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Isaiah 66 (NKJV) – True Worship and False
Thus says the LORD:
“ Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool. Where is the house that you will build Me? And where is the place of My rest?
For all those things My hand has made, and all those things exist,” says the LORD. “ But on this one will I look: On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word.
“ Those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves, to go to the gardens after an idol in the midst, eating swine’s flesh and the abomination and the mouse, shall be consumed together,” says the LORD.
“For I know their works and their thoughts. It shall be that I will gather all nations and tongues; and they shall come and see My glory.
I will set a sign among them; and those among them who escape I will send to the nations: to Tarshish and Pul [or Put] and Lud, who draw the bow, and Tubal and Javan, to the coastlands afar off who have not heard My fame nor seen My glory. And they shall declare My glory among the Gentiles

Comment from “The Geneva Bible”:
verse 1:
“My majesty is so great, that it fills both heaven and earth, and therefore cannot be included in a temple like an idol, condemning by this their main confidence which trusted in the temple and sacrifices.”

verse 2:
“To him that is humble and pure in heart, who receives My doctrine with reverence and fear.”

verse 19:
“set a sign among them”:
“I will make these that I chose, that they perish not with the rest of the infidels: by which He alludes to the marking of the posts of His people, whom He preserved. See Exodus 12:7”.

Exodus 12
And they shall take some of the blood and put it on the two doorposts and on the lintel of the houses where they eat it.

Geneva Bible:
Those who escape = those who escape God’s righteous judgment, God will send to the nations.

The Biblical list of nations with modern names are as follows:

Tarshish = Cecelia
Pul = Africa
Lud = Asia Minor
draw the bow = Parthians
Tubal = Italy
Javan = Greece
they = apostles, disciples and others whom God first chose of the Jews to preach to the Gentiles

The Holy Spirit spoke the same message with simplicity and clarity in Matthew 3 (NKJV):
But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism, he said to them, “Brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?
Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance,
and do not think to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones.

Who we are inside will always—sooner or later—spill out and manifest itself outwardly by our actions where others can see.

Thus, it is far better that we seek God to gain and to maintain purity and love for God.

This can only be gained and maintained by daily repentance and total dependence on the Lord, again only by reliance on Grace.

The “sin nature” in our humanity always wants to reject God and is always prone to the temptations of the enemy.

Romans 8 (Amplified)
For those who are according to the flesh and are controlled by its unholy desires set their minds on and pursue those things which gratify the flesh,
Now the mind of the flesh [which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit] is death [death that comprises all the miseries arising from sin, both here and hereafter]. But the mind of the [Holy] Spirit is life and [soul] peace [both now and forever].
[That is] because the mind of the flesh [with its carnal thoughts and purposes] is hostile to God, for it does not submit itself to God's Law; indeed it cannot.
So then those who are living the life of the flesh [catering to the appetites and impulses of their carnal nature] cannot please or satisfy God, or be acceptable to Him.

In this respect, I am reminded of what Andrew Murray said in “With Christ In The School of Prayer”.

He reminds us that there must be an “inner fitness” and an “inner likeness” created by Grace so we can properly bear the image of God, by Whom we were created.

Philippians 3 (NKJV)
But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ.

May this truly be my experience. I cannot honestly say it always has been.

Knowing Christ and His matchless Glory and Grace is worth any price it may cost—no pleasure, goal or sin of any kind can compare to the Love and Grace in Jesus!

Philippians 3 (NKJV)
Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold
of me.
Nevertheless, to the degree that we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us be of the same mind.

It is a daily pressing into Grace—not that Grace resists us, but that our selfish human nature resists God!

And, God uses the process to build in us His character and strong faith.

To the degree that we have already attained, walk in that—and let us be patient with ourselves!

GOD DELIGHTS IN THE FACT WE ARE seeking to be like Him in all we do!

Psalm 74 (NKJV)
For God is my King from of old, working salvation in the midst of the earth.

May we catch God’s heart for the world and find our place there.

Our life and the borders of our expectation will grow and be fruitful as we walk in surrender to, and in partnership with, the Grace of Jesus for the world.

Proverbs 24 (NKJV)
For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again, but the wicked shall fall by calamity.

The righteous man is not righteous in character immediately! THANK GOD that we are immediately “declared righteous”, or justified, in God’s eyes when we sincerely repent and trust in Jesus.

Romans 5 (NKJV)
Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace [or. . . let us have peace] with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

I like the note: “we have peace with God. . . or let us have peace with God”.

Righteousness is not gained and maintained in a day. GOD’S CHARACTER IN US is persistent and will not give up. We can take comfort in this.


Isaiah 66:1-24

I have noticed throughout Isaiah when God speaks about Jerusalem, the city, He often personifies her and asks all that love her to see her as a person. Either this is a literary devise or Jerusalem represents an ideal a standard. Having said that I am intrigued by the mention of the Temple inside the walls/gates of Jerusalem. The Temple is the life, the heart of His people and the walls of Jerusalem represent the walls of the chest cavity that holds the heart. (Please note: this is my vision/interpretation and mine alone. If I am wrong, God will surely correct me as He has done that before.)

Verse sixth really caught my attention:
Hear the word of the Lord, you who tremble at His word: Your brethren who hate you, who cast you out for My name's sake, have said, Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy! But it is they who shall be put to shame. 6 [Hark!] An uproar from the city! A voice from the temple! The voice of the Lord, rendering recompense to His enemies!
(Isaiah 66:5-6 AMP)

Within every one of our hearts are things that should not be there; things that God will purge out. I wonder if many of the things we go through, the trials, the adversities are more than not God allowing the things deeply entrenched in our hearts to be exposed. While we wrestle with what is going on within us, we realize what we are experiencing emotionally shouldn’t be there.

Just a thought.

Grace and peace,

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