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Mike, I don’t think TV is all bad just as I don’t think computers are all bad or books are all bad. People can become addicted to any of these or to other activities and let them become the primary focus of their lives. Addiction is bad because it upsets the balance of things. I think that God expects each of us to have a balanced life, to keep in tune to what is going on in our world, our state, our community, our family, our church and our friends and He expects us to spread the Word where the opportunity avails itself. God also wants us to derive joy from this life. Addictions are escaping mechanisms that let us hide from reality instead of facing it with God’s love and strength. We can become addicted to anything.

Our faith can also become an addiction if we let it become isolated to the point where we spend all of our time in personal worship instead of sharing the love and Word of God with others. We can’t allow ourselves to part of the world and worldly ways but neither can be withdraw completely from the world. If we withdraw from the world then there is no way to share God with others. Christians sometimes have a tendency to only socialize with other Christians and completely avoid those that we consider unsaved. I believe that as Christians we should wear our Christianity where others can see it – we need to have a bounce in our step, have a sparkle in our eyes, wear a smile on our face, have the glow from the love of God radiating from our inner core – so that when we do mingle among the unsaved they can see the difference in us and want the peace and joy that Christ provides to His children. Being pious and lecturing the unsaved or hiding from them never brought anyone to Christ because it is a negative approach that puts others down. Being happy in the Lord draws people to Christ just as the laughter of strangers naturally makes us smile even though we don’t know what they are laughing about.

There are wonderful things on TV just as there are bad commercials and programming, there are wonderful books just as there are bad books, there are marvelous ways to use computers just as there are evil ways to use them, all of life has its good and its bad. Limiting a source is not the solution but selection is! God has provided us with all these things to be a source of information and entertainment but He expects us to act responsibly.

God Bless!

I don't think you're crazy at all regarding television. I do still have a tv--one in a family of five. Shocking, I know, that we have only one. My poor kids don't have one in their rooms or anything. We tape most of the shows we are are going to watch and fast forward through the commercials if they aren't on PBS. How are people going to make money off my family if we don't watch the commercials? Also, we don't have cable. No MTV, no movie channels, nothing. We don't even rent movies from the video store--we borrow them from the library. I think we could single-handedly cause the economy to stop!

Just thought I'd rant to keep you company! I saw that study, too, and thought it was ridiculous. In my life I have already wasted to much time watching tv and I hope to redeem time instead of throwing it away. That's my goal, anyway.

Mike, if not for TV how could I access such great shows like : The Hour of Power, The Coral Ridge Hour and John Hagee Ministries? TV is not all bad! It depends on the peoples choice of programming they watch!

"But I'm cognizant of it. Every hour I spend sitting on a bar stool or going to a game or (your time waster goes here)"

As an avid Sports watcher whats wrong with attending a sporting event occasionaly? Not one thing!

TV must be assessed in the time and culture of a people to discern its effectiveness. Television is a neutral media taking on the character of those who are producing for it; programming it and watching it. Remember the guy who first put the bible on his first printing press and wrote it in a language that the people spoke, Guttenberg, was persecuted for doing that using some of the same reasoning you are. What you have stated about Television was applied to the common (vulgar) people being able to read, and specifically, read the Bible. Why that was the job of the priests--read the bible and then tell the people what the bible said. (Sarcasm)

It sounds like you have taken a personal conviction and discipline and rationalized it to try and make a doctrine. If nothing else is taken from the Old Testament, specifically 1st and 2nd Kings and Chronicles, one should come away with an understanding that moral behavior may be legislated but purpose, the motive of the heart—the motivating factor that determines why we do or do not do something, even worship and religious expressions, cannot. It is the “why” we do that determines what we do—Man looks at the outside, the appearance of things God looks at the heart, the why. I have a television which I barley watch and I don’t have cable because I refuse to pay 40 plus dollars a month for something I hardly watch. The issue is, really knowing yourself, knowing that you cannot hold a revival in a bar when you love wine.

This entire thing or principle falls under Paul’s admonishment in Romans:

One man esteems one day as better than another, while another man esteems all days alike [sacred]. Let everyone be fully convinced (satisfied) in his own mind.
(Romans 14:5 AMP)

Grace and peace,

Isaiah 43:14-45:10

In the midst of our idol worship, it the midst of our idol building, God is telling us, crying out to us,

But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. (Isaiah 43:1 KJVR)

IT is like walking into a supermarket with thousands of products claiming to do for us what God has already done. God has no expiration date; but all the others do and you must look closely to either decipher or read the fine print. God is telling us that He has done it all, He has provided, He has protected us, yet we walk down the long aisles, throwing into our basket all our little and BIG idols claiming to do for us what God has already done.

No rock, no crystal, no special prayer, no person, no super saint, nor any government can do for us what God has already done. The only thing keeping us in bondage and out of the liberty that God has already given us, is our confused minds.

Grace and peace,

Well I have to confess I don't have a TV either..I guess it all depends on your conviction....watching movies that do nothing at all to enhance me spiritually but feed my fleshy side...guess i'm better without em.I get to read the news online...I guess it's sort of like the alcohol issue.Even Jesus had some during meals...but if you know once you start,you gotta have the whole bottle then the best thing is to avoid it.
God bless you all

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