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I love God, but I want to love and know him deeply! He has been calling me for some time now, and I have just begun to respond. 'Help me Lord.'
Also, in Malachi- I wonder what a cursed blessing would look like?

Praise be to God for a free country where we can openly study God's Word.

This is my first "successful" attempt at the One Year Bible. For me the key was not being a perfectionist about the readings. There were days that I just didn't get to it, and rather than quitting, or forcing myself to catch up, I just picked up the readings where they were the next day or later in the week. This has kept me on track and allowed me to work all the way through the bible. I am sure that the few passages I missed this year, I will catch next year.

This daily discipline has helped me in so many ways and has helped the rest of my life to become more disciplined as well. There is such freedom in having your quiet time readings picked out for you and in knowing that little by little you will have accomplished much by the end of the year. Some mornings my readings are more contemplative and sometimes more rushed, but each day I have gotten something out of it.

May you be blessed as you pursue God's Word this coming year, too!

I have read the Bible through every year since I became a Christian in 1979. I really enjoy the commentary that the writer of this blog annotates. I look forward to reading the Bible through once again in 2007 as well as reading the commentary.

The way the blog is set up creates built in motivation 'to come to the site' to receive what God has for us through the Word, and also through the 'prompts' that Mike provides with his brief, applicable commentary, as well as the art. I like all aspects of the blog but I especially enjoy the art pieces.

Just yesterday I also downloaded the bible online podcast so I can have the readings on my ipod. That's an excellent way to keep the readings in your mind. As well, Tom Dooley, the podcast reader, also offers a motivating snapshot of each reading using warren wiersbe's 'With the Word'. Just check the side panel of this blog and you'll see how to access the www.bibleonradio.com

I am coming back to the blog again, and I have invited many from my church (I am an associate pastor in ontario, canada www.lakesidechurch.on.ca) to participate in this journey.

From today's readings Malachi urges me to give my very best to God. 'A son honours his father, and a servant respects his master. If I am your father and master, where are the honour and respect I deserve?" 1:6
I also find Malachi 2:5-7 highly inspiring and challenging. God offers us 'life and peace' much like Jesus when He says 'I have come to give you life to the full'. God tells us in Malachi 2 to revere him and walk with Him, and to instruct others, and to help others know Him. He says of these people who choose to walk with HIm, "They did not lie or cheat; they walked with me,living good lives and righteous lives, and they turned many from lives of sin.'

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the One year bible blog community not only accumulated bible knowledge but also was used by God 'to live good lives and in so doing to influence others to to turn from the lives of self destruction, and pursue a deep relationship with the LORD, where they too would hear those words of Malachi 1:2 'I have loved you deeply.' May it be so in 2007!!!!

Sometime last summer I found the One Year Bible Blog. I had been in the perpetual habit of reading through the Bible in a year and lost the habit while I was doing some in depth Bible studies instead. I was having a hard time getting back into the rhythm of going all the way through the Bible. Each year I would choose a different translation and read through.

I was thrilled to find the One Year Blog and forwarded the site to a few friends. These are some of the benefits I've found to reading on-line.
1. I have a real sense of the fellowship of my brothers and sisters as I read. It's not just a dry habit. It's a living journey. As I look at the ancient Christian works of art, I'm aware of the "great cloud of witnesses" that has gone before.
2. I literally have commentaries at my fingertips that I don't have in my own library. So if I want to look into something more deeply all I have to do is push a button and I'm there.
3. I have easy access to many different versions of the Bible. This year I did my reading in New Living Testament and loved it. Next year I may try The Message, though I must admit, my heart is fixed to my original New American Standard Bible (there, I've dated myself) and I don't know if I'll make it through the Message without switching mid-stream.
4. I love the challenging questions Mike asks in the blog. Self-examination is a good thing and on those mornings I'm just going through the ritual, Mike brings me back to the purpose in reading. This is a real, living relationship with my heavenly Father. My goal is to be transformed to be like Christ. Am I cooperating with my whole heart or am I going through the motions? Thank you Mike for keeping the heart and purpose in our readings. Thank you for your dedication and the time you invest daily in this One Year Bible Blog. God bless you, and God bless us all - every one as we start a fresh year, a fresh reading adventure in January.

This morning I wish to share a personal experience with you regarding Revelation 21. I know this chapter by heart but I can’t read it because of my tears. My Dad’s brother had 8 kids, 6 boys and 2 girls, and I was so close to them that I even had my own place at their kitchen table. One of the boys had been killed in Vietnam. The oldest boy J. C. had died from bone cancer and the same terminal bone cancer was taking the life of Harold, the next to youngest boy. Harold was just getting his life in order. He had gone to college late and at age 30 had just graduated with honors and a degree in Accounting and had met Donna, the girl of his dreams, when the cancer struck.

I had been to see Harold many times during his illness but we had never talked about God even though I knew he was a Christian. One night John, the youngest of the 8, showed up at my door and told me Harold was asking for me. John gave me explicit orders that I was not to talk to Harold about dying because they only wanted people to talk about him beating this disease and living. On the way out the door I reached down and picked up my Bible. Harold owned a home out of town but the family had rented an apartment close to my Aunt’s house were Harold stayed because he wanted to die at home but not in the home of any of his family. When we got to the apartment John told me to leave the Bible in the car and only talk to Harold about getting well.

By this time Harold was so weak it was hard for him to speak. He managed to say “Patsy Ray, Heaven” and I asked him if he wanted to hear about what Heaven would be like and he nodded his head yes. I went to the car and got my Bible and I read Revelation 21 to him while John stood there glaring at me. When I finished reading it Harold managed to say, “Yes, yes, again” and the tears were rolling down his face. I read and reread that chapter to him for over an hour until he finally fell asleep. By that that time Johnny was quietly sobbing. He walked me to the door and gave me a big hug. I told John that Christ was letting us know that it was time for us to talk to Harold about really living – living eternally with Christ because Christ was making ready to receive Harold. After that I went every day, sometimes twice a day, and each time I read Revelation 21 to Harold and he would always say “Again” until he drifted off.

Exactly a week later Donna and Becky, the youngest girl, were with Harold and all of the rest of us were gathered around my Aunt’s table eating a sandwich and making out a schedule for when everyone would stay with Harold as two were always with him so he would never left alone. All of a sudden I got an overwhelming urge to get to Harold immediately and got up and walked out of the house. By this time Harold was too weak to speak but he looked up at me and his eyes filled with tears. I bent down and kissed him on the forehead and told him it was okay now to let go because Christ was standing there ready to take his hand. I walked in the kitchen to pray and in less than a minute Becky came in a told me it was over – Harold was gone.

I can no longer read Revelation 21 because I can’t see the words through my tears but I carry Revelation 21 in my heart, and I know when it is time for me to meet Christ that Harold will be there with Christ to welcome me.

God bless!

Reading today my heart sank thinking how often I have weried God with my tears and petitions, when I should have been thanking Him for all of His mercy. Then reading Revelation, I can hardly imagine the beauty He is preparing for us. Just makes me want to make sure everyone I meet knows Him and can join us there.

Shelties are Proverbs 31 doggies indeed. They are never lazy and always protective. Mine even used to try to chase away thunder and lightning so my children wouldn't be scared.

Great readings! i want to encourage everyone to make a commitment and make yourself accountable...perhaps by posting a comment everyday or kudos...just so you know to keep your commitment. not just to read the blogs, but the Bible, the very word of God! there are days we all feel like letting readings slide but we just do it any way! you will be blessed and your life will change!! i look back when i started the readings in sept and God has done soooo much to change me in the past few months..like my attitude at work, i'm just really changed inside n so blessed.

This also goes along the line of wat was mentioned in his blog...not giving God our leftovers. God wants our firstfruits, of all we have and all we are. our time, our devotion, our giving, our obedience....all we are, all we do!
we definately need to dive in....haha, two songs come to mind "sink or swim, I'm diving in.." (steven c. chapman?) and dc talk "i took a dive into your arms, i toook a diiiiiiiive...."

I definatlety look forward to Rev 21, in fact, there is nothing on earth I desire more. nothing! I can feel my soul yearning for my Home!!
Prov is nice, i would love to make a Godly man a great Godly wife, but I dont know about that whole getting up at the crack of dawn and sewing garments and all that. I think I'll chose the single life, haha. :}

Speaking of CCM...Psalm 149 brings "Praise You With This Dance" by Casting Crowns to mind for me. Just saw them in concert over the summer...awesome to be among other believers worshipping God with singing and dancing...kind of what Heaven will be like, in my opinion!

Malachi does indeed bring the conviction on. I know it is very easy for me to get sidetracked doing other things then remember I've not spent any time with Jesus. Jenny - you are so right in saying that doing this reading and blog will keep you accountable! I have really been blessed by the very short time I've been a part of this One Year Bible journey! I am so looking forward to 2007 and drawing closer and closer to Jesus!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow ... what a great readings ...
Revelation was just WOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! It's very cliche, but I really love verse 6 "He said to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life". I mean ... okay!!!!!!!!!! He'll give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life ... I don't even know how to explain what it feels like to read this words! But I'm sure words are not needed. I think that we all feel warm inside when we read this! Verse 27 "Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life". Makes my eyes water ... this is where I want to live! I just can't wait! Honestly ... I can't wait!!!

"Are you praising God's name each day with the very "dance" of your life?", I'm trying to yes. But sure, I do have my days where I struggle and things seem harder than usual. But still I go on praising Gods name. Some days my 'dances' are more powerful than other days. But you know, I think on days that I struggle, it feels like the praisings are less powerful, but in a way the praisings are more powerful. Hmmm ... I'm messing up this sentence. What I'm trying to say is that on my days of struggles it kind of looks like that I'm not praising, but what I'm doing is being powerful, I'm fighting the enemy, which shows my love for the Lord! Does it make any sense to you?

Well, this is my 62nd day that I'm joining One Year Bible. I still have a long way to go. And I'm sure when I wrap up next year on October 28th I will be joining again from January 1st 2008 LOL Or maybe I just continue October 29th. I knew the Bible before I was saved, I was brought up as a Protestant and I was familiar with the Bible. I knew about the Father, the Son and the Holey Spirit. From time to time I tried to read the Bible, but it was hard. I never really understood what it was saying. But since I'm saved things are getting so clear to me! I was saved on August 20th from this year, I've found the perfect church for me and I've got a Pastor that really guides me through this all as a New Believer. I join his Bible study and joining that study made me hungry for more and that's why I decided to join One Year Bible as well. I used to find it hard to read the Old Testament, but that changed since I joined One Year Bible. Thanks to this great blog!!! It explains so much for me! The One Year Bible teached me how to read the Bible and no words can describe how thankfull I am for that! Even though I'm reading "Het Boek" (Dutch), it's so doable (spellcheck)! I read it every day, it takes me more than 15 minutes because I make extra notes for myself. I keep it in a binder, on chronological order, so I can read it back from time to time. I always love to read other comments, so I'm very excited about seeing new people here the day after tomorrow!

I am speechness! .. As I was reading , My heart was sank but I can see what God told us as We goes To Heaven. Praise God!.. I am so thankful What I can see and understand God told us. I am looking forward to it.


Psalms 149 dancing for Jesus well to be honest...I listen to Air one in the car and my little boy and I dance every morning that I take him to kids kollege we raise our hands to Jesus and he and I love it. :)

We live it as if it were our last. Just as we should. I have been a christian since I was 12 years old and I have gone through some times that were tough and times that I thought I would rather be of dead but now at 32 I know that Jesus wants me to be here with my family and enjoy the time I have left.

I enjoy reading the bible verse once a day it is very inspirational and one day I will learn how to spell :)

Yes, I believe that God loves me deeply. If he didn't he wouldn't save me from all of my experiences that I have survived. :)

Thanks! Thanks be to God!

My advice (from my personal experience) for the newcomer to the One Year Bible and Bible Gateway.com. As a book lover (any book) it took me awhile to get used to reading the bible on the computer rather than my cherished leather edition. But now I wouldn't give up my one year bible for anything and still pick up my leather edition when I need to feel that book in my hands. Every morning with my coffee and before I fire up my computer I make the time to have a little quiet and prayer time with God. I get my readings like most of you in an e-mail rather than visit the One Year Bible site. My homepage is The Utmost for his highest page that helps me to continue to focus on God rather than see something to lead (surf) me away. When I open my e-mail I go directly to my daily reading rather than to checkout the e-mail I was expecting, or the important information I needed. As you know many e-mails lead you to other sites and if you get caught up surfing you may not have the time needed to read your daily passage. So there were days I did surf and “Oh my gosh the time got away from me. I’ll have to put this off until tomorrow. Then tomorrow came and I only had time to read one day’s bible passage rather than to get caught up and read the two I should have. But I kept reading every day and if I had a “burp” (you know there are some days you wake up and you are just not ready to face the world) I could usually catch up on the weekends but if you dedicate yourself like I did to reading your passages first thing in the morning when you get up before all else (on the computer) you’ll do just fine. May God bless you in your readings. I pray that God helps you understand his Word, live his Word, and share his Word. Bruce

I'm really only halfway through so now continuing on into next year to my end date of May (but then beyond again!), and have to say its been revolutionary in helping me maintain a more solid and edifying devotional time. I find reading scripture tough at times, but I can listen AND take it in tons better while at the same time working on another task that doesn't require thinking or reading, so no conflict.

On today's reading, there's one part that I've recently questioned a lot -just put a new post on my blog in the past few days on the very topic - tears in heaven? I'm struck by the fact that the verse says that there will be no *more* crying etc because God will wipe away our tears - it doesn't state that there are *NO* tears in heaven - my thought is that it would appear there must be for God to wipe them away, and that then leads on to possible reasons which opens up a whole box of questions. Intruiguing tho? Blessings to all as we continue on this awesome journey through His Word. Romayne

Another good year of studying God's word. What a blessing when I have time to check and see what it meant to others. I have been reading by Bible for many, many years and it is always fresh and new. God is amazing!

It has been rewarding, and I have learned much. Don't get discouraged, and keep up the good work of reading the word. We are so priviledged to have this opportunity to learn about our Lord!

WOW....just wanted to share with everyone the fact that my husband and I read the "Bible in a Year" along with everyone...He is presently getting ready to take his final journey to Heaven...and these times together reading the Bible have been so heart-warming and inspiring...Thank you...for this wonderful opportunity to "share" ...We've been married for 54 years...so I have some BIG ADJUSTMENTS coming, but knowing that God will be with us both...Roger's trip HOME, and God's being with me as I stay behind without Roger...I can't wait to JOIN GOD,JESUS and ROGER myself...

Blessings to all...
Claire and Roger

accountability is from the Word
so here I am. I found much of today's readings
a hard Word. Thank GOODNESS the Lord started w/
I have loved you deeply and ended with the glorious future.
Thanks for this study and blog and meeting new
brothers and sisters, diligently seeking God's Plan & Purposes.
A joyful, BLESSED NEW YEAR to you. May we become friends in the Word
and hold eachother accountable to not give up, lift eachother up when down,
reach out and bring eachother back.
Your sister in Christ, susanne

I am so glad I kept up with this commitment this year, because it feels so good to have finished reading the Bible completely through! Sure, there were days I didn't read and then have to read double the next, but this kept me going. It seems that every time I read the Bible, there is something new that stands out and speaks to me. I have signed up to read it through again this new year and would like to read the commentary that is posted on this site along with the Bible. I didn't do that this past year and feel I have missed out on understanding some readings. Thanks, Mike!

My faith has grown so much in this past year. I attribute this growth to a good church, wonderful Pastors, and this site. Mikes' ongoing suggestion "if you fall behind begin with the current day and move forward" kept me in the race (so to speak.) Happily at that and not needing to justify or beat yourself up when I missed anything. I think the daily readings are to be enjoyed not suffered. This year I hope to cover the full book but one way or other, I am wiser and Blessed. God Bless All

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