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2 thoughts:

1. If God counts teh stars and knows them by name, then i am motivated to tag my blog posts better

2. The WEdding Feast is a starting point for unity among believers. We should ask "who is going to be there at the Feast" and realize that people we may not expect to be there or want to be there will be chomping down on the grub right next to us.
Is God more eccumenical than us?

This is my first contact on a blog and am inclined to join the discussion. I am also making a personal commitment to read through in 2006. Thanks for what you are doing, and i willtry to contribute.

Just found you and am enjoying reading. In today's reading (Dec. 28), it states, "It's interesting to note that many of the Jewish faith in 1st century Palestine were looking for their Messiah to come as Warrior-Messiah-King, and thus they rejected Jesus as Messiah, who came then as the Suffering Servant." You might want to revise: It was not until 135 A.D. that Roman Emperor Hadrian instituted the use of the world "PALESTINE" as a slap at the Jews for being such a thorn in the Roman side. In the first century and almost 1/2 of the second, it was still, as in Jesus' time, JUDEA and SAMARIA. Thanks.

Thanks Donna! I appreciate that corrected info. Glad you found this website! -Mike

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