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Psalm 36 really grabbed me as well. I believe this describes everyone to an extent; I mean, if we were sinless then we wouldn't have needed Jesus to sacrifice His life. For me, I think this reigns true because as a teenager (16 years old), it's really hard to live in a world where EVERYTHING around me is so negative, concerning God. Of course my family is great, and they set wonderful examples for me to follow, but the 8+ hours I spend at school each day are like a cycle of tests that I'm barely passing now that I'm an "older" teen. Just as the scripture said, the sin is deep down in the heart and though I do not act on it, it's still there. I don't even want to allow the devil to plant seeds in my mind because when I entertian the thoughts, they become desires of my heart. The bible says that when you think of the sin, you've commented it in your heart. I know God will forgive me, but my desire is to be free from the strongholds of the enemy. I don't want to be Jesus but I do want to be more like him and this Bible blog is really giving me insight to many questions I have about life in general.

!!!!!!***!!! Thanx you all !!!***!!!!!!

I have to admit that I have read Mark 2 before and I have always had a confusion regarding the wine skin parable. Thank you so much for the link to - I feel that the Holy Spirit has revealed to me God's truth in this passage now. He Is the Lord of Change, "Jesus is the new superior garment, incompatible with the old garment - the Old Testament religious sytem. He is bringing about something entirely new."
Praise the Lord for His word!

Hey Mike,
I just want to say I really appreciate this site. It really nice to read and then come here and hear about it, bc Lord knows I can miss the points on my own.haha. Thanks for everything. You do a Great. Also Love the Pics.

In Christ,

Leviticus 4-5:19
Okay I seem to be stuck on noticing “strange” things or at things off the beaten path things and that could be either bad or good. I just don’t know why I’m focusing what appears to be incidental, or are they? Yesterday it was the last two verses in the third chapter that stated the “fat” belong to God and I thought about the epidemic obesity in this country. Today I am looking at the “guilt” that comes on the entire community if the High Priest sins! (Lev 4:3). Well we know intentionally or unintentionally until Jesus came the High Priest was sinning, so the entire community suffered for the sins of the designated human mediator between God and man. They community also suffered the guilt of one person’s unintentional sin.

In all the animal sacrifices, except for the burnt offering, it appears that only the “fat” was taken out and burned! Not only would that produce an “aroma” emanating from the Tabernacle’s courtyard, but the sound of “fat” frying would be loud and produce a very colorful and high flame. Since everything writeen about in scripture has parallel “type” that leads to Jeus’ work on the cross, I don’t think my mind which seems to have attached itself to this “fat” thing will let it go until it gets a revelations, albeit a small one of what that means. Or maybe I should just read the links and see if a get an answer.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is the sacrifices are to make atonement for unintentional sin. What is done for intentional sin? Hmmm

Mark 2:13-3:6

I see throughout this entire passage folks trying to rein Jesus in to do the prescribed “church thing,” well in this case the Pharisee, Sadducee thing. Forget that jesus was healing and preaching and teaching the people, something that the religious leaders had failed to do, Jesus wasn’t one of them, He wasn’t hang’n with their posse, He didn’t go to the same seminary, or is it the cemetery, with them.

I am always blown away when I read about the man that Jesus healed on the Sabbath day that had the deformed hand. These lovely men were just waiting for Jesus to lay hands on him so they could accuse Him of working on the Sabbath and doing it no less, in the synagogue. Well how dare he even to think about it. But Jesus is cool He just has the man to stretch forth his hand and he is healed. Although Jesus did show some righteous indignation before he did the deed. These guys had no “love” whatsoever for their fellow man. The very men and women they were supposed to be ministering too.

Psalm 36:1-12

It appears that David is observing the character of the wicked and how they act toward God. But it appears that as he writes his observations, he sees in his minds eye the magnificence of God against the backdrop of wicked men. The light of God is overpowers the wicked upon the earth and under the earth.
Proverbs 10:1-2
Thievery, deceit and all of their children will only give you misery, ashes and bitterness as its fruit. What the world counts as riches is Fools Gold!

Grace and peace,

I am new to this blog. Recently I saw footage from Jim Caldwell and Ron Wyatt of Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia. This has made all of this section of scripture from Exodus 14 forward extremely exciting to me.

Is anyone else out there aware of this photography? Seeing that altar and the corrals leading up to it was incredible.

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