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Does God still speak to us in dreams, absolutely Yes. He speaks to us by the way we learn, the way He has created us to learn. If we learn best visually, I believe He will speak predominately to the visual learners though dreams. If we learn best through a hands on experience God will use a hands on method, something tactile, to get His message to us so we can grasp it. Just like God is able to speak our language, God is able to communicate with us through our predominate means of learning. Besides if God can use a chicken (a roosters crowing convicted Peter after denying Christ) and a donkey (Balaam received a rebuke from his trusted steed) then God can use any means necessary to convey His Truths.

Our problem is we covet other people’s experiences in hearing from God instead of taking the time to develop our own. Other people’s experiences should propel us to seek our own personal relationship; our own meetings place with God and not try to imitate someone else’s practice.

Genesis 37:1-38:30

Something that I just saw and I could be way off the mark, Judah tried to redeem himself, by taking back his identity and sadly failed. This is a picture of everyone who relies on his own cunning, his own wealth to gain his/her rightful identity. This is a picture of all of us who reject the free gift that Jesus Christ death, burial and resurrection, we are trying to buy back our tree identity, but it can only be found in Christ.

In those days, a man’s “identity” was validated by his ring, identification seal, his cord and walking stick. The walking stick would have been hand carved and unique, a one of a kind ‘cause there were no mass marketing. Looking past the fact that Judah sold his identity for some sex (In fact usually when we pay a down payment or place a deposit, ten percent will usually do but this man gave up his whole wallet with his credit cards, birth certificate, drivers license, and to top it all off, his power of attorney), he like his uncle Esau sold everything for one “pot of stew.” WOW!!

I'm finished writing my thoughts for now, but I'm not through. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

Grace and Peace,

I have often heard stories of people in the 10/40 window which is closed to Christian missionaries, that non-believers have dreams where Jesus comes to them and then they miraculously turn to put their faith in him. I think that God will do whatever it takes to get his message across. However, usually dreams are natural occurrences and so to pick apart every dream gets to be almost superstitious. I think that when God is trying to get your attention in a dream you will know it because it will be supernatural and will seem different than the ordinary stuff.


Joseph's story is neat, I don't really know enough to comment on dreams, but Judah's story - well, like Ramona said, WOW,WOW,WOW!!!

So from this sordid tale, of sin and lust, between a Jew and a Gentile, the Line of Judah was saved and continued down to the "LION OF JUDAH" - our Savior.

I was tipped off that Gen 38 was an important chapter by Tamar's (1st of five women) inclusion in Mathhew's geneology, and did some digging until I found a VERY insightful sermon on the net. The link is below and I encourage everyone to at the least peruse the sermon.

"And so what do we find here in this "most sordid chapter in the Bible"? We find the grace of God and grace abounding where sin has abounded and God's grace beginning to cover a multitude of sins. That Jesus Christ himself descends from this disgusting incest is as grand a picture of God's grace overcoming man's sin as can be imagined.

What can possibly come of lives like these? Of history like this? Cruelty, infidelity, hardness of heart, sexual promiscuity, even incest. What can come of that? By the grace of God, by the blood of Jesus Christ, heaven can come of that!"

"What we have in Genesis 38 is a picture of what we all are without the grace of God -- all of us, whatever our sins, however polite, however little we or anyone else takes notice of them (no one took notice of Judah's either, in that corrupt day, until the Lord himself brought them to light) -- and the rest of the Bible tells us what that grace can make of us."


Reuben, not Judah was the firstborn, yet the lineage of Jesus comes through Judah, apparently because of Reuben/Simeon's fiasco at Shechem?

What new insights I gained today from:
The Skeleton in Judah’s Closet
(Genesis 38:1-30)

By: Bob Deffinbaugh , Th.M.

As later genealogies will prove, this firstborn son, Perez, was to be the son of Judah who would carry on the messianic line until the time of David, and ultimately, of Jesus (cf. Ruth 4:12; Matthew 1:3).

Historically, this chapter had much to teach the ancient Israelites. To begin with, this event underscores the necessity of a sojourn in Egypt. Spiritual purity was essential for the purposes of God to be realized. Judah, the son through whom the Messiah would be born (Genesis 49:8-12), was so carnal that he was willing to marry a Canaanite woman, to have a heathen for his closest companion, and to enter into an illicit relationship with a cult prostitute. Something drastic had to be done, and the exile in Egypt was God’s remedy. There, living among a people who detested Hebrew shepherds (43:32; 46:34), even if the Hebrews were willing to inter-mingle and intermarry with these people, the Egyptians would not even consider such a thing. Racial bigotry, if not religious piety, would keep the people of God a separate people. While the sojourn in Egypt was in many respects a bitter experience, it was a gracious act on the part of God. Those Israelites who had gone through the exodus experience could begin to sense this as they read this account.

No Israelite could take this record seriously without a deep sense of humility

Oops. Please note that everything after the above

----By: Bob Deffinbaugh , Th.M.------

is from his commentary, not my words.

That last photo is heart-breaking.

++ God forgive us all for allowing such things to happen. ++

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