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Exodus 26:1-27:21

Upon reading the following,

And you shall make fifty clasps of gold and fasten the curtains together with the clasps; then the tabernacle shall be one whole. (Exodus 26:6 AMP)

The Apostle Paul’s words came to me,

So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. (Romans 12:5 KJVR)

I believe the Tabernacle represents not only the Body of Christ, the Church, but Christ’s Body as well. I’m not sure how the construction and the furnishings actually match up to the Body, but I have this strong sense that everything, even the placement of the furniture and utensils is represented in the Church and in the New Jerusalem.

Matthew 25:1-30

The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids/Virgins amazes me that five women would carry lamps and not have oil to light the lamps. To me that is like carrying a purse with nothing in it, which would make the purse/pocketbook a matching accessory holding nothing of value. If the Kingdom of Heaven is like that then the ramifications and illlustration to us are tremendous: are we for show, carrying the illusions of readiness or are we well prepared for the long haul?

The servant who buried his Talent after clearly being told to invest what was given to him (verse 14), gives two reasons for burying what he was given:

1) The “Master” was hard.
2) The “Master” was a thief.
3) Fear.

However, the Master called him plan old lazy after stating that he was wicked. That I believe was the real reason for God taking away what He had. He didn’t understand or refuse to give the proper value to what was given him. Each was given “gold” according to his ability.

Grace and peace,

I found an interesting link about the meanings of the coverings in the tabernacle. that talks a good bit about the symbolism of everything. I only skimmed it because I was on a rabbit trail wondering about the covering of "sea cows" or dudongs (which are now nearly extinct but once swam in the Red Sea, see picture here:, and then found all this additional information--more than I can process this morning. I think it hints at what you were getting at Ramona.

I was zoning out a bit, too, this morning with the detail, and then suddently was awed at the fact that Creator God enjoys working out the smallest detail for his own pleasure and glory. And when we are creative we are a dim reflection of him--but that is why it is so satisfying!

iv been playing catch up as i only joined in on the 26th january..well iv finally reached and read january 23rd and i see i missed the roll wanted to say hi and introduce myself to you stef...a south african living in manchester with a husband and 3 children(18,16 and 10)i read every morning at 6.15am ( for as long as i can before i have to wake kids )and im loving it..its become like a family i love coming in during the day to see what you all have to say..i do feel incredably stupid at times when you all know so much but im learning :-) so God bless all of you and thank you!

In regard to the below questions Mike asked in the email he sends out:

And then, we have to ask ourselves - will we simply just go through life very stably & comfortably with those gifts and skills – perhaps even just going through the motions and serving ourselves – to the extent that when God calls us home, we have really not produced much of anything in our lives?

ANSWER BY JAN: I have found that the most important thing to me is being intimate with God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. In doing this all other things flow..."seek ye first the Kingdom of God & all these things shall be added unto you." I don't strive to serve anyone but Him & in doing that, He brings people/others across my path to share/minister to & vice versa. I am definitley not into works, have been there done that & that is not where it's at for sure.

What if we spend our time & gifts in such a way that by the end of it we haven't really blessed or served others?

ANSWER BY JAN: I really don't think this is possible if you have a personal relationship with Him...can't happen.

We simply give back to God at the end of our lives what God gave to us and nothing more. OR - is it possible that God is calling each of us to do so much more with our lives?

ANSWER BY JAN: Again, God is sovereign & He directs our paths if we are in relationship with Him. I am assuming that all of us know what it takes to maintian a relationship of any takes work, even with HIM.

Is God calling us to really use the time, gifts and skills he has given us for something bigger than ourselves?

ANSWER BY JAN: Of course He does, & since it is bigger than us, we should know it is probably God, otherwise we could do it ourselves. Charismata can be mistaken for anointing, there are powerful leaders that are not anointed but heavily charismatic (not in the spiritual sense).

Is God calling us to produce a great harvest of loving and serving and blessing others in our lives?

ANSWER BY JAN: Again, this springs from relationship...vertical to horizontal & everything in between. There is a Godly ripple effect in those who love & serve out of that love...He brings the circumstance/coincidence.

Thanks Micah girl for the links you provided..I must say it does shed a bright light on the passage for me.
God bless you all

Micah girl--I second the Anka's thanks for the links. However, I wonder if you caused the site to get a tremendous number of hits 'cause I could not get on bible-history until the evening.

Hi Steph. Welcome to the blog and hope your journey with Christ is a rewarding one. Never feel too small in your relationship with the bible. Jesus our Lord was not impressed with the Pharisees who were well versed in scripture and extended life giving grace to those never exposed to the word but had faith! Always remember that "he who is last will be first in the Father's kingdom and he who is first will be last in the Father's kingdom."

Ramona, have you read J. Vernon McGee's treatise on the Tabernacle? I linked to it yesterday on my blog. I haven't read the book yet, so this isn't a recommendation per se. I mention it because it seems to scratch the itch you mention.

Just an observation. When I looked at the picture Mike posted yesterday of the Ark of the Covenant. I thought of:

John 20:11-12

"Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over to look into the tomb and saw two angels in white, seated where Jesus' body had been, one at the head and the other at the foot."

Hi Steph,
I am also new to this group. They are a bit intimadating, but, what they have to say sure helps me to understand more of what I read. I live in Colorado, USA. I am 63, kids are gone, and I try to read every evening around 9pm. So, I'm not sure anyone reads my posts, but, I do read everyone elses! Thanks to you all.

I agree that God wants us to use our gifts, talents from Him, and multiply them, so to speak. Bringing more people to Him, and spreading His message, not just following his word, but keeping it to ourself.


Matt 25:14-30
This may not be popular interpretation, but since it was mentioned in your link - I will go ahead with it.

Working backwards: The wicked servant is not just chastised, he is thrown out into the darkness 'where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.' Matthew uses this phrase five other times: Matt 8:12,13:42,13:50,22:13,24:51. It seems pretty clear that this place is Hell or "Hades".

Question is: Why? I think it is rooted in the phrase, "by their fruits they are known". I believe we are saved by the gifts of "grace" and "faith" from God, and with the regenerated heart we start to bear fruit. The wicked servant never bore fruit, therefore he was never saved. He may have thought he was saved, or more likely he was a lip-service type follower of Christ.

Ironic that the talents (money)given to servants can also be looked at as "talents" (skills given by God). The wicked servant did two things to reveal himself: he attacked the character of his master, and did nothing with the talents (skills given by God). The Servant neither "knew" God, nor was interested in pursuing a lifestyle that would provide a return on his skills (bear fruit). Servant did not even bother to get an effortless return by giving talent to bankers. He was just interested in checking in at church on sunday, giving lip-service to God, and living life his way while pretending to be a follower (an application of the parable).

There will be no fooling the "Master" when he returns, and as much as he is love, grace, and mercy, when it comes to judgment: He will be just and righteous. Jesus will see through excuses like the servant made and cut to the heart of the matter, and as is stated over and over in the Bible 'HE knows our hearts'.

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