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"The LORD protects the foreigners among us. He cares for the orphans and widows."

a person can tell that the LORD protects and cares for the orphans and widows as he cares for my cousins's widow. Vera had a child 2 years before chris passed away and now I know that God didn't want Vera to be alone, because God knew he was going to take Chris to heaven and Vera needed a companion here on earth to love unconditionaly. His name is Harrison.

I believe the language in the graphic for Psalm 146 is Dutch . . . I want to thank God and you, Mike, for this resource and for the encouragement to continue reading God's Word every day!

It just struck me that given the photos, the language in the graphic is more likely Afrikaans, the form of Dutch spoken in South Africa.

(4) more days then we get to start all over again!
Can't hardly wait!
To praise and Glorify our Lord and GOD every day thru Prayer & Daily Bible reading. Please give me the Wisdom and a loving Heart that only you... My Lord can bestow upon me!!!! AMEN!

The language is indeed Dutch.
It's a prayer to God for
all who are sick and lonely.
For all, who feel so small and unimportant.
For those who can't laugh.
For those who live under pressure.
For those who don't speak nice to others and hurt them.
For those who don't sing anymore.
Also for those who feel themselves rich.
For those who live with hate.
For all of those I pray to You - especially for those who don't ask You -
to try it one day with You.
And to see: You are true and strong.

Not all of it I translated, but this gives the idea of what has been written.

I love todays Psalm, and hey, I just identify the language ... LOL ... it's Dutch!!! My language!!! You knew that ... didn't you?

I'm glad God protects foreigners, orphans and widows. See, there's a limit on what we can do as regular citizens. I'm not poor, but I'm not rich either ... what I'm trying to say is that I cannot care for them as much as I wish I could. One thing I do know is that Holland is a good country refering to the social securities. But as far as other countries go ... well ... that's when I'm so happy that The Lord protects them! When I'm in Bali, my heart cries when I see the orphans ... it's so awful! It's undecided yet if my husband and I have another child, but if we do, we are pretty sure to adopt one. Next Summer we'll be taking care of a little girl for 3 weeks. It's a European programm for poor children ... I just can't wait!!!!!!

"As the beating of cream yields butter and striking the nose causes bleeding, so stirring up anger causes quarrels." ~ Hmmmmm ... I react in all situations how I want to react. I can't hold in anger or irritations. I have to get it all out in the open. Of course I make sure not to hurt someone, but I cannot keep things in my body. My parents and brother are the exact same way, it's how we were brought up. Sometimes there would be quarrels, but that's fine. At least we would all know how we felt and we could talk about it. My dads family are complicated people, for them I pray, I pray that they will get insights and see the light of Jesus some day. As long as they cannot live in peace together as brothers and sisters (my uncles and aunts), I want to stay away from them. And all I can do is pray for them, wishing them wisdom. And indeed, hoping they will put it all out in the open some day. My dad stays away from them to, from most of them, but it's sad ... it's his family!

Proverbs chapter 30 verse 33. I am glad you brought this up. Its not a joke, I thought it only occurred in my family. You must know my family oh so well..I thought I saw us on Jerry Springer the other day..I have two "Drama Queens" that claim they are the only sisters in the world and I am the eldest sister. Yes, they are both younger then me. They depend on their friends more then me. I have prayed that one day they will call me up and say hey come do something with me, or I love you or something. But for 15 years nothing has happened.

Do I give up? NO, I gave it to the Lord as of Sunday. Yes, I know I have held on to this for way too long but I thought I could change their mind but I was wrong. Only God can handle this one. I had something happen to me that was an eye opener. I won't tell it here cause it hurt too much, but God will take care of my sisters and will show them the way one day. :) I am sad, but God will take care of this.

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