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IN my life, many instances light up my soul, but helping cause more illunination than most. Im most cases, I am tempted by the "DARK ONE" to stop being a flunky trying to get people to like you. But just as sure as it is delivered i nmy mine, my sprig water is drawn and I speak saying, "all good things comes from GOD." If a person does not have a dream, they are dreamless...simply put but I do not know how one lives without that DREAM or that VISION. My cup runneth over with dreams, visions and a deep sincere desire to HELP. In your Proverb passage today, the words EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE caught my attention. THis is my desire on my daily walk. EVERY ASPECT of my life. even moping my floors, I teach my children if you must, it must be performed properly the first time.
I appreciate your teaching.
msCOOT in "seeksunshine"

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