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Exodus 29:1-30:10
All I could think of as I read this passage was how Moses could remember all of the things God was speaking to him. He would be up on that mountain for forty days receiving the Word of God! I have trouble remembering what I had for breakfast (really that’s not true because I’m a creature of habit and I have the same thing almost every day). But really I have trouble remembering what I wore to work yesterday.

Is this the kind of thing the Holy Spirit brings back to our remembrance, the things God has spoken to us in His Word and in our hearts? (John 14:26)

Note: this mountain (Horeb or Sinai) Moses is hanging out with God, is the same mountain where God came to Moses as a burning bush!

Matthew 26:14-46

The Passover meal the disciples were sent to prepare had a duel meaning and symbolism for both them and Christ. The disciples thought they were just preparing the lamb for a commanded celebration and then festival. For Jesus the Lamb that was being prepared was HIM, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the World, not just a few folk.

Peter’s denial of Jesus is our denial of Jesus. Every time we fail to stand up for the Truth of God we are denying the value of what His death burial and resurrection stands for, victory over fear and death. We deny Him because we fear man more than we fear God.

Father, help me; strengthen me to take a stand for righteousness no matter what the cost. In Jesus Name, Amen

Gethsemane, on the Mount of Olives, was the place where people pressed the olives to make the oil, the anointing oil that was used in the temple. It was the place where the olive was crushed to produce the oil that fed continuously the lamp stand that was to remain lit in the Temple, twenty-four seven. Now there would be a transference, Jesus would be crushed, by the weight of all of our sins, in that garden and the Light of the World would never be distinguished; the oil would flow continually without the help of man to feed that light because Jesus was to die once and for all.
Psalm 31:19-24
19 Your goodness is so great!
You have stored up great blessings for those who honor you. You have done so much for those who come to you for protection,
blessing them before the watching world.

20 You hide them in the shelter of your presence,
safe from those who conspire against them. You shelter them in your presence,
far from accusing tongues.

These are the verses I need to meditate on when I feel the need to vindicate myself. I can be successful in defending myself before a person or group of people, or I may not. However, when God vindicates me He does it before a World Wide audience. I need to remember God is my protector as long as I do my part and honor Him not only by my words but by my behavior and my thoughts.

Proverbs 8:14-26

Wisdom, this wisdom spoken about in Proverbs is not just any old wisdom. This wisdom is the Wisdom of God, Christ Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:24; 30). Jesus said knock …, seek … and ask … the same principle spoken about in this passage of Proverbs (Matthew 7:7)

Grace and peace

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