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Hosea is a book that shows God's grace...we really don't deserve anything but punishment.Our hearts are evil,our thoughts lead us astray...All God asks us to do is come back in humility and ask God for forgiveness.We need to pray for love towards one another,there are times I see brothers/sisters respond in an attitude that's far from love....When you think what someone knows/thinks is nonsense,ask yourself who gives knowledge...then thank God for what in know by humbly sharing your gift.When a brother sins,pray...don't judge so you don't get judged....when you correct someone...watch your motives.I pray to God to reveal my heart to me so by His grace I may repent and walk in His ways.On our own we are nothing,everything we have is because God allows it.
God bless you all

Hosea's faithful love for Gomer is unbelievable. He woos her after she has been unfaithful in the most public and disgraceful way. He buys her time and begs her to stay with him faithfully. And she's not done sinning.

God does that for me. He woos me and "buys back" my time so that he can spend it with me. Because of His unbelievable love.


Of course I believe God will grant us anything we ask if it's in accordance to HIS will. The problem is many times we may ask for things and He says no and we have trouble accepting this...or in my case. It's because my will needs to be altered and aligned with His will. But the more I grow spiritually and the older I get, I see what I thought was what I wanted, wasn't correct, I see, in hindsight, if God had given it to me, I'd be in big trouble. Sometimes we are feeling we have a need God is not fulfilling, but we must realize His ways are not our ways. It doesnt always make sense to us. Honestly, sometimes I think I know what I want and I dont understand why God doesnt grant me this. I just have to trust He knows better and He has given me all I need right now. That can be tough when our flesh is waring against us, not to mention powers of darkness deceiving us.

I had a Q about Proverbs, maybe someone can answer: "The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern." I see many unbelievers who are very caring and are very concerned about the poor and helping ppl, some much more then believers I know, some more then myself even. So, I dont quite undersand this...anyone have some insight?

A while back I was gonna go on a missions trip to MX with my church, the trip would be about 5 days and we were gonna leave around Sept 13th, 2001. Then 9/11 happened so the borders were closed and we had to postpone. Even then...many ppl who were gonna go, backed out, so when we went weeks later, the group was much smaller. The pastor at our church was talking about this and was quite unhappy about why Christians were afraid to go (remember that time, ppl were afraid to travel) because at the same time another group was going to MX, i think Habitat for Humanity, mostly nonbeleivers in that group. Their group didnt shrink at all, everyone went still. My pastor spoke on what a bad witness that was. He was quite upset at this and I dont blame him! Here, we who profess faith in Christ were too scared to leave, but the unbelievers didnt let that fear stop them in going to help out others. I know we are not perfect, but I still remember that.... It bothered me....

This kept going through my mind after reading verse 14 & 15 ...

I asked for Strength
And God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for Wisdom
And God gave me Problems to solve.
I asked for Prosperity
And God gave me Brain and Brawn to work.
I asked for Courage
And God gave me Danger to overcome.
I asked for Love
And God gave me Troubled People to help.
I asked for Favor
And God gave me Opportunities.
I got nothing I wanted.
But I received everything I needed.

Jenny, you asked:

"I had a Q about Proverbs, maybe someone can answer: "The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern." I see many unbelievers who are very caring and are very concerned about the poor and helping ppl, some much more then believers I know, some more then myself even. So, I dont quite undersand this...anyone have some insight?"

I think sometimes we based our conclusions on what is evident to our eyes (like when Samuel anointed Saul king of Israel or like when he went to Jesse and saw all of David's brothers and thought they would be the ones God had chosen to replace Saul as king--yet it was David, the lowly shepherd, the youngest son whom God chose). God sees the heart, and He knows who is righteous. Remember, our righteousness is in Jesus, not in ourselves.

I wonder if those "Habitat for Humanity" people were going to actually help the poor or if their hope was to gain some prestige or gratitude for their service, whereas, what was the motive of those from your missions trip? Did they want God glorified?

God sees our heart, and He judges who is "righteous," while we can be easily fooled by "appearances."

Some of those from the H4H group may have been "believers" but not really vocal about it, while some of those from your church may have been "pew warmers" yet appeared very "righteous." Only God knows our hearts.

Hope this helps in your understanding.

Jenny, you don’t have to be a Christian to be a good person but just being a good person will not result in salvation. There are nonbelievers who live by the Christian concepts and principles even though they have never accepted Christ. They are honest, compassionate, fair, hard working, respect the law, are faithful spouses, work diligently on civic projects and give freely to the poor because of their innate nature to be good. It is not unusual for good people to develop without having been exposed much to religion of any type. We can’t say that all Christians are good or all nonbelievers are bad. What we can say is that God set the standards by which all people should live. In addition, God offered us a simple plan of salvation through Christ that would allow us to live eternally with Him in an environment of pure love and righteousness. How beautiful that will be! To me it’s even sadder to see a really good person not accept Christ than it is to see a murderer not accept Christ, even though both are equally lost, because the good person is already enacting on the nature God instilled in them. Sadly, many times really good people are the hardest to win to Christ because they depend on their own goodness instead of seeing a need for Christ in their lives.

God Bless!

Hosea 1:1-3:5

Therefore, behold, I will hedge up thy way with thorns, and make a wall, that she shall not find her paths. (Hos 2:6)

The above verse floored me. God has told wayward Israel that He will no longer love her (To Love or not to Love is a choice centered in the will; it is not an emotion) and is allowing her to go her own way but he has put barriers around her so she will not go to far.

How many of us “think” we are “All That” because we are connected to God by relationship but have broken fellowship. We run to and fro trying to get stuff and become something that is outside of God’s will for our lives and then we run smack dab against a “hedge of thorns” and think God has left us or abandoned us. The truth is God hasn’t left us we have left God.

Grace and peace,

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