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On "transmitting holiness":
My father took me on a short vacation to Philadelphia when I was about 9 years old. We entered an elevator in the downtown motel where we were staying. A man, who my father later told me was Billy Graham, placed his hand on my head for just a few seconds and closed his eyes. As you can see, I still remember that incident even until today. Was that "transmitting holiness"? I think so.
Now, I too like to touch someone on the shoulder and say a short, silent prayer for them--try it sometime!
Grace and Peace,

To all our One-Year-Bible Travelers in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving, and to all those around the world, Make each and every day a day of Thanksgiving.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to everyone..It's hard to believe we're ending the year soon...I have to say that reading the bible daily has helped me remember when I'm being "unholy"...whether it's a haughty thought,a selfish(move out of my way I'm in a hurry thought).I guess in the past I never really considered being Holy in ALL that I do,being a light to others.
I have to remember daily that I'm a stanger here and will give account for every action,word,thought etc....During a bible study a person once said that the goal of our salvation was reconciliation with God,eternity in heaven comes as a result of that...so we have to develop a deeper,more intimate relationship with our Father....Reading His word is one good way to do it...
God bless you all

About the clothes transmitting holiness...it is a very interesting metaphor in the Bible, and one that is used again and again. I'm currently reading Zechariah, and in chapter 3 he has a vision of the high priest, Joshua, standing before the Lord and wearing filthy garments of sin, and of the Lord commanding the angels to remove his unclean garments and give him holy ones. I think it's an excellent metaphor for how God removes our sin and clothes us with holiness each time we repent of our sins and turn to him."

Psalm 119:41 / May your unfailing love come to me, O LORD, your salvation according to your promise;

I hope it's not getting old; me and my Psalms LOL! I can't help it, I love them so much! Like the above verse ... to receive the unfailing love, that's just a wonderful thing! To expierence unfailing love will free you forever! With unfailing love we can do things that we've never thought we could do. I've had the chance to do something with the unfailing love that God gave me. And yes, it set me free! He actually set me free!!!! Or the healing I experienced ... it's the unfailing love ...

I lov 1 peter again! its just full of wisdom! i undrestand craving spiritual milk. When i got out of the habit, my craving died...supressing the spirit. Now that i am back in the Word, i need it, daily, i crave it, i love it!! If you dont feed something or only occasionally...it will be weak and potentially wither and die...like our spiritual life. When we feed and nurture ourselves daily, we will be healthy and full of life. when u skip a meal...your body lets you know its hungry! If you starve yourself, your appetite will shrink and you will be weakened, physically and spiritually! i have always been a book worm! but the Word sure different from novels...its not a pretend world, its God speaking to me...its wisdom, it edifies, it builds, exhorts, grows us, I love it!

Some ppl like thinking Christianity is a bunch of don'ts. "God doesnt want us to have fun." Well, God is our Father...like our earthly parents who taught us to look both ways wen crossin the street, dont touch the stove, dont stick keys inside electric outlets (haha...i did that as a kid)...dont light candles then put them under the mantle below a picture frame (i did that too as a kid, haha...almost burnt the house down). I, and we all, did all kinds of foolish things as a kid, we had to be instruced not to cause we didnt forsee the danger, but our parents did. How much more the Lord does! like, Dont have sex outside of marriage...People disobey this and suffer consequences, emotional pain, pregnacies, stds, abortions (then blame God for it!!!!). hmm...dont know where that tangent came from....oh yes, We should delight in His commands, not just the donts, but the do's!, to love, forgive each other, etc. I mean, what a better world if we all practiced this!

Yes, the women with the 12 yr bleeding, very interesting. This woman was deemed "unclean" (I believe she was menstruating for 12 yrs :o)...so she had to sneak there, it was a bit of a risk for her to do so. Jesus was walking through a crowd of people, they were all grabbing for Him, it was a bit of a mob. Then He asked 'Who touched Me?' the discplies were like, 'what do you mean, who knows, there are tons of people touching and reaching for you!' But this woman was different, she knew if she could just TOUCH His robe, she'd be healed. When she touched Jesus's robe, power went out from Him and was transfered to her...He felt the power leave Him, or be transfered to her. Of course He knew her condition, her faith made her well. Thats a beautiful story.

Great word! p.s., you're forgiven for the cute monkey pic :p

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