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I really loved that picture of the dogs & the one cat. It really says alot about obeying. It also speaks for Faith on the cats part. Obidence & Faith go together. You need faith that by obeying Gods word it will change your life. Your situation may not change but your attitude changes. Your love for Gods commandments grows because your Faith in Christ grows through the action of obidence in our life. With the power of the Holy Spirit in our life we can obey with a cheerful heart. :)

In today's reading John 14 in verses 16 and 26, we see the Holy Spirit called Counselor. In other modern Bible translations the words Comforter, Encourager, and Advocate are used here.
My Harper's Bible Dictionary defines Holy Spirit as: the mysterious power or presence of God in nature or with individuals and communities, inspiring or empowering them with qualities they would
not otherwise possess. I like that definition.
To me, the Holy Spirit is a gift that God has provided to enable us to both feel and comprehend in our hearts, minds, and souls His truths. With this power, our abilities in our prayers, in our actions, in our love, in all aspects of our lives is nothing less than extraordinary.
One of the benefits I have received in my growth as a Christian, through the power of the Holy Spirit, is a dramatic increase in my ability and willingness to share my thoughts and feelings openly with others.
What does the Holy Spirit mean to you?

Yours In the Spirit,

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