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I Chronicles 9:1-10:14

Yesterday a friend of mine told me that the principal musicians, apart from the music minister, some instrumentalist and several of the Praise & Worship leaders were on her church’s full time staff. She seemed somewhat surprised and was not sure why they needed to be on staff full-time. I reminded her that being part of the Music Ministry is dangerous work because they are on the front line of the spiritual warfare battlefield.
Jehoshaphat placed musicians, the singers, on the frontline (II Chronicles 20:21) as the army marched out to do battle with a coalition of enemies; Moab, Ammon and others. It was while the Praise and Worship went up as they marched before the army that God set ambushes against the enemy. (II Chronicles 20:22). It is a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Today I think I received an answer or at least understanding to what appears to be a slight discrepancy on how Saul died. I’ve thought about it but not really focused on what is said in I Samuel 31 regarding how Saul bit the dust, “armorbearer” killing him or Saul falling on his own sword? Whoever the hands that brought about the death of Saul, he died because his choices killed him. I Chronicles 10:13-14 states:
13 So Saul died because he was unfaithful to the LORD. He failed to obey the LORD's command, and he even consulted a medium 14 instead of asking the LORD for guidance. So the LORD killed him and turned his kingdom over to David son of Jesse.

No matter the means or the method, Saul killed himself because of his own bad choices. Now that is real deep and probably a lesson we all need to heed. We will serve the choices we make, choices that either bring life or death.

I Samuel 15:22
But Samuel replied: "Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD ? To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.

Acts 27:21-44

Paul knew he was going to Rome, he knew that he would be imprisoned when he got there, he knew the ship, although tossed to and fro from a two week plus storm, would be destroyed but all would live. This lets me know that obedience to the Word of God does not meanthe means to bring out the goal God has set will not always mean the road will be smooth or the waters calm. Adversity does not mean one is outside of the will of God.

Mike has linked today’s New Testament reading to an article about Leadership. A great leader follows the right path to get the job done no matter the condition of that path. Godly leadership listens to the voice of God and stays the course despite what the experts may tell him is ahead.

Proverbs 14:12 There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him, but at the end of it is the way of death. (Amp)

Psalm 8:1-9

Everything about God’s goodness can be seen in the work of His Hands. Anyone who says that there is no God has taken the truth and exchanged it for a lie.

Proverbs 18:23-24

Thank God for the Biblical Scholars that study and debate the original Hebrew and Greek meanings. I know many people, including myself who have read verse 24 to mean, if you want friends you must be a friendly person. That may be true but reading the NLT, and looking this verse up in some commentaries shows that is not what the Hebrew states. Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible reads:

Pro 18:24 -
Better, “A man of many companions is so to his own destruction, but there is a friend (the true, loving friend) etc.” It is not the multitude of so called friends that helps us. They may only embarrass and perplex. What we prize is the one whose love is stronger and purer even than all ties of kindred.

Grace and peace,

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