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I too love Zech v.3, 'Return to me and I will return to you'. I love it! How faithful God is!!! when we stray, He never hesitates to take us back...and not condemingly, but lovingly! His mercy and forgivness are truely beyond human comprehension. How many times has He welcomed me back with open arms (as the prodigal son's father) and just bestows his love on me!

Rev is fascinating! The "woman" is not an actual woman but represents Israel...through which Christ came. Israel is often protrayed as a woman in that she is protrayed in the Old Testament as God's wife.... and also as a pregnant woman because of the constant suffering of the nation.

v. 7 is fascinating!!! War broke out in heaven. there has always been warfare since satan's fall...but here's what my study Bible says: "Something will intensify this warfare-possibly the raptured saints passing through the realm of the prince of the power of the air (cf.Eph 2:2)"

Wow!!! Woohoo! Not a happy day for those on earth tho..but those who standfast in their faith will be rewarded in eternity!
In reference to your blog...yes indeed, every day is a battle! As a younger believer I didnt see this much but now I see every single day...I need God's strength and NO WAY can I go at it alone! I tried in the past...haha, my strength is a joke...i have no strength. Every day is a new attack from the enemy...we must be prepared!--through prayer, God's word, memorized scripture, obedience and TRUST that God will protect us. He will! he does! Every day I need to ask for God's protection (from the enemy)....otherwise, I'm in for it!

speaking of...cant wait to get to the part in Rev. where satan is slam dunked in the abyss, haha! he's such a jerk!

Again, beautiful Psalm readings!

140:7 - "O Sovereign LORD, my strong savior, you protected me on the day of battle."

I really believe that every day is a battle. Some days are exhausting battles and other days I defeat the enemy and it's a good battle! I trust God completely that He can protect me. I have to admit though that with hard attacks from Satan it can be hard to think straight. And it can be scary! My pastor knows about my struggles and he can always help me through days like this. Praise the Lord for my pastor! Like I said in yesterdays reading, I was saved not too long ago. And I think that Satan is tempting me harder now, because he might hope that I'll change my mind. I WILL NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still a baby in this, you know. He probably hopes he can get me off the path, well, good luck with that! God will protect me, I know He always will! I pray for His protection every day, He knows I really need it. I need it to let me heart grow, I need it to be a blessings to others.

I also like Zech v. 3. It is awesome that God is so faithful :) God loves us no matter what. I mean people can treat him as if he is the worst person on earth and he still loves them.

I had no idea that the "woman" was Israel. How fascinating?? I mean I never thought of it in that sense. And to think that war broke out in Heaven as it does on earth.

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