivity and our “sleeping” or laziness can come when we are wide-awake. There is such a thing as having a lot of movement but not having any momentum. There are people who appear to be busy yet are ineffective in any kind of work they do. Albert Einstein took a lot of naps; however it was in the time of physical rests that he received answers to some of his greatest problems. I think this is about having a dull mind, refusing to think on our own, going with the crowd or heard mentality. This is just my opinion.

Read some of your posts regarding the challenge of going through the Bible and remembered how when I first began I too felt the task was almost impossible. The majority of the time I felt I was chewing saw dust because I didn't understand a lot of what I was reading but I didn't begin reading because I wanted to have a great relationship with God. I began reading to guard myself against the wolves that were in the churches I had attended as a child, and they were not Catholic Churches. The Apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 11, 1 “Imitate me, just as I also imitate Christ.” How would you know if someone is imitating Christ if you’ve never “studied” what Christ had done in the Old Testament as well as the New. We are also admonished to “study” (2 Timothy 2:15).

I have shared with Mike privately how I came to the state I was in in 1984 to begin my journey and I believe I will share the three passages, of which two spoke to me so strongly that they brought me to my knees in tears as we come to them. It was God speaking to my deepest darkest pain that first year that inspired me to year after year take on the task of reading His Word until it became so ingrained in me that I feel incomplete, naked if I'm not reading daily. There are times when I have missed a day in the One-Year-Bible or a number of other plans I have used; however, I double up on the readings.

My prayer is that all who call Jesus Lord, get to know Him in His Word for God, as well as Jesus, and His Word are One. In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was God …(John 1:1)

Grace and peace,

Exodus 10:2

"You will be able to tell wonderful stories to your children and grandchildren about the marvelous things I am doing among the Egyptians to prove that I am the Lord."

I love this verse because everytime we identify God moving in our life, answered prayers, divine appointments, etc. - we have greater testimony and reminder in our own hearts, but also the opportunity to pass this along to our children, etc.

Do we take the time to record these things, to remember via journals, visible reminders? Make a list of answered prayers- or as many as you can remember- just a fun thing to think about.

Psalm 25:1

"To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul. I trust in you, my God."

Sometimes I feel like certain things eat at our soul, in my case, most often my job. Last spring I had such little rest due to my job and I PRAYED intensely about this for months, not actually expecting God to physically provide me rest. That is what happened. I knew God had led me to that position & so this verse reminds me to trust in Him- that I had to lift up my soul.

Can anyone address your soul vs your heart. I know the heart is an actual body organ- but I also believe God speaks to our hearts and in that way I think perhaps heart and soul are interchangeable. CAn anyone answer?



I might not post much, but I wanted to let you know I enjoy all the effort you are putting towards this and the inline pictures do give the impact of what you are trying to show!

Great Job,


I want to know if we should be celebrating passover since I am reading that it is to be celebrated for all generations forever?
Are we to celebrate these holidays that we read about in the bible now, because it reads for all generations forever?

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