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I have that tendancy to get upset with my wife and son when they continue to procrastinate on things or take shortcuts on areas that...require their attention. they build up into huge projects. They both have ADHD, so I know it's hard for them to focus at times. I remind them at times hoping it will change, but doesn't. The problem Instead of nicely reminding or trying to help, I criticize & tear down. I get so frustated. I can relate to the proverbs passage for today. Who am I is the question that needs to be asked?
A mirror would be a good place to look. I have so many areas that I need to work on. I am reminded today that real love overlooks the faults of others. I will try to be more understanding and constructive in how I aproach situations & when I feel like people need some changing to do, I better consider what needs changing in my life. I can only change myself with God's help & pray that God will help them to overcome the areas they struggle in. God bless & thankyou for the words of wisdom & encouragement each day. My wife & I look forward to it. We have used the one year Bible for the last couple of years, but it wasn't till recently that God lead us to this site. We were looking for more.....deeper study.....we found it. In the truth,


today's commentary and verses really struck me for some reason. nothing new or profound, but just a great DAY. thanks for your ministry - but don't think i'm starting to worship you ar anything ;-)


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