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August 2020

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"Trust in God, and tie up your Camels"

This is a tricky balance to achieve. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities without trusting in yourself!

For me, the key has been to realise that my abilities and gifts are God given, and are there to be used.

For me, this year, I am seeking to nurture my connection to God by maintaining simple spiritual disciplines consistently. I already go to church each week, and I think that local fellowship and worship with other (imperfect) believers is reallly important. Daily bible reading is key and this blog has helped me so much in this simple discipline. And I am know working on reinvigorating my prayer life and have been doing some structured prayers (from the Divine Hours) to give me a new format in which I will have the freedom and consistency to pray. Following God is a journey and I need to always work at staying on track.

Matthew 12
Jesus is more interested in how we treat others rather than keeping old testament rules and regulations

Jesus was a quiet humble man but very powerful I like that about him. A man whom worked sometimes behind the scenes making a huge difference.

Psalm 15:1-5
What a Christian should be like - obedient towards God, be truthful, don't spread gossip (which has a nasty way of hurting other people), be fair, kind, respectful to other Christians, trustworthy, honest and if we are like that we will be blessed.

The way to a long and beautiful life is by using common sense and sound judgment!
Walk safely (with God by your side) and never stumble (don’t listen to the devil‘s lies)
God takes care of us so we don’t need to worry. Proverbs 3:26 You can be sure
that the LORD will protect you from harm.
Praise His Holy name

When God called Jacob to go to Bethel...Jacob ordered his household to get rid of their gods,purify themselves,change their clothes...until now,Jacob had allowed himself to be the object of strife between his wives,tolerated household gods,etc.Looks like Jacob now changed his outlook on life and decided to clean up his act.
Jesus cleared up some issues concerning how our attitude towards other humans means more to God than trying to keep the Law without discerning the spirit behind it.For example,leaving work early because we have fellowship,driving aggressively in traffic because we want to get to fellowship on time,putting others down because they don't act/dress as "righteous as we do.God has called us to be a light unto the world....not to use Him as an excuse for bad behaviour.God never intended for His day of rest,the Sabbath to be a burden,or punishment yet the Pharisees added some extra rules and regulations....then proceeded to plan another's fall based on their biased view of God's law....I have heard of a christian employer forcing his employees to go to church....well,Jesus never did that.He had authority but used it in accordance to God's will.....May our walk with God serve as light and not a stumbling block to others.
God bless you all

Today there is a lot of hype about 'the local church being the hope of the world.' I too find it refreshng to see that Matthew 12:21 makes it clear that 'in His name will the nations hope." Jesus is the hope of the world, not the church. Later Jesus will say that He will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. (Matt 16) But just before that marvelous promise He said, "Who do men say that I am?" And Peter says, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.' And then Jesus says, 'that upon this rock (I believe the rock of Peter's confession that Jesus is the Christ), I will build My Church

Paul says in Colossians 1:27 in speaking about the mystery which is "Christ in you, the hope of glory'. More good teaching is found in Hebrews 6:18-20 about Jesus being our hope in a context where the writer is helping Jews see that Jesus is better than Moses, better than the mosaic system, etc. Jesus is absolutely the best.

Let us never forget that Jesus is the hope of the world, and the extent to which we continue to claim that confession will the Church be able to offer real hope to the world--the hope of a relationship with Jesus. Unfortunately too many churches expect people to put their hope in the church and center their lives around the church, and sometimes Jesus gets lost in all of that. Let's keep the order strraight---Jesus first, the church, second!!

How do you go about planning things in your life? In what ways do you invite God into the process of planning your life? And in what ways, or at what times, do you simply make decisions based on your own knowledge or common sense? What is the foundation of your own knowledge or common sense? Is it the Bible? Is it God? Do you suppose with the foundation of God and the Bible in our lives, that we may not need to take every single decision throughout our day to God in prayer because we are operating (generally speaking) from a biblical godly worldview? How do you balance taking things to God for guidance and making decisions on your own?

We talked about this in Bible Study last Monday. The foundation of my own knowledge or common sense is based on the Bible, but I have to say that this is for now. I can still get confused by the voices I hear: is it me? Is it God? Is it satan? I'm not 100% sure yet! Sometimes I do feel that it's God saying something to me, but the next time I can be confused. That stupid satan is so slick & sly, he knows how to make me stumble and fall. I was glad to hear from somebody that my development and knowledge is growing so fast and that the Holy Spirit in me is huge ... that way I know I can trust on my comment sense. Which yes ... is not always easy when satan is working his way through. A few weeks ago I was not sure what to do about signing my contract, a couple of conditions were worrying me. I started praying for wisdom and asked friends of mine to pray with me. Then one of my sweet friends ;) said to me "Sometimes I believe that God lets us make a decision on our own, whether right or wrong, to teach us something I believe if you truly seek God in your decisonyou really can't go wrong no matter what you do. God will honor what ever you decide". That was such a Godly answer that I keep that in mind forever. I used to have struggles in finding a balance when to God for guidance and making decisions on my own. Somehow I think that that will always be hard sometimes. Even my pastor struggles with that time to time, he admitted that. Because satan will always, till the end, try to push you over the edge. So now I taught ( I teached ... LOL) myself to read for 'instructions' in the Bible and be aware of the fact that God MAY talk or give a sign. But I will NOT go and LOOK for the sign. I know there are people that LOOK for a sign and find a sign in everything. I don't go and do that, that will only confuse me. Besides that, I mostly find out about the sign waaaaaaaaaaaaay after the thing happened. I'll be like "Ohhhhh look at that! My dream 2 weeks ago was a sign for that thing that happened a week ago". LOL Yes ... that's me!

Wow! That's a lot of names in Genesis! :)

In Matthew - about Jesus being a threat - yes, absolutely, Jesus is a threat to people today. It's funny, but you can talk about "God" in front of pretty much anyone...because everyone has their own picture of who God is in their own mind (whether right or wrong). But bring up the name of Jesus...and that's a whole different ball game!! Think about it! People who don't believe in Jesus, will sqirm when His Name is mentioned...but you can say God all you can't change who Jesus is...there's power in His name! You can't change God either, but it's so much comfortable to hear "God" because everyone has their own belief on who or what THEIR God is. So I say, speak HIS Name! He is our only hope!!! Ok - I'm rambling...does this make any sense?? LOL!

Planning and decision making is a difficult place for me to be! LOL! I'm very much a planner but I always question my decisions! I'm also very...uh...compulsive...with some things...even to an extreme, yet other things I can just do on a whim. I am learning to let my yes be yes and my no be no! I am learning also to let God in the little things in my life. Like it is easy to ask God for guidance with big, house, life changes....but even the little shopping and eating...I know I make wiser decisions if I let Him guide me! If not, I'd probably buy every pretty pair of shoes I see and eat oreos for he rest of my life! HA HA HA! :0) Common sense is completely thrown out the window where shopping and eating are concerned! I definitely need God!

It's important to let God help you plan you daily life. I think getting into the Word each day is the best way to invite Him in to guide you. I personally have found this One Year Bible journey to already be a habit for me. I look forward to it and I know God is changing me through it. Being in His word daily does help me to live differently. I seem to know more of what God would expect of me and I make wiser choices because of it. I feel him guiding my thoughts and actions.


“ Based on my reflections in Proverbs above, how do you go about planning things in your life? In what ways do you invite God into the process of planning your life? And in what ways, or at what times, do you simply make decisions based on your own knowledge or common sense? What is the foundation of your own knowledge or common sense? Is it the Bible? Is it God? Do you suppose with the foundation of God and the Bible in our lives, that we may not need to take every single decision throughout our day to God in prayer because we are operating (generally speaking) from a biblical godly worldview? How do you balance taking things to God for guidance and making decisions on your own? “

I usually don’t make any major plans about anything without praying about it first and seeking the Lord’s will in my life. For example, recently I retired from my job after 30 years service. Retirement is a major life change. I prayed a lot about because I didn’t want to make a major mistake and do something I might regret later. I believe the Lord gave me a series of signs during the past year that I felt gave me the green light to move ahead with those plans. Of course there is always the possibility that I made the wrong decision but if I am wrong then I will find out soon enough and I will have to live with it. Right now though I am seeking the Lord’s will about what to do next because I feel that He has something else planned for me.

I think “common sense “ is common to man which is why it is called that. Granted though some people don’t even seem to have that. However, “common sense” is different from the spiritual discernment and spiritual guidance that comes from the Holy Spirit. Having a biblical worldview can enhance our common sense or heighten it maybe but I know people who have what you might call “common sense “ about some things but certainly not a biblical perspective or spiritual discernment about the things which are most important in life. Basically I just try to follow biblical principles when that is clear in the Holy Scriptures and when in doubt I pray.

“ Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

- Proverbs 3:5 ( KJV )

GENESIS 35:1-36:43

I like the spiritual leadership that Jacob exhibited in his home with his family ( 35:2 ).
Before God would confirm the Abrahamic covenant with Jacob it was required that they put away from among them their idols which some members of his family had brought back from Mesopotamia. Jacob made sure they did. Later in the history of the Israel his descendants would fall once again into idolatry. So God renewed the covenant with Jacob ( 35:9-12 ) as He had done with his father Isaac. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel ( 35:10 ) and from then on the nation was called by that name. Jacob and his family were supernaturally protected by God for as the Scripture says “…the terror of God were upon the cities that were round about them…” ( 35:5 ) which means that these people were afraid to attack Israel. I believe that Israel today is under divine protection as well. Though Israel is plagued by terrorist attacks by her enemies there will come a day when that terror will be returned upon their own heads and they will not be successful in destroying the state of Israel. God’s mighty hand is upon this nation.

MATTHEW 12:1-21

It’s somewhat ironic that the Pharisees were accusing Jesus, he who created the heavens, the earth and everything in it in six days, rested on the seventh day and made it holy, of breaking the Sabbath Day. Jesus used the opportunity to reveal who He is, that is, “…Lord even of the Sabbath Day ” ( v.8 ).

PSALM 15:1-5

This Scripture points to the future millennial reign of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem: “ Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion “ ( Psalm 2:6 )…and beyond to the New Jerusalem in the new heavens and new earth: “ Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God “ ( Revelation 21:3 ). His eternal kingdom will marked by the righteousness of those whom He has redeemed and dwell in it.

PROVERBS 3:21-26

One of the benefits of being wise is that it will help keep us from getting ourselves into dangerous situations which we are prone to blindly walk into ( v.23 ). The Lord will deliver us from the hands of wicked men and see that we are not judged with them ( v.25 ).

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