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It is my personal opinion that Chapter 15 of Leviticus is referring to neither the "good" or "evils" of sex. I could go so far as to say I don't believe it is referring to sex at all. It is speaking of common sense cleanliness. These people were not privileged to live in an age as we do where the means of taking care of "discharges" can be met by the Hygiene aisles at the local pharmacy...ie., incontinence and personal hygiene/sanitary items. Further, the convenience of washing machines, dryers and Tide can make the bed clean should an "accident" happen. Although this is an important chapter, let's be careful not to make it something other than what it is. Chapter 17, however, is definitely going into the do's and don'ts of sex and has very important issues which should be addressed. Just a thought!

I totally agree with Sammy's comment above. When growing up I heard time and time again from my parents when questioning something in the Bible, "When the Word of God makes perfect sense, seek no other sense!" We do sometimes try to add thoughts when God was making a clear, simple principle!!

Regarding the Scapegoat - what a beautiful picture of Jesus! I have always been awed by that thought. Our Savior - Messiah was ALSO our scapegoat. He took the blame laid on Himself and carried it away. The symbolism of the scapegoat gives me an even greater picture of His love than even the name Savior or Messiah! Because as a human I can grasp the concept of the scapegoat where I can't always fully comprehend all the meaning behind "Savior" or "Messiah." It is an "earthy" picture, an object lesson of sorts, picturing our Jesus as the scapegoat that took my sins away! How great is His love!

Every other sacrifice in Leviticus applies to just one person. The scapegoat was efficacious for all the sin, rebellion and iniquities for the children of Israel. Yes, a beautiful picture of Christ, the second Adam, who gave his life as a ransom for many.

Mark 7:20-23 Ouch!! Sometimes I pride myself in what I avoid - but again I am reminded that it is what goes out of my mouth (and life) that defiles me. How blessed I am that Jesus bore that away from the camp as well!!

Psalm 40:16 "But all who are hunting for you-- oh, let them sing and be happy. Let those who know what you're all about tell the world you're great and not quitting."
Have I mentioned that God is great lately? ;-o)

Keep walking with God, keep walking through his Word!

Leviticus 15:1-16:28
Although off topic for today’s reading, but not off topic for the book, I am writing about something that has been on my heart regarding the book of Leviticus. There are a lot of things in this book that we have not grasped the meaning so we wrestle with trying to understand what we are reading about, what is clean and unclean, animal, social practices, etc. Some of it, no, must of what we read doesn’t make sense to our logical minds so we try to place the regulations and cleansing ritual into a form that makes sense to us. WE explain away things as being something for way back then because they didn’t have … But is that the correct thing to do? I don’t know but what I do know is this,

23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3)

And knowing all means all, which means no one is left out, so there is no one who hasn’t sinned, except Jesus.

The consequence for sin is death! “For the wages of sin is death,” (Romans 6:23).

However there was a sacrificial system put in place both in the Old and New Testament to deal with the sin and death problem. The system put in place by the death of Jesus Christ ushered in the New just as when the testator’s death ushers in the distribution of the wealth left after the death of the will maker. There is no distinction made by God for sin, sin is sin. {10 For whosoever keeps the Law [as a] whole but stumbles and offends in one [single instance] has become guilty of [breaking] all of it (James 2:10 Amp)}We are the ones that make up levels of sin and different degrees of sin. And if all have sinned no one is innocent. That death sentenced is stayed and freedom is obtained, we discover, when we finish reading that twenty-third verse of the sixth chapter of Romans, “…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Jesus Christ had not come in the Old Testament so they were under the Law, which was more than the Ten Commandments, which pointed to Christ. That Law was provided to keep them in Fellowship with God, it was not put into place to restore Relationship with God because they were still God’s chosen people. Sin cannot abide with God and since we all sin, which by the way in both the Greek and Hebrew means to “miss the mark” as in a bulls eye we have all missed the mark even as we aim for the center!

Remember the word used in the NLT in the first five chapters of Leviticus when describing the reason or situations for the sacrifice, the text states, Then the Lord said to Moses, “Give the Israelites the following instructions for dealing with those who sin unintentionally … (Lev 4:1-2a) Sin, intentional and unintentional, creates a ripple effect amongst those who are sinned against. If someone carelessly spills coffee on you, the cost for you to have your clothes cleaned is greater than the cost of that cup of coffee, except if you’ve gotten the coffee from Starbucks or my school’s café. That is why the Law provides for restitution.

The sacrificial system of daily sacrifices that were mandatory and the ones required for intentional and unintentional sin reminded the Israelites daily, 24/7, that they were surrounded by sin in a sinful world. A world brought into a sinful state by the fall of man back in the garden. The system of sacrifices in the Old Testament and the sacrifice of Jesus is God bringing us back to the “In the beginning … state that man had been in before the fall as long as man submitted to the terms of the covenant. Failure didn’t break Israel’s relationship with God; they were still His people just as failure doesn’t break the True Believers’ relationship with God today. However failure will break Fellowship and the means and methods to restore Fellowship was and is provided for in both the Old and New Covenant.

Grace and peace,

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