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Oh brother, can I testify to that last statement! I have not drank since August 19, 1987. By God's saving grace.


>>Alcohol can literally destroy lives and relationships, as we all know. >>

Mike—Anything done in excess is dangerous and will destroy your life and I’m using “life” as more than the breathing in an out of air.. The life that is destroyed is the abundant life Jesus talks about in John 10:10. In the USA, we are destroying our lives by being intoxicated with food. Driving while full (DWF), to me, can be the same as DUI/DWI. Anything done in excess is “sin.”

Societies and cultures just excepts certain kinds of excess and puts it's stamp of approval on it. Anything that destroys our relationship with God, anything that causes us to sacrifice our family for the so called "greater good," or for our own personal feel goods, is sin.

Grace and peace,

This is my first time writing- I started the one year bible blog with you on jan.1st!! I have been so blessed by you and your awesome efforts! I've told many others about you also, including my 75 yr. old mother who also is enjoying your blog!! Thank you - thank you - keep up the great work!
I would like to share a book that is the absolute best on the subject of christians drinking alcohol: "Sipping Saints" by David Wilkerson. It is a very short book, but very powerful!! A must read for all christians! I use to drink once in awhile until I read this book- now I never do.
May God Bless you for the aawesome work you are doing in sharing His Word with us!

Thanks Rosemary, Ramona and Lori for the comments on the subject of alcohol today! It's quite a subject... I really did almost drink myself to death in college. And so perhaps it's foolish for me to drink at all these days - but I do think I've found the "moderation" / not-excess point that you refer to Ramona.

I appreciate the book recommendation Lori. I do hope to read it for further study on this subject of alcohol. And I'm glad you've been on board w/ us since Jan 1!

God bless,

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