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See, God has come to save me.
I will trust in him and not be afraid.
The LORD GOD is my strength and my song;
he has become my salvation."
With joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation! 4In that wonderful day you will sing:
"Thank the LORD!
Praise his name!
Tell the world what he has done.
Oh, how mighty he is!

Sing to the LORD,
for he has done wonderful things.
Make known his praise around the world.
Let all the people of Jerusalem shout his praise with joy!
For great is the Holy One of Israel who lives among you."

"How you are fallen from heaven, O shining star, son of the morning! You have been thrown down to the earth, you who destroyed the nations of the world.
For you said to yourself, `I will ascend to heaven and set my throne above God's stars. I will preside on the mountain of the gods far away in the north.
I will climb to the highest heavens and be like the Most High.'
But instead, you will be brought down to the place of the dead, down to its lowest depths.
Everyone there will stare at you and ask, `Can this be the one who shook the earth and the kingdoms of the world? 17
Is this the one who destroyed the world and made it into a wilderness? Is this the king who demolished the world's greatest cities and had no mercy on his prisoners?'

These verses in Isaiah 14 remind me of Ezekiel 28:11 – 17 (Amplified). In my studies, both of these passages are referring to the fall of the devil, Satan:

Ezekiel 28:11 – 17 (Amplified)

** NOTE in these verses in Ezekiel how the prophet is speaking about the human king of Tyre, and then shifts to speaking about a heavenly being.

Moreover, the word of the Lord came to me, saying,
Son of man, take up a lamentation over the king of Tyre and say to him, Thus says the Lord God: You are the full measure and pattern of exactness [giving the finishing touch to all that constitutes completeness], full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.
You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, the carnelian, topaz, jasper, chrysolite, beryl, onyx, sapphire, carbuncle, and emerald; and your settings and your sockets and engravings were wrought in gold. On the day that you were created they were prepared.
You were the anointed cherub that covers with overshadowing [wings], and I set you so. You were upon the holy mountain of God; you walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire [like the paved work of gleaming sapphire stone upon which the God of Israel walked on Mount Sinai].
You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created until iniquity and guilt were found in you.
Through the abundance of your commerce you were filled with lawlessness and violence, and you sinned; therefore I cast you out as a profane thing from the mountain of God and the guardian cherub drove you out from the midst of the stones of fire.
Your heart was proud and lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. I cast you to the ground; I lay you before kings, that they might gaze at you.

Pride is such a deceiving attitude. I have heard it said, and I agree with it: “People who are deceived do not know they are deceived—because they are deceived.”

That sounds humorous, but it brings up a sobering reality: How can we know truth?

May that question shake us out of complacency! We have SO MUCH to be thankful for here in America! However, I ask myself this question today: Am I ardently seeking the Lord… or am I depending on my own limited human wisdom?


Examine yourselves to see if your faith is really genuine. Test yourselves. If you cannot tell that Jesus Christ is among you, it means you have failed the test.
I hope you recognize that we have passed the test and are approved by God.
We pray to God that you will not do anything wrong. We pray this, not to show that our ministry to you has been successful, but because we want you to do right even if we ourselves seem to have failed.
Our responsibility is never to oppose the truth, but to stand for the truth at all times.
We are glad to be weak, if you are really strong. What we pray for is your restoration to maturity.

Greet each other in Christian love. All the Christians here send you their greetings.
May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

These verses fit well within making sure that we are not deceived. Believe me, an angel, directly in the Manifest Presence of God, can fall from the Lord as in Ezekiel 28:17 (Amplified): “…Your heart was proud and lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor.”

If that is so, we who are a little lower than God
** (Psalm 8:5, Amplified
and who are created to bear His image on the earth can be deceived. We MUST guard our hearts!

Yet You have made him but a little lower than God [or heavenly beings], and You have crowned him with glory and honor.

NOTE: Without grace, all our strivings are worthless! It is grace that leads us, equips us, and strengthens us in HOLINESS.

Titus 2:11, 12 (Amplified)

For the grace of God (His unmerited favor and blessing) has come forward (appeared) for the deliverance from sin and the eternal salvation for all mankind.
It has trained us to reject and renounce all ungodliness (irreligion) and worldly (passionate) desires, to live discreet (temperate, self-controlled), upright, devout (spiritually whole) lives in this present world,

What a calling! May we truly enter into the SUBSTANCE of the GLORY of God!


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