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ha! i love Jonah's story! I think he's so easy to relate to. How many times have i run from God then been thrown in the sea (figuritively). haha, i remember my pastor discussing him...he gets barfed out by this whale and the ppl of Nineveh see this man covered in barf and who knows wat else, probly looked like a madman...the ppl believed on the spot. haha. then Jonah gets mad at God and is grumbling and wishing he were dead. I can so relate to this guy. "fine, just kill me now then!"....pouting like a 2 year old! I just mentioned him a couple days ago in a comment when thinking of all the guys God used and loved...some messed up bad! I confess, i can be like Jonah and the prodigal son's brother! God's been dealing with me regarding this.

One thing I dont understand...maybe someone could answer...i've always had this Q, regarding Jesus being in the earth 3 days and 3 nights as Jonah was in the belly of a fish 3 days/3 nights. Jesus rose on the third day. So, lets say He was crucified on Friday, spent friday and saturday night in the earth, but rose on sunday morning. So thats 2 nights. Can anyone help me out of this???

Oh...and if anyone is unsure, the scroll is the title deed to the earth!

Ok...there is a ton of conviction/lessons in all of these scriptures for me today!

In Jonah...well, one of my biggest struggles is pride...and I am just like Jonah sometimes (probably most of the time)...I feel a nudge from God and dismiss it because it may be uncomfortable for me...or worse yet, I feel like the other person doesn't "deserve" to be blessed by God...Like Jenny said...the Prodigal Son "syndrome". I'm just thankful that God is revealing this to me in a merciful, gentle way! What a loving and forgiving God we serve!!

Revelations, well, we have a song at church called "The Revelation Song" - it is one of the most powerful worship songs I've ever heard...all words in the song are straight from Revelation (hense the name of the song..DUH!) - Anyway - I had to listen to it after I read chapter 5 today...what a closeness I felt! Thank You Jesus!

Psalms...reminds me that I need to stop complaining about my denomination! I attend a Methodist church but, in my heart of hearts, I really hate denominations! But that doesn't give me a right to complain about it or point out that we do things different than say Baptist or even non-denominational churches. UNITY is the message here...I have recently been trying to ask the question "is this matter that you want to complain or argue about an eternal matter?" If it is not an issue of Heaven or Hell...then it's not worth arguing.

Proverbs reminds me that revenge is of the Lord! We don't have to worry if we do not get the proper justice here on earth...God will always provide the right justice in His time!

I loved reading Jonah this morning. I even went to Wikipedia to read more about Ninevah. What was interesting to me however is the end of Jonah when God explains that he has compassion on Ninevah--120,000 people who don't their right hand from their left. It gives us a look into God's heart for lost people. I think there are places like Ninevah today that we don't want to go to as Christians, but God wants us to go and preach the Gospel. It could be another country, or it could be right here at home. (I could be wrong on that interpretation...)

Jenny, as to your question, Jonah is only a "type" of Christ. There are parallels of Jonah to Christ, but it is not meant to be exactly the same. For instance, Jonah wasn't willing to preach at first, but Christ was never unwilling to preach. Jonah was depressed at Ninevah's repentence--Jesus rejoices in people repenting!

Another term used to describe this is that Jonah was a "shadow" of the actual Christ who was to come.

Hope that helps.

I love the story of Jona, it is one of the stories that I remembered from when I was a little girl. I always wondered how a man could survive being in the belly of a huge whale! LOL Yeah, I was young, couldn't realize how big God was.
I love verse 2:9 - But I, with a song of thanksgiving,
will sacrifice to you.
What I have vowed I will make good.
Salvation comes from the LORD."
What more can I add to that, eh?

Proverbs 29:27 - The righteous detest the dishonest;
the wicked detest the upright.
Awesome! I think we all can relate to this, eh? You know, since I'm saved I'm living as a better person, I live upright so to speak. I do feel that some people take some distance from me, I hear stories about "Mae turning boring since she joined some community". I don't want to say that I was wicked before my rebirth, but yeah, I did and said things I shouldn't have done. At the time it seemed like fun to make fun of people, not avoid fights and stuff like that. But I'm a changed woman, and I've lost a bunch of 'friends'. Probably cause they detest the upright? Well now, that sounds like I live like a saint now. But the truth is that most of them turned their backs on me cause they think I joined some questionable community, some of them think that I need to get off the high horse and stuff like that. Oh well, it's okay ... I'm happy!!! The happiest I've ever been!

Oooooo Mae...YOU GO GIRL!!! :0) You are on a HIGH! a Jesus High!
My grandma's pastor told me (the week after I was saved) that the first thing that would happen is that I would lose some of my friends...and he was absolutely right. It hurt but Jesus has replaced those "friends" with thee best friends ever!!!!! Stay strong, Girl!!! Love ya!

You give me spirit, Gina!!!!!!! And you're right ... I've lost a few 'friends' and I feel that I'm about to lose some more ... But I've got you now!!! And Chris! And Jenny! And Mark! And not to forget all the great friends within my "boring weird community" LOL hee hee hee Yes, it hurts from time to time, I know they talk about me and make fun of me. But I'll stay strong!!! Thank you, Gina!!! I love you!!!

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