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In Matthew 8 where many are healed by Jesus I had similar questions to those put by Mike. Should we expect to see healing among us in the consistent way it appears to happen under Jesus authority?

I do believe people are healed today by Jesus through the Holy Spirit. I have seen people healed in this way.

The question for me is - why does it not happen more consistently?

I respect Mike's caveat. We do not undermine people's faith by saying they were not healed because of lack of faith.

Yet, I think we need to look at the bigger picture of the life of the church, the people of God, and seek to understand why we are not living in the power of the Spirit as was promised.

I have been particularly interested in the gift of healing over the last year or so, and like Andrew B, have wondered why we are not seeing supernatural healing happening more regularly. Some pertinent things I have realised from the various resources I've used, and my experience:
1. Fact: God is a healer and wants to heal
2. God meets us at our point of deepest need. Sometimes (but not in all cases) our physical problems are caused by an inner turmoil which can be emotional or spiritual, which God wants to deal with first because it is more important to Him.
3. For me, the mystery around why some people are healed and others aren't (There are Biblical examples of godly men not being healed, eg Paul's "thorn in his side") gives the control back to God, and encourages us to rely completely on Him, rather than it being some form of "magic".

There is so much I still want to learn about healing - it is an incredibly exciting topic, and SO relevant!

I saw Richard Dawkins last night on TV, debunking relion because no one was healed at Lourdes.

I wish he would have gone to Africa to see healed AIDS victims or people that have been brought back to life after a few days in a coffin. That would ruin his TV program.

Does God still heal? Yes, but sometimes He choses not to.

BTW - Genesis 24 in our reading today is a great story - the first account of nose piercing in the Bible.

I heard a minister talk about the death of her husband from Cancer, which she had been healed from herself, third stage cervical cancer... She talked about struggling with and raging to God, asking God was He still up there?

Her answer was, "I did heal him, but I healed him my way not yours." She called it the "Other Miracle." The Miracle that kept her sane, the miracle that stopped her from blowing her brains out from despair, the miracle that kept her from drowning her sorrow in alcohol and drugs. I've never forgotten the word she delivered and strive to always find the "Other" miracle in things that appear to be tragic. Sometimes we need another perspective, God’s perspective.

God does heal, but He does it His way not ours. Sometimes our way is lined up with His way.

Genesis 23-24:51

Some facts:

Isaac is now 37 years old (Sarah had him at 90 -Gen 17:17). Abraham is known as and was called, God’s friend (James 2:23).

I’m going to assume not only did Abraham speak to Sarah about a wife for Isaac, but he also spoke to God as His friend. Friends have this habit of knowing everything about each other. In fact, a friend, a true friend, is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you. More than likely Abraham saw the type of woman that lived in the area and judged them unacceptable. He probably had been talking to God about this state of affairs for a while. And if we remember in our previous readings, we are told that Abraham received news from afar regarding his brother and his brother’s children (Gen 22:20-24). We were set up by God in the previous chapter to here and receive this information about Bethuel and his family just as Abraham was set up to send his servant to look for Rebekah.

It has just came to my mind while typing this out that Abraham may have known that Isaac was to marry Rebekah, by the Word of his friend, God. The entire scenario may have needed to be played out for those involved in God’s set-up, Bethuel’s family and Abraham’s household servant, and more importantly Isaac, and possibly us to show the power of God and that his will comes to pass no matter how hard we oppose Him.. The 10th chapter of 1st Corinthians states that the Old Testament was written to be an example for us (1 Cor 10:5;11) as admonishments and examples.

In regard to prayer. I have come to see prayer as a form of communication with God and it is a two way street. If we take James’ direction to us, we will be quick to hear and slow to speak (James 1:19). As God’s friend, I believe, Abraham was in continual prayer with God, especially after the birth of Isaac, hearing from God and speaking, a little ‘cause by the time of Isaac’s birth and after, Abraham knew that God had all the wisdom and all the answers. I use to sit in on Master Voice classes for Opera singers because my director at work at the time, taught it. I leaned many valuable “spiritual” lessons just from listening to the directions and corrections given to the singers. One Master Teacher, who was clearly a believer, I could tell by the way she taught the singers said this to a young singer who was singing without understanding, or as some musicians call it, “Not Playing/Singing in truth. Her Words:

“Singing Opera is like prayer. It is more about listening than speaking,” She said as I almost fell out of my seat.

Grace and peace,

I feel I have experienced God's healing power. As a child I was sexually abused. As a result of this abuse I turned to alcohol as a method of self medication to deal with my problems. I would drink nine to twelve beers in a typical evening. I drink heavily for 18 years of my life. I often prayed that God would heal me from my addiction. Then one evening, I was sitting in a restaurant. I went to order a drink before my meal. Suddenly the urge for alcohol left me. I knew I was experiencing the healing I was seeking. That was almost eleven years ago. I have not had a drink since that time.

My daily readings of the Bible will not track along with the daily readings of the "One Year Bible" as I have started reading the Bible in one year CHRONOLOGICALLY.

Therefore, this means that my daily comments will not track with the "One Year Bible" readings.

I do not mind posting my comments, but I feel I should check to make sure this is OK first.


When I read the account of the burial of Abraham's beloved wife, I am deeply moved. When I think of all that Sarah put up with in Abraham's life, especially his shortfalls her death means all the more. We are told that after she died, "there Abraham mourned and wept for her." One can only surmise how much Abraham loved this woman of God who had born their Isaac, the 'son of promise.' He had failed her several times and nevertheless she never stopped loving him.

One line stood out to me from Abraham's relationship with Sarah. The Scripture simply tells us "There Abraham mourned and wept for her." After all these years of walking with God together, waiting for God's promises to them to be fulfilled, it came to this---he would have to bury his beloved wife. How his heart felt I can only imagine. I have been married 30 years. I pray my wife and I will share another 30 years together. As I write this my wife and I are preparing to go to a cancer center for her to have the first of many chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. We have sought to be 'a little Sarah and Abraham' all these years.

My wife and I 'claimed' Genesis 12:1-3 as 'life verses' during our university years. The Navigators who brought us to Christ as students constantly challenged us to 'claim the promises of God and to live in the flow of God's promises to Abraham. Galatians 3:29 and Galatians 4:29 say, "And now that you belong to Christ, you are the true children of Abraham. You are heirs, and now all the promises God gave to him belong to you.....And you, dear brothers and sisters, are children of the promise, just as Isaac."

Our hope as we journey through this life is the same as Abraham and Sarah's---'he was looking confidently looking forward to a city with eternal foundations, a city designed and built by God.' Hebrews 11:10

Thanks again for this wonderful resource. I look forward to my times in the Word EVERY DAY...I love the art work that complements the readings...


Luch—Your statement, “We have sought to be 'a little Sarah and Abraham' all these years.” Brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of this passage from Isaiah:

HEARKEN TO Me, you who follow after rightness and justice, you who seek and inquire of [and require] the Lord [claiming Him by necessity and by right]: look to the rock from which you were hewn and to the hole in the quarry from which you were dug (Isaiah 51:1 Amp)

Thank you for your commitment to each other. I believe marriage was designed to be a representation, on the earth, of the Kingdom of God, in heaven. Thank you for modeling, in your commitment to each other the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I have multiple sclerosis, and for the first few years of my disease, I prayed for healing and had hands laid on me by many people. I believed in healing, and at first I was very puzzled because I was not healed. But, I slowly came to the conclusion that the real healing I needed was inside myself -- I had drifted from lots of God's ways. I think if I had been healed physically, I would just have gone along the same path. As it is, I have realized how important our spiritual life and relationship with God is. This is where my focus is now, and I do believe that God is continuously healing me as I learn more and more. I DO believe that God can heal physically -- I just don't think that I am personally ready for a physical healing yet.

First I want to say that God spoke to my heart today in the accounts in Matt.8 I have read that many times before but, today seems extra special because of some personal healing needed in my family. I think maybe we are not seeing this kind of healing today is sometimes a lack of faith .God is still the same today as he was in the beginnig of time so why are we not seeing more miracales in healing.

We read yesterday in Matthew 7:28-29 "After Jesus finished speaking, the crowds were amazed at his teaching, for he taught as one who had real authority...". We read in the very next verse that a man knelt befor him, and called him Lord. when I read this I'm reminded that no matter how good of a speaker I am or how well we can verbally articulate what we want to say, we simply can't speak with any more authority and power that the word of God already has. Thus I'm encouraged once again to read the Bible, and to never take for granted that the words I read, truly are God's words.

As a person who accepted Christ late in life, I have been amazed at what God has done in my life. Before salvation , at the moment of salvation and continuing today, God has been changing me and molding me through his son - Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I have an extremely addictive personality. Everything in my life has been done to excess. God has been taking care of those addictions one by one - like peeling back the layers off an onion. I tried many times to kick the worst addictions on my own, and failed miserably each time.

At 42, I had a 28 year gambling addiction that had grown in size each year. One day I got out of bed and never had the urge to place a bet again. No lotto, no ncaa pick sheets, no gambling of any kind. Around the same time, I had a 23 year problem with alcohol. I craved the numbing effect of alcohol, and drank a bottle a day of booze over those years. Again, one day I woke up and had no desire to drink again, and to date have had two drinks in eight years.

At 48+ during the moment of salvation when I completely submitted my will to the will of God - three things happened. I was instantly cured of a debilitating mental illness, my explosive temper was taken away (have been perturbed some in last 18 months, but the anger is gone), and profanity was taken from me. I do not mean that I just don't curse anymore, I MEAN the words have left my vocabulary. I have to think to even recall some of the words. This is amazing, because I was a prolific curser/swearer and the words just tripped off my tongue. I have not cursed in 19 months - not once.

As I continually strive to please God since my salvation, study his word and get invovled in my church and community - God has dealt with other addictions: Pornography (I had a $10,000 collection), Cigarettes/Cigars (two packs a day or ten cigars a day for 30 years), Two liters a day of Coca-Cola addiction for 20 years, and currently my diet has been changing and I am getting back in shape after a 20 year lapse in this area.

Each time it is the desire for the addiction that is taken away. My addiction is cut off at the root. God heals completely. I do not know why he has moved so powerfully in my life. My best guess is that he wants me so transformed that people (non-believers or believers that have lost some of their faith)who knew me before or hear my story, would want to learn more about this God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or renew their faith if they have strayed.

The healing is certainly not been done on my request or prayers. Some happened before I believed, and since salvation I really had not wanted to give up some of these things - but God took them out of my life anyway. God knows what I need in my life.

Ironic part: At 19 I had a six month fling with a variety of drugs. I quit using drugs because I did not feel in control while under the influence. By all my other addictions - you can tell - I was never in control of my life.

Conjecture: If I had stayed on drugs, I would have been a suicide victim. If I had kept gambling, I would have been so in debt, that I may have ended it. If I had kept on drinking while suffering mental illness, I may have killed myself. So even these things that stopped before salvation have God's hand on them. He was always protecting me to keep me for that moment that I would commit my life to his Son.

Important to note: Never an intervention or a crisis in my life, no recovery groups, no counselling, no withdrawl symptoms - just complete healing from the Master Physician. The Praise, Glory and AWE is to be directed to HIM.

Sorry this is so Long.

The beginning of Proverbs chapter two and Proverbs chapter three begin with the command to store God's word within our hearts. I don't believe that it is coincidence that Mike challenged us to memorize scripture this year.
How is everyone doing? The obedience to this command promises us understanding of the fear of the Lord and finding knowledge of God (chapter two)as well as long life and prosperity.(chapter three)

I would just like to start out today by saying, John thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us. It's amazing to see how God healed you and is such a vital part of your life. I love to hear stories of others that have had struggles and how God pulled them through.

I have had so many instances of times when God has given me (not necessarily physical healing) but peace and comfort in certain situations. I have learned that God always hears our requests and answers our prayers sometimes immediately. Other times, I see the lesson that He wanted me to learn. He does things on His time and His way. We don't often understand that. Things usually always make sense to me later when my prayers aren't answered right away. Usually the outcome to prayers turns out better than I even imagined they would. He usually goes above and beyond in ways I never even thought of.

If we take a look at all the terrible tragedies in the world and become angry or disgrunted with God, we need to stop and think and remember the verse in Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His promises". Do you remember after the 9/11 incident when people began turning back to God, attending church more and that a great outpouring of love and compassion was seen by the many people who volunteered to help the families of the victims, lots of patriotism for our country that was seen etc... It seems like it often takes some kind of tragedy in our lives to occur to shake us up and make us realize who is really in charge. There is good that comes out of something terrible and God was glorified in the end.

On a personal note, I've struggled with anger before. Sometimes I tend to speak before I think and act on impulse. I remember one time being at work and being so argry with a supervisor of mine that I was scheming of a way to get back at her when I went on my break. I thought of all the choice words I could use and felt that I was right and should be treated more fairly. What I was prompted to do instead,was probably the best thing at the time, and that was to pray. When I prayed an amazing thing happened, all that anger just disappeared like vapor. It surprised even me. I asked God how I should handle my supervisor and He said go back and apologize. Well that was the last thing on my mind. But, I felt like this time I should obey Him. And guess what, her and I have had a great relationship ever since.

I have learned that no matter how small it seems like your request is, God is always there to help in some way. I often pray that He helps me find my keys when they get lost and small things like that. Nothing is too small for God. I know He is still working on me with the more serious issues and teaching me many important lessons along the way.

One of my favorit verses was todays verses in Proverbs 3:6. In all ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. I really try to live my life by that verse and feel it is so important to memorize that one. Thanks again Mike.

John, isn't our Beloved so amazing...He is just beyond words to explain His unfailing love for us all. I praise Him greatly for your many healings/deliverances & the way in which they have come.

Take heed my brother...He has something very very special for you in life.


Today's contribution:

"God’s character does not change, right? (Numbers 23:19, Malachi 3:6) Jesus Christ - who is God - is the same yesterday, today, and forever, right? (Hebrews 13:8) According to our reading today, Jesus’ ministry was to heal - physically as well as spiritually - the sick. Jesus sent out his disciples with orders to heal the sick. (Matthew 10:8) I think it is plainly obvious that Jesus still heals people today. Most amazingly, physical healing is the least miraculous of Jesus’ healing work today. Most importantly - most miraculously - Jesus heals us of our Spiritual death and corruption and restores our right relationship with God. We become new spiritual creations! (II Corinthians 5:7) As His Spirit works in our lives, we are “transformed in the renewing of [our] minds” (Romas 12:2) - which I believe to mean that Jesus heals us of our iniquities, addictions, and other inclinations of our former selves toward evil: mental/emotional healing. And finally, yes, I do believe that Jesus still ministers physical healing today. Who, what, where, when, and why are questions all far too advanced for my feeble mind to comprehend, and I won’t let my inability to answer them rattle my faith - though, I will continue to study the Word and try to walk more closely with my Lord, in the hope that my faith may grow, and that I might gain more wisdom to know the answers to these questions insofar as God will reveal them."

John, you have made my day and I thank God for your testimony! Sometimes I think that those of us who grew up in the church are at a great disadvantage because we have become so used to church and God-talk that we have become too ambivalent towards God Himself. We take Him for granted and are almost desensitized to His Holy Word!

That is one reason I am so glad to be in this Bible Study. I am expecting a miracle from Him - the transformation of my old attitude (the old man) to a brand new attitude (the new man) - one of more love and more faith and more desire to serve Him and to be closer to Him. I am almost jealous (hopefully in a 'right' way) of Abraham and his relationship with God. I want to have that kind of closeness to my Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

I am curious. Does anybody have any thoughts on the healing taken place thru the Benny Hinn ministry or 1st hand experience. I believe in the power of healing. Everytime Benny Hinn comes on I get a strange feeling. I have yet to figure out if its the power of the Holy Spirit within me or something strange. I do not want to pass judgement, I am just unsure and would appreciate any clarification/thoughts one might have.

God heals in many different ways.If someone had told me what the coming year had in store for us as a family, I would have said, there is no way we as a family or as a mother will live thru this. Our handsome son was diagnosed with Aids. It was a total shock. He was in the medical field and my first thought was, good, he will get the best treatment from his peers. I was so wrong. He was rejected by far more physicians, nurses and workers in the hospital then I would ever had dreamed possible. Some refused to treat him, handing his case to someone else and some refused to even come in his room. As his mother, I thought of our Mother Mary and how she must have felt as she watched her Son being jeered, beaten and finally nailed to the cross. We were told by one Doctor not to tell his brothers and sisters that he had Aids, that they would not want to have anything to do with him. I told him he was wrong, that they would love him as they always had, and they did. My annual retreat was coming up and my son insisted that I go. As the speaker stepped up to begin his talk, he said "Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me". I knew God was talking to me. I picked up my cross and followed Him. It was a terrible year, as we watched our son die. But I was so thankful that we all had this time with him. One night he couldn't go to sleep, so I laid beside him and we held hands and said The Lords Prayer. What precious memories. Towards the end he had a choice of more aggressive treatment or hospice. We told him we would support his decision. He was having a hard time deciding, he wanted to live, he was only twenty-four. I held him and told him, "As hard as it is for me to believe that someone could love you more then we do, there is, and He is waiting for you with open arms"and if everything you have been taught about Jesus and Heaven is a lot of baloney, you somehow, let me know. He said , I will, Mama. He died that night. No one could ever have told me I would say "Thank You Father" for taking him home, but I did. I was at peace. There were a few comments at his funeral, that the doctor must have given me some seditives. My seditive was my Lord. He walked with me every step. He heals the broken heart, so you can go on.
A few weeks went by and I was talking to God and told him I just needed to know my son was alright. I had received a daily devotional from a cousin, who said it had helped her when her husband died. I opened the book, just randomly, and read a small passage in the middle of the page, because there was something about "green pastures" and The Twenty-Third Psalm was my sons favorite. It said:
In "pastures green"? Not always; sometimes He Who knowest best, in kindness leaeth me In weary ways, where heavy shadows be.
So, whether on the hill-tops high and fair I dwell, or in the sunless valleys, where The shadows lie, what matter? He is there.
At the very far side of the poem there was a name. It was my son's name. I had my answer. Thank you Father. There is no question, he does answer prayer in many forms.
I'm sorry this is so long, but I did want to share His goodness and love for each of us.

I believe Jesus heals all kind of sin. I am a healthcare provider and I have many of my patients ask why me? I once had a minster answer that for me. He stated that Jesus was planning to use you to help someone else by giving them the strength to get through the situation and grow in health or presonally. He also stated that this applied to all situations i.e. martial problem, drinking ect. I thank God for this Blog. This makes me want to Blog to spread the Word. Thank God For this.

Terry (and all),
Nothing is greater than being brought up in a Christian home and having Jesus take control of your life at an early age. I got saved at 15 (but had already messed around with some stuff - drugs, drinking, etc.) But still by getting saved at 15 I sure missed alot of junk.

Without Christ I doubt I would have seen my 21 birthday as I was very suicidal.

Then my life seemed to be going well for around a decade when my whole life crumbled - EVERYTHING!!! I felt like the Job of modern times. But praise God it didn't take forever for God to put me back together again for His glory.

After over 30 years as a Christian, and I am excited about being a Christian, it is so awesome to me. But it doesn't seem like many Christians are truly hungry for the things of God, and I know I'm not as hungry as I should be. These are the last of the last days and these are "difficult times" as is stated in II Tim. 3:1-9.

BUT, I am convinced they can be glorious times for the child of God. I cry out the words, "THERES GOT TO BE MORE, THERES GOT TO BE MORE!!!" And with all my heart I believe God does have more for us in the way of an intimate relationship with Him. But it won't come without us going to God with our whole heart and surrendered lives.

This very thing of over 1700 people reading the Bible together and sharing their hearts is a blessing and surely a step in the right direction.

jsut stummbled upond this web site and thought it would be a good place to share some stories of faith as i'm currently a new christians trying to renew my mind as romans12:2
speaks of. Hope someone can shed some light on how this web site works emails would be greatly appreciated thank you

Mike - I'm glad you found this site! I just got your email added to the weekly email list, and am sending you the latest email with more details / readings coming up. Glad you can join us on the One Year Bible journey in 2006! -Mike

What a great blog! I'm so happy I came across this. I have an unusually large interest in the subject of God and physical healing. My interest was sparked when I, at 16 years old, started getting involved in my mom's new church. She follows the teaching of Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, and others who have the same "faith". Although it interested me, at this young age, I still felt like something was wrong with their message. The general message was "if you just have enough faith, you will be healed. But if you don't have enough faith, you won't be healed." That, to me, just doesn't make sense, since according to our Lord, it only takes faith the size of a mustard seed, and obviously if you have even the smallest belief that God can heal you, you've got that much faith. So why were people still dying? Why were people still getting sick, and still in wheel chairs? Again, they would point the finger and say YOU don't have enough faith. Well, I have since concluded that their kind of teaching is disgusting. I have watched how they lure people in with promises of health and wealth, and then those who were once on the right track with God become hardened, and really, they try to be their own God. What's sad is that so many of them don't even realize this, don't realize how far away from the truth they have strayed. They are generally very committed people - always going to church, always going to meetings, always praying...but from what I've observed, their motives are wrong. They cling to worldly and self-serving desires - money, cars, big houses, health, anything that will make them appear "blessed". They cling to scriptures saying that it is God's will for us all to live an abundantly blessed life on earth. I think God DOES want to bless us - but IF our motives are pure and we are not putting to much emphasis or importance on these worldly things, or in other words, making them idols in our hearts.
So if we pray to God with a selfish motive, do you think it would REALLY be in our best interest for him to answer? God wants to teach us to be more like Jesus - who was never selfish. If our motive in healing is to only empower ourselves or make us feel better, and that's it, perhaps we won't see God heal. That's not to say though that it's not his will to heal us. I believe it is. But I also believe it is a process that starts on the inside of our HEARTS. It's actually quite undeniable. If you study this subject enough - reading the BIBLE, not listening to what others say - you will see that God loves a pure heart - and has blessed people with health who have shown good motives, and who have gone through the process of getting to know God personally, instead of just listening to a preacher every Sunday morning. God desires to have an intimate relationship with us - and you can't do that without spending some serious alone time seeking Him out. Did you know that God promises long life to those who will know and trust him? That is a promise - straight from God - and God's words cannot return to him void. In Psalm 91:14-16 (BBE) God says "Because he has given me his love, I will take him out of danger: I will put him in a place of honour, because he has kept my name in his heart. When his cry comes up to me, I will give him an answer: I will be with him in trouble; I will make him free from danger and give him honour. With long life will he be rewarded; and I will let him see my salvation."
Now, God promises "long life" - the word life here does not refer to eternity - it is the Greek word "yom" which means "day (24 hours)" - so we can be sure that he's talking about life on earth, for there is no night in heaven - no 24 hour days like we have here. The only other time that God uses this Greek word in the bible is in 1 Kings chapter 3. The king is Soloman, decendent of David. Now it alludes that Soloman worships other gods, but God comes to Soloman and says "What do you want? Ask." Soloman gives God thanks for being true to his promise, that a decendent of David would be on the throne, and then he says "Give your servant, then, a wise heart for judging your people, able to see what is good and what evil; for who is able to be the judge of this great people?"
Notice - Soloman really could have asked God for anything - but he had a good motive, a good heart, and asked for God to help him lead God's people. So how did God respond? He was GREATLY pleased, and because of this, he said "And God said to him, Because your request is for this thing, and not for long life for yourself or for wealth or for the destruction of your haters, but for wisdom to be a judge of causes; I have done as you said: I have given you a wise and far-seeing heart, so that there has never been your equal in the past, and never will there be any like you in the future. And with this I have given you what you made no request for: wealth and honour, so that no king was ever your equal. And if you go on in my ways, keeping my laws and my orders as your father David did, I will also give you a long life."

NEED I SAY MORE?? Our motives must be pure. We need to have a heart for the lost, not just for ourselves. We need to resist evil, and do good. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that by WORKS, we can be sure to get everything we ask for, or that by our WORKS alone we see good things happen. But being obedient to God DOES have its benefits - and I believe God is very clear about this. I suggest buying a copy of The Message translation, and reading it DAY AND NIGHT. Especially, read Psalm 91 and 1 Kings 3. It is incredible. God asks us to cling to him for dear life. What I think he's saying is "Don't give up on me. At the right time, I will rescue you. Don't give up".
Healing obviously was a HUGE part of Jesus' ministry. He healed everyone - and it was unconditional. I believe that this was to get the message across that he DOES heal, and we SHOULD look to him for healing. But, since Jesus is not walking this earth now as he did - things are a little different - but GOD isn't. God doesn't change. And Jesus did not lose any power to heal when he went up to heaven. Don't give up. SEEK GOD - not just for physical healing, but for an intimate relationship with him. It's only then that you can truly love him and keep his name in your heart, as he says in Psalm 91. I hope this helps. Please feel free to write me at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss this topic more, or have other views...


I liked the fourth picture very much (the blind man begging Jesus for help). I wonder: What can I do to receive a copy of this picture - maybe to be used in a forthcoming book of mine (a book about prayer - in Norwegian!)

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