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I am appreciating the contacts with others who are following the OYB. I have posted a list of OYBB Bloggers in my trackback above.

Andrew B

Genesis 39-41:16

I’m not sure if my brain is functioning so early this morning, and maybe I’m hallucinating, but again I’m seeing something in the text that I have certainly read but never seen before, which ties into the admonishment in the Book of Isaiah Jesus refers to in today’s New Testament reading:
He said, "Go and tell these people: 'Listen continually, but don't understand! Look continually, but don't perceive!' Make the hearts of these people calloused; make their ears deaf and their eyes blind! Otherwise they might see with their eyes and hear with their ears, their hearts might understand and they might repent and be healed."
(Isaiah 6:9-10 NET.)

Joseph’s story is a picture of the world of the believer and the traps and temptations that God’s people faced before Messiah and after Messiah. This story also points to the coming salvation of God’s people, Israel and spiritual Israel, the church, and toward the Hope of the world, Jesus Christ (I think what I just said is redundant). One of these illustrations is the suffering servant, for doing right (righteous) and dealing in truth, Joseph is taunted by sin and then sin’s lies has him imprisoned. Jesus came to deal with our sin and paid the price by hanging on a tree, going down into the prison of death, the grave, he conquered it and sin, then rose from the grave. Joseph rose up from his death in the prison.

The number seven, seven cows, seven heads of wheat, represents the fullness of time, when the time was right Jacob showed up to interpret the dream and that interpretation, born of God, would deliver the people from the death of lack of bread. One of Jesus’ name is the Bread of Life.

But when the proper time had fully come, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born subject to [the regulations of] the Law,
(Galatians 4:4 AMP)

Everything in this narrative relates to Jesus Christ, everything. As we read though the Old Testament, we will see types and shadows of the things to come (for those who are new to reading through the Bible that are alluded to in these couple of chapters. We will read about the sacrifice system (cows) God places in the Temple, we will read about the fruit of the Vine (New Wine-in the New Testament) and the “grain” offering that is given allusion to with Pharaoh’s cup bearer (wine) and his baker (his bread contains yeast, which represents the world’s sin).

All of this stuff may have been written about in commentaries, but I’ve said this before and I’ll probably repeat it often, “Revelation is not revelation until it is revelation to you.”

I am so excited that I can hardly sit still long enough to finish typing this out so again,

Grace and peace,

Joseph is my biggest hero, at least this week!

It's all about God for Joseph, no matter the circumstances. And every task he is given is like a sacred calling from God--there is no complaining, no whining, no wondering why God is unfair, or wishing that his talents were being better utilized. It's not just a matter of Joseph's deep gladness meeting the world's deep hunger. He's just faithful. Period. (And do you think that David could have been faithful in that situation, with Potiphar's wife throwing herself at him??)

I echo Mike's comment about Matthew 13:22 - and the ongoing 'struggle with the "cares of this life" crowding out the Good News in my life today.'

How DO we break through and live in the fullness of being reborn? Why do we not quite make it to soaring like eagles and having regular walking-on-the-water parties?

RE: mike's ?:
I did not mention this in my testimony, but the day after I accepted Christ as my Savior - I was called into the office and given a 50% increase in salary. More importantly, when I personally acknowledged that I worked for Jesus and not my company - my day became more efficient. What used to take me 8-9 hours now takes 6-7 hours. So yes,I believed God has blessed me in the workplace.

Lastly, I do pray about work. Maybe not as one might think. I pray for harmony in the office, for the opportunity to witness, for the opportunity to minister, for the salvation of co-workers, For The holy Spirit to dispence grace and strength to the Christians in the office so they reflect Christ-like Qualities. I try to pray in the will of God. I was very fortunate early on in walk with Christ to listen to tapes from Moody Church in Chicago regarding how to pray in the Will of God.*

* "Seeking the Heart of God:How to pray so that God will answer".

Matt 13:22 and Andrew B.'s ?:

"How DO we break through and live in the fullness of being reborn?"

When I finally committed to a church, I decided to employ something most business schools advocate. Find someone you think is doing things correctly, talk to them, ask how they got to where they are, emulate them.

I looked around at the elders, talked to pastors, and observed characteristics of the elders.

What I learned from them is also in the New Testament, but I can't find it right now:

1) Stay in fellowship with God.
2) Worship
3) Pray
4) Give
5) Stay in the Word
6) Fast
7) Minister to others

- If #1 is not taken care of almost daily, the other six will suffer as will the fullness of your relationship to God.
- Do all the above JOYFULLY. If you go thru the motions, it will hamper the fullness of your relationship to God.

My hardest thing used to be to lend books, CD's, money to Christians. My experiance has been that as a group - Chrisitans - are the absolute worst at returning things. For a month or so, it really bothered me, and I prayed a LOT about my ill feelings to my brothers and sisters in Christ. One day I came upon the solution. Now I just give the stuff away. "JOYFULLY". It may sound more expensive, but truthfully - I have not noticed much of an effect on my bank account or savings. I just tell the people that when they have finished with the resource to pass it along to someone else. Then it is between them and God what they do with the book, CD, money. It is not about me anymore.

Hi there,

I'm a HUGE fan of 'Joseph - Dreamcoat' but shows are so hard to find. I saw pictures on your site of a play you once put on and was just wondering if there was anyway at all I could see it or even just the entire "Potiphar scene/song". Either by buying a copy, renting/borrowing a copy, or even somehow online via email or YouTube or something. And, again if the entire show is too much to load or copy, just posting the "Potiphar" sequence would be great too, as it's one of my favorate songs of the show.

Thanks so much for your time and I really hope to hear from you.

Best wishes.


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