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Thanks Mike for your faithfulness in the ministry of this blog. You are such a blessing! I am looking forward to start the reading of the bible all over again in a few days, and I am committed to coming to this blog every single day from 1 Jan 2007.

It's my desire to learn from the wise woman from Proverbs chapter 31. Her qualities and characters are what I aspire to!

I love Zechariah 12:10 "Then I will pour out a spirit of grace and prayer on the family of David and on the people of Jerusalem." Thank You Lord Jesus for pouring your spirit of prayer and grace not only on the family of David and Jerusalem but also on us Your New Covenant people. Help us to do as zechariah prophesied, "Look on me whom they have pierced and mourn for him as for an only son.' Although Easter is months away, had you not been born then you could not die. Thank You in advance for the sacrifice You made on our behalf. Amen.

By the way, just saw We are Marshall, the true story of the Marshall University football team of 70 players and coaches and family that were wiped out in a single plane accident on Nov 14, 1970. How many of us well remember that day!!! Somewhat 'hollywoodish' but nevertheless inspiring. In one sobering scene the verse from Job 2 is seen hanging on a billboard, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.' Well worth remembering as we head toward a new year.

I like what you wrote " ... God really is not impressed with our shows of "strength" or "independence." God is much more impressed when we are dependent on Him". I told you about my 'friends', right? Those 'friends' that think I now join some 'weird community'. The 'friends' that probably think "Hmm ... Mae is passioned about what she does lately, so she must join a community ... because when you do things that you really don't want to do, then you join a church". LOL Yeah ... please forgive them.

Anyway, I now know who my real friends are, that means a lot to me. If I have to loose some people that were suppose to be my friends, well, so be it. I couldn't care less. I just hope and pray for them that some day they'll see the light. Well, I'm getting off track here ... What I was saying, I really like what you said about how God is not impressed with our shows of 'strength' or 'independence'. God is much more impressed when we are dependent on Him. That's just so true! Things are getting more clear to me every day! I realize that when I'm just doing the things I need to do as a Christian. Then God will see me, He'll hear me and He'll give to me. I can just do what I need to do and totally depend on Him and He'll give me what I need. For example: last Summer Rene and I hit rock bottom financially. Rene's former boss still owed us money and we really needed that badly! When it really hit us, I didn't have a job so I needed to just GET a job. No matter what it was. This all happened right before I was saved, a week or 2 ... I should say I was in the middle of everything. We hit rock bottom and then I started to go to the church.

Anyway ... I needed a job and with the lousy economy we have going on right here, it was pretty hard to get a job. I had to put my diploma's, workhistory and pride aside, I just HAD to take a job, no matter what it was. We needed money and right away! I just didn't have the time to go through serious and deep interviews and rounds blah blah blah. I just had to have a job, instantly. So I went to an employment-agency and they introduced me to HMS, where I work right now. I had an interview there and I was suppose to start as a parttime tele-marketeer. I was sad, but I realized we really needed the money. With all do respect for tele-marketeers, I don't think any less of them, honestly! But it's just that I always had managerfunctions, so this was a huge step back for me! But I just did it, I went to the interview and for some testings I did the tele-marketing-thing. Quite quickly the manager came up to me and told me they all thought I was too experienced to work as a telemarketeer and they wanted me to work as a Media Advisor. Which personally fit me more. Still not what I had in mind for myself to do, but again: we needed the money. I was happy though that I like the company and I really like the department I work in. When extra people were needed, I just went extra hours to the office, when other departments needed people I would just changed departements for a day or 2. Whenever there was something to do, I'd help out. I trusted the Lord that He'd shine through me and finally someone would notice me and opportunities would rise.

Everyday I go to work, with a smile on my face: I'm a child of God ... and I trust my Father! People started to call me "Mae with the big smile" and 3 weeks ago I had a talk with my boss and he said they would offer me a contract for a year. Which was great of course!!!! And last week ... I had another talk with my boss ... this one's even better ... He told me that 'whatever' I wanted to do within the company, they'd support me, all I have to do is let him know what I want to do. What ever manager position I want, they'll help me. I can choose a school that I want and they pay for the whole thing! So I'll start out soon as a teamleader, then I go to school and will be a Marketing Manager within a year or 2!!! So now, how is that? I depended on the Lord, I didn't complain, I just did what I had to do and He gave me this! Depend on the Lord, being patience ... it will all be allright.

So what I was going to say about my 'friends'. They don't understand how Christians can be in problems or like me having a job that is way underneath of what I can do. They think all Christians should have everything they want, because 'God can do everything, right?". I just smile when they talk like that!! I mean, I'm still Mae! Mae with her struggles, Mae the human being. I'm still the same person! I just found a way to live my life differently. I found Jesus ... But it all doesn't mean that I'm still in a learning process! But come on! The thing that happened with my job, that proves that eventually, when I just be me, when I just do what I need to do, do not complain and put a smile on my face ... I get what I deserve!

Lots of great stuff! We are so blessed when we finally see our need for God's strength and know ours is nothing. When we are solely dependant on Him! Our fallen nature wants to be independent and rely on oursleves, but God will show every believer how inadequate we are. Some ppl will have to go through trial after trial to get the message, some Christinas cling to their 'strength' for yrs. We have to know its all God. We have nothing of ourselves! Like Zech 12:5 says: "Then the leaders of Judah will say in their hearts, 'The people of Jerusalem are strong, because the LORD Almighty is their God".

God will get the glory when others see HIm moving in our lives. Thats the goal...and how blessed we will be, its one of the best things in the world when i finally learned total dependence on Him. (not that I dont still sometimes try to do things on my own...but God reminds me lovingly). Plus, I'm miserable when I try to be independent! Thank God!

Psalms is beautiful. Rev is just the best thing ever. ha!!! I cant wait for that sucker to burn forever. the enemy is an evil liar murderer, mere words cant describe it...he will get his punishment and I will be in the front row cheering. slam dunk!

you know when I was younger I thought that Relevation was the "no-no" book of the Bible..so i never read it..how silly is that?? why is it that children think that?

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