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I was pleasantly surprised by the recent release of Rocky Balboa, the last in the sequel after sequel Rocky movies. In one scene there is a retired boxer whose name is Spider. Spider is obviously a Christian and just before a big fight he reads to Rocky right out of Zechariah 4:6 "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the Lord. Pretty cool!!

I also read Focus on the Family's Plugged In review on Rocky Balboa. The editors of Plugged In interviewed Sylvester Stallone and Stallone said he had drifted for a long time from the faith of his childhood but in recent years found himself being drawn back to the faith. Whether you like boxing or not is not the issue, but there is much redemptive value in this film.

By the way, the other great film that gives the whole gospel story in 3 acts is World trade Center. It's also a must see in my opinon. You can read a review on this one from movieglimpse.com

Thanks Luch for the movie reviews! I have been encouraged by Sly's interviews about the new Rocky and how he talks openly about his faith. Now that I know there is a Zechariah quote in this movie, I'm definitely going! :) (plus, honestly, it's not a rated R movie... I know this is a whole other topic, but I rarely see R's for obvious reasons - no desire to support all that financially nor see it)

Two more movie reviews for all. The Nativity Story was incredibly well done I thought. Just a very simple movie - not Hollywood hyped at all. The humanity and poverty of Mary & Joseph and Nazareth was powerful. Herod was a scary dude... and the 3 wise men in the movie were terrific comic relief.

The other movie I saw recently that I loved was Will Smith's Pursuit of Happyness. Great father/son movie with a good look at how hard it can be to make it when you're the working poor. I am afraid so many of our neighbors in our cities and towns struggle like Will did in this movie and we don't see it. Good look at homelessness as well, though I don't think they portrayed it as roughly as I think it really was for Chris Gardner, the real life guy this movie was based on. The lines to wait to get in the shelters scenes though were so sad & powerful...

Merry Christmas everyone! Any other movie reviews? :)

"I will be honest - it's not always easy to get motivated for typing in this blog each evening. Most days I am motivated - but not always. Sometimes I just have to "take the plumb line in my hand" - get started with the typing - and God shows up...." ~ I know what you mean, there are days that I hardly have time to read the verses for the day. Then I think to myself "When and where am I going to do the readings???!!!". And somehow there's always enough time to read it and to comment it. Beautiful and inspiring things happen when all of a sudden God shows up. All I have to do is give God the opportunity to show up. All I have to do is make some time for Him and His word and He's there to inspire me. Then all kinds of thoughts go through my mind and I can go on and on commenting the verses. Just sit down, get in touch with myself and I come at ease and find more than enough time to read the Bible and have enough inspiration to write about it. Same thing with church, there are times (just sporaticly - spell check- I'm thankfull for that) that I'm just too tired to go to church. When it happens, it happens on Wednesday, at the midweek service. Yep yep ... I'm admitting this ... WOW ain't I the worst Christian in the world??? LOL Anyways, it's not always easy to work all day, come home at 5.30pm, cook, freshen up, have Jaden all cleaned up and be in church at 7.30pm. While I'm going through rush our I panic "Okay ... how am I going to be in church in time ... ohhhh noooo ... I'm tired ....". Then I come home, need to fix dinner while Jaden is running around me, then we take a shower and I'm in the shower thinking "This is lovely ... maybe I should put on sweats and curl up in the coutch once I'm out of the shower". But how wonderful I feel about myself when I'm in church!!! And the services are even better when I've had this big struggle beforehand! And then I'm soooo happy that I went anyway! God will show up if you open the door ... He'll be there to inspire ... always!!!

2006 was my first year in this study. I've learned so much about God's plan, His power, and His love. I want to thank you for affording me the opportunity to read God's word. This has proven that even the most undisciplined person can do this. I plan to continue into 2007. I'm looking forward to another year of growth and understanding. Continuing in God's Grace, Alice

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