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On dreams...

There are a few theories on dreams. First, dreams are considered the "royal road to the unconscious" according to Freud which I'm sure many Christians would dismiss knowing that Freud's theory was viewed as being too pansexual, dreams being wish fulfillment of unfulfilled desires. Second, dreams are merely looked upon as extensions of our normal waking consciocusness, completing as it were what has not been accomplished during the day. Sounds similar to the first but it has nothing to do with sexual desires. Third, neurobiologists simply say that dreams are the result of the firing and misfiring of the neurons during sleep, and our mind's way of trying to make sense of all these firings. And of course the fourth which is Mike's perspective---dreams are a means of God communciating to us or in other religions their way of communicating with the spirit world.

I have no answers as to whether God still speak to us in this day and age through dreams... then again, why not? I have often wondered if He still does and also whether because we are too "sophisticated" to accept His message through something like a dream.... if He did give me an answer to a prayer through a dream, would I accept it in faith or brush it aside? Would I think that I am only imagining things? Like I said, I have no answers, just more thoughts!

On sharing insights: I believe that if the insight uplifts or helps another person it should be shared, but if the insight is for your own growth or admonishment it should be kept to yourself.

Regarding the subject of dreams: I know God has actually taught me some scripturly based lessons in my dreams. Some of the dreams I had before I accepted Christ. It is interesting when you can go back after reading the scriptures and make sense out of dreams and things that have happened in your life once you are more grounded in your faith. I know that before becoming a Christian, I had nightmares of being chased by demons and had a lot of fear. The dreams I seem to have now leave me with more peace. I have many dreams where I am flying and leaping along. Perhaps my soul has been freed, is what I have been told by others. I have at times prayed in my dreams, which always seems to improve whatever might be happening in the dream

Just some interesting ideas and thoughts. I always like Mike's thought provocing questions and enjoy reading everyones responses. I am sure that if the dream is inspired by God, that He would never mislead us in anyway. Sweet dreams everyone.

Just a quick thought re should we share dreams and prophecies?

If Jospeph hadn't shared his dreams then how else would he have got to Egypt? Sharing his dreams seems in the short-term to have been unwise, but in actual fact sharing it was God's chosen way for the prophecy to be fulfilled! God's way of doing things is not always logical to our thinking, and we'll see a lot of this with Joseph.

I think if God reveals things to us through prophecy and dreams then it is essential to share them before acting on them (i.e. not necessarily straight away). Prophecy is not scripture and we need some way of confirming the prophecy before we consider acting on it. First, does it survive against scripture? Second, maybe hold onto it for a while and ask God to confirm it - maybe through a second, independent prophecy (i.e. from another party). Finally, share it with somebody - and ask God for the wisdom with who to share it, e.g. a seasoned prophet, pastor, or teacher - someone who will be accountable.

Of course, it depends on the "gravity" of the prophecy or vision, as to whether or not this is necessary. But I think it's nonetheless encouraging and healthy to share most things with someone you trust ;-)

Sorry that's a bit quick and sketchy, but I hope it's helpful. Any errors are probably because I'm about to fall asleep - and as always, I welcome sharpening and correction.

Mike I loved Psalm 16. What do you think about good people that commit suicide? Do you think Jesus had that path for them for a reason? Do you believe suicidals have the joy of Jesus presence and the pleasure of living with him forever? Why do you think good people just give up and take the life that Jesus gave them? Do you believe that they heard the Lord and took his hand?
Please it is important for me to know you honest thoughts and comments about this. I want to believe that the psalm is true for anyone who believes, Isn't it?

Re: suicides

God is the God of life--eternal and right now, too. He wants us to choose life, to grow, and uses suffering to bring us closer to Himself. Suicide is never in His plan, I believe. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, they need counseling and encouragement and prayer. It should never be left untreated.

That said, God's grace is bigger than any of us and he loves us through even our bad decisions. If you have lost someone through suicide the most important thing is to trust in God. He is love and mercy and grace. You can trust that He will care for that person according to His nature and that His judgments are perfect. I do not believe that He will ever guide someone to commit suicide because his very nature is LIFE! So although it is not His plan, He continues to be merciful and to act with grace.

I pray that God will minister to your heart as this is clearly an important topic to you. Whatever your situation, please reach out to those around you who know Jesus and to a caring pastor or teacher who can bring you comfort in the midst of your questions. Blessings.


Further to Micah Girls comments (I agree with everything you said by the way) take heart from Matt 12:31. Suicide is a sin; in God's eyes all sin is sin and the Lord Jesus said that every sin would be forgiven (except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit) so God is able to cover the suicide of his child by Jesus Blood.

Also on dreams: I do believe that there is still a purpose for God inspired dreams according to Acts 2.17 (Joel 2.28) I believe as we get closer to the end of the age, these will likely increase.

on insights....many times when we insights on our own growth or admonitions,it may help others as well.It has helped me and I've heard others who have been blessed by folks sharing about happenings along their journey.
Whether Joseph should've shared his dream or not,well it depends on his motives.We see at the beginning he gave bad reports about his brothers,then when he had the first dream we see he told his brothers,it doesn't mention he told his father as well until the second dream.My catch on Joseph's story is that prior to Egypt,he was daddy's spoilt brat.Well,we know that God knows it all and while we can debate on should he have/shouldn't he have shared the dream,it's obvious that God used his brother's anger to shape his character in Egypt.I often forget my dreams and I believe that many times God does speak through dreams,He did that in the past so why would He change that now...Thing is I wake up many times not really remembering what I dreamt about because my mind is filled with what I need to get done the minute I get up...hope I haven't missed anything:)
I know in the african culture,not bearing children gives a man a right to divorce his wife,women who are barren are not welcomed anywhere,so Tamar must have felt used and frustrated yet she did an admirable thing....She could have shouted out in public(as she was already condemned to die as a prostitute)Judah's involvment....yet she did it quietly.To me this says a little bit about her character and Judah's conscience was pricked.She is also listed in the geneology of Christ.
Suicide....a touchy subject...God gives us life,we have no right to end it...When we see good people take their own lives it means that beneath the smile,the church act was a hurt troubled person.The devil comes to steal,kill and destroy...We as christians need not leave our wounded/dead soldiers behind...I pray we all open our hearts to the needs of our brethren.
God bless you all

Back in the middle seventies, my cousin had been quite a rounder doing LSD and other mind-altering drugs. He gat saved but his mind was very strange and he was still seeing strange things. It was thought by many he would never be "normal." He began a program of reading the Bible, not just reading, but saturating his mind with the Word. His mind was gradually healed over the period of a few months I really KNOW that God's word heals and can repair our mind and body!

I've managed to quit smoking after a lot of failed attempts. I believe that it is because i asked God to give me the strength to do so. It has actually been quite easy!, which i find amazing after struggling horribly so many times. As the scripture says ask and you shall receive.

Funny you mention nightmares today, I was thinking this morning about the nightmares I used to have and how I don't have them these days ... ehmmm ... nights. I used to have terrible nightmares! Terrible!!!!!!!!!!! I will not bore you with details, but they were awful! Not nightmares where King Kong would come to get me, but nightmares that would keep me upset during the day. Nightmares that would confuse me, hurt me ... I'd wake up in the middle of the night crying and sweating. Awful!! Anyway, I was thinking about it, how I hardly have nightmares anymore. It defenitly has to do with my faith in The Lord. My nightmares always had to do something with my daily struggles, questions or stumbles. And some way or the other it was in some sort of way a predicted dream ... I know, it sounds like it was from the devil, and maybe it was, I don't know ... Since I'm saved, I never have those weird nightmares that have a huge impact on me. I trust the Lord, in all my ways and I trust His ways. I pray before I go to sleep and ask Him to protect me through the night. That will help to, I'm sure of that. But I do believe that my trust in the Lord helped my nightmares to end. It's not that I only have happy dreams, I mean sure, the confusing and sad dreams are always there. But the real nightmares that hurt me till my deepest soul, those are gone. And I truly thank God for that!!!! Thanks for sharing your dream-testimony!!!!!! ;))))

I loved reading Matthew!!! There was a lot to think about while reading me. I kept asking myself "Where am I in this???". I love how the Bible constantly opens my eyes and makes me realize what I'm doing and why I'm doing.
I loved the verses 28 & 32.
"But if I am casting out demons by the Spirit of God, then the Kingdom of God has arrived among you".
"Anyone who speaks against the Son of Man can be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, either in this world or in the world to come".

Reading Psalms made my heart warm up!!!
"The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them!". Yes, all the Godly people are my heroes! I love my brothers and sisters and I love to have them around me, talk to them, get to know them! I was just telling one of my sisters how much I love the friendships I have where God is the foundation. It's amazing! We all live in the same believes and we can share everything together, it's wonderful!!! I've met a lot of Godly people in the past 6 months and they fill my life with love, happiness and most of all their Godly wisdom. It's amazing!

Matthew 12:22-45

There is a book by Josh McDowell called, Evidence that Demands a Verdict. In this book, Mr. McDowell goes through scripture and points to things written in scripture dealing with Jesus that points to Jesus’ claim that He is indeed God or He is some delusional man. We cannot just sit on the fence, proclaiming Jesus is just a good man, and declare, “I’m not sure I know He was good but He is not God.”

In today’s Gospel text Jesus is forcing that issue and presenting the consequences if the wrong “verdict” is made. If we declare the Jesus is God then what actions are we doing to proclaim what we believe by our actions. It is easy to just do some mental and verbal assenting. The proof is in our actions, in the fruit we bring into being.

Grace and peace,

Gen 37

I said in the beginning that all the people in the OT were flawed. Never really thought about Joseph's flaw before now. It strikes me that Joseph, by recounting his dreams to family, probably has issues with "pride".

God will use Joseph to preserve what will be the nation of Israel, but first he needs to be "broken" and that will happen in Egypt.

Just because Joseph has "pride" issues does not mean he does not love God or isn't faithful to God (as we will see in Egypt). No more than when one is saved will he/she all of a sudden be a "wunder" Christian. God will refine us too, just like he does Joseph. Most, if not all, Christians will have their Egypt.
Gen 38

Last year, I could not figure out why this story was included in the Bible. Until I realized that Jesus was descended from Judah and Tamar. (see Matt 1)

(below is a repost from last year)

So from this sordid tale, of sin and lust, between a Jew and a Gentile, the Line of Judah was saved and continued down to the "LION OF JUDAH" - our Savior.

I was tipped off that Gen 38 was an important chapter by Tamar's (1st of five women) inclusion in Mathhew's geneology, and did some digging until I found a VERY insightful sermon on the net. The link is below and I encourage everyone to at the least peruse the sermon notes (about ten minutes of reading).

"And so what do we find here in this "most sordid chapter in the Bible"? We find the grace of God and grace abounding where sin has abounded and God's grace beginning to cover a multitude of sins. That Jesus Christ himself descends from this disgusting incest is as grand a picture of God's grace overcoming man's sin as can be imagined.

What can possibly come of lives like these? Of history like this? Cruelty, infidelity, hardness of heart, sexual promiscuity, even incest. What can come of that? By the grace of God, by the blood of Jesus Christ, heaven can come of that!"

"What we have in Genesis 38 is a picture of what we all are without the grace of God -- all of us, whatever our sins, however polite, however little we or anyone else takes notice of them (no one took notice of Judah's either, in that corrupt day, until the Lord himself brought them to light) -- and the rest of the Bible tells us what that grace can make of us."

Matthew 12 - Reminds me of the assassination of Martin Luther King Malcolm X and Kennedy. As soon a great person can get people organized to do a good thing this government figures the best way to handle them is to get rid of them. They will become more powerful than us...ARGH sickening.

V11 & 12 I don't think would not be a slam dunk for me sorry...Yes I know what the bible says and I also know what's in my heart. I'll just say I pray I am never in that situation.

Umm dreams - Yes of course God is still speaking as the UCC says or borrowed from Gracie Allen Never put a period where there is a ,....I believe God talks to all of us in so many different ways using many different avenues, angels, other people, signs, dreams and song. I don't believe we truly still have an O.T God but yes he still speaks through dreams.

In regards to Jospeh and I am no scholar as you can tell from most of my comments I just am Hunger for anyway wasn't Joseph young when he was telling his dreams? Much younger than his brother, but not younger than Reuben right? So of course he was naive and they had skills so he wanted to show off his. Which was the power to interpret dreams and hear God voice in his own.

Matt 12

Verse 8
"For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath." NIV

Son of Man occurs 83 times in gospels. Son of God 27 times. Son of Man occurs in Matthew 31 times, and Son of God 11 times. (numbers are approximate as I was counting down from a long list in word search.)

Matthews account, to a Jewish audience, would be understood in the context of Daniel 7:13-14 - and would indicate deity.

Jesus used the name - Son of Man - most often, and I think that is because He delights in man and always has from before the foundations of the world.

"is" is in Gk. Present Active Indicative and means "is now and will continue to be". "is" in math is always translated with an equal sign.

Son of Man = Lord of the sabbath.

We know who gave and is Lord of the Sabbath. So when people ask where Jesus claimed to be God - you can most assuredly use this verse.
Matt 12:24b
"It is only by Beelzebub, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons."

It is from this point on that Jesus begins to speak in parables, and (I think) not hang around Jerusalem as much - except for feast days.

The Jewish leadership has done the unpardonable - they attribute the works of the Holy Spirit (through whom Jesus has the power to perform signs and wonders)to the Devil.
Matt 12:44
"Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.' When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order."

I had always kind of glossed over the unoccupied, but in a word study found out something about "put in order".

Man can do good acts; he can do them for quite awhile. We are in the "image of God" and it is intrinsic in us. We can kick bad habits and bad activities.

We can feel clean (swept), and "put in order" in the Greek when used in metaphor means "embellish with honor". We can feel everything is neat and pretty and under our control - take pride in those facts.

The problem is if our "home" is unoccupied, then we are fighting the battle alone. The evil spirits or urge to pick up bad behavior will just come back stronger than ever, and mankind succombs. Ultimately due to the root problem of "pride" ("embellish with honor" thought).

The solution is as Christ preaches. Believe and receive Christ, and the Holy Spirit comes to reside in you. The "house" is no longer empty, and the Holy Spirit will guide and strengthen you against the past "evils". When your house is put in order by the Holy Spirit the glory goes to God - not you.

Reuben was oldest - Joseph was next to youngest.
Sons of Jacob by wife in order of birth (D = Daughter)

Leah: Reuben (1) Simeon (2) Levi (3) Judah (4) Issachar (9) Zebulun (10) Dinah (D)

Rachel: Joseph (11) Benjamin (12)

Bilhah (Rachel's servant): Dan (5) Naphtali (6)

Zilpah (Leah's servant): Gad (7) Asher (8)

I would just like to add a comment about your nightmare remedy. The name of Jesus! Yes, I have also had nightmares on occasion when I'm trying to wake up but can't and I feel trapped in my body trying to wake up out of the dream. So I just call out the name of Jesus in my dream and I always wake up! Also, when I'm driving if I slide on ice or snow and I call out the name of Jesus...the car stops suddenly! There's power in the name above all names...JESUS!

my experience with a recurring childhood nightmare:
When I was little I used to have a recurring nightmare of going down a highway and then crashing into an invisible wall. When I was older and had my fourth son, Aaron, who has severe autism, I read that autism is called the "invisible wall." Then I remembered the nightmares from my childhood. This is what God taught me. Autism is a word that means "into self." The only way God could reach us in our own little world, behind our invisible wall, was to leave His world and enter ours, becoming one of us and one with us. Of course, Jesus was never "into self." Jesus was and is God, the Good Physician. He came with the Cure for our spiritual autism and walked in the Spirit through that invisible wall that separates man from God. He spoke to me about my own son, Aaron, and showed me that the only way not to crash and burn into the invisible wall was to walk through it in the spirit. If I tried to do things in my own power, in the flesh, I was going to crash and burn and accomplish nothing. "It's not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord." In my case, God used that recurring nightmare to reach me and teach me His powerful truths and He has taught me how to walk in the spirit with Him through the living nightmare of autism. In Aaron's case he would severely abuse himself, ramming his head into door jams, hitting his head relentlessly with both fists, giving himself blackeyes. Every time he'd do these things it was as if I was crashing and burning into that invisible wall myself. Just in the last couple years, though, God has reached my husband and I so that we can reach Aaron behind his invisible wall. He no longer hits himself or rams his head into walls or door jams. He was highly allergic to certain foods which had an opiate effect on him. So we have simply replaced those foods with ones that help instead of hurt him, not that it was simple or easy, but it was definitely easier than living the nightmare. Our home is much more peaceful and joyful now and Aaron is completing 100% of his academic goals. Jesus said, "My food is to do the will of God." What is our food? We were never created to eat devil food, what I call devil swill. It makes us "hell-ucinate" and do things that need God's forgiveness. (Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do!) No wonder the world is sick and dying. Instead of dying to sin, sin is the food of preference. The world is doing Satan's will on earth even as it's done in hell! They truly "know not what they do." We know now what we need to do, the will of God on earth even as it's done in Heaven. We're no longer ignorant and have no excuse. Do we believe that walking in the Spirit is worth it? It's not God's will that anyone crash and burn in hell. We know that now and so it's time to walk through the invisible walls in the spirit with God and reach and save the lost. It's time to walk the beat of God's heart.

In todays readings, one thing stands out in my mind. It may not be that deep or spiritual but I just can't really get over the fact that Joseph's brothers wanted to KILL him because they were jealous of him. I know that I am blessed and come from an unusually close family...but still...I don't understand why, just because he was the favorite, that they would want to kill him. Were things so different back then?

Joseph's story has to be my favorite in the Bible! He was such a noble man of faith. perhaps he should have kept the dreams to himself n his rainbow coat probly really irritated his brothers, haha. But God worked it all out for him!

In Matt 12:31-32, Jesus speaks of the only unfrogiveable sin, not suicide, just one. Blasphemy against the spirit. My study bible says:
"Someone never exposed to Christ's divine power and presence might reject Him in ignorance and be forgiven, assuming the unbelief gives way to GENUINE repentence.. Even a Pharisee such as Saul of Tarus could be forgiven for speaking "against the Son of man" or persecuting His followers b'cos his unbelief stemmed from ignorance. But those who knows His claims are true and reject Him anyway sin "against the Holy Spirit"- b'cos it is the Holy Spirit who testifies of Christ and makes His truth known to us. NO frogiveness was possible for these Pharisees who witnessed His miracles firsthand, knew the thruth of His claims, and still blasphemed the Holy Spirit-b'cos they had already rejected the fullest possible revelation.

Too much to comment on, but verses that stood out:
Matt 12:33"...for a tree is recognized by its fruit" --very true.
v. 34"For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks"...very true

Ps 16:2 "I said to the LORD, "You are my Lord; apart from you I have no good thing."
v. 11 "You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand."

Prov 3:32 "for the LORD detests a perverse man, but takes the upright into his confidence."

Yes, i definatelt appreciate the godly ppl i know, especially the older more mature Christians who have walked with God for years, men/women of great wisdom, such as pastors and my dad, my aunt.

and yes, the word of God has definately made me a calmer, more grounded person. i love it! the changes we see in ourselves that can be explained no other way is such a testimony to us of God's power strength and promises!

I'm a bit late with writing - I tried and tried to get into the page but myspace kept saying it was "under going routine maintenence: - oh well...

The ironic thing about reading about Joseph was that Wednesday night, I was having trouble falling asleep and I came across a movie called "Joesph's Gift". It is a modern day movie based on Joseph in the bible. They live in New York and Joseph gets "sold" to a mafia kind of group then ends up getting taken away to an insane asylum....obviously, he gets out and starts a big banking firm and his brothers come back to borrow money from the bank,'s kind of cheesy but also a good way to share the story of Joseph with someone who may never pick up a bible and read it for themselves!

About dreams - I have frightening dreams every now and then, where someone is chasing me. I start screaming in the dream, which in turn, makes me scream for real...that wakes up my husband and scares him like crazy! I do believe God canl communicate to us in our dreams...I jsut don't think I've experienced it. :)

Your question about reading the bible and it making you calmer....YES! I know the Word of God works! It's alive! That's why I like to memorize certain verses so I can speak them in times of need. Jesus is the name above all other names!


“… have you experienced the Bible or the name of Jesus doing powerful things in your life? Has the Bible or the name of Jesus freed you from addictions? Does reading the Bible make you a calmer person or more grounded person if you read it the morning? Basically, do you believe that reading the Bible changes things in your life? Does the name of Jesus change things in your life?…”

There is no doubt that there is power in the Word of God. After a couple of hours in the Word I do feel at peace and calmer. I feel more in tune with the Spirit of God. Having that quiet time with the Lord every morning has always made a huge difference in my day spiritually. If I happen to miss that time then I feel more vulnerable to satanic attack and I am more prone to sin against the Lord. The Word of God has certainly transformed my way of thinking in so many ways and has completely changed my entire worldview.

Likewise there is power in the Name of Jesus. That is why it makes unbelievers feel uneasy and why even Devils tremble when they hear that mighty name. Multitudes have been healed in His Holy Name and sinners set free. There is just something about that name. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

Nightmares were mentioned in today’s study because of Joseph’s dreams which we have been reading about in Genesis. I can testify that my wife years ago used to have them regularly and would wake me up in the middle of the night frequently by crying out in fright. Once she began to read the Bible the bad dreams ceased. Speaking of bad dreams I had one once myself and awakened by sitting up in bed and commanding the demons to depart in Jesus Name. It was spontaneous. I can’t remember what the dream was about but I distinctly remember doing that. It really scared my wife. I believe that demons have the power to attack us and influence our dreams when we are sleeping. I believe that saying a prayer and reading a Scripture or two before bedtime will insulate us from satanic attack. I also had a dream about 3 years ago which partially came to pass early last year and still haunts me. If I told you the dream you would think I was crazy and maybe even think that I am a wicked man. I have never told it to anyone and never will and it will remain between me and God. However, I am certain that it was from God but I don’t yet know what it meant. Perhaps it was to warn me of what was coming.

GENESIS 37:1-38:30

Jacob’s favoritism toward Joseph ( 37:4 ) is an example why parents should not make this same mistake if they have more than one child. It causes envy and bitterness to take root in the hearts of the less favored children.

The symbolism in Joseph’s dream ( 37:9 ) also helps us to interpret a passage in the Book of Revelation: “ And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: “ - Revelation 12:1. Who is the woman? She symbolizes the nation of Israel.

MATTHEW 12:22-45

Calling Jesus “ Beelzebub, the prince of the Devils “ ( v.24 ) was the ultimate blasphemy. Even so they could have been forgiven this sin if they had later believed on Him. Jesus used the occasion to offer them a choice who they were going to serve, either Him or Satan ( v.30 ). Everyone person alive today is on one side or the other. There is no middle ground.


Verse 7 speaks of reflections and meditations in the night. There have been many nights when I have laid in bed awake or staying up all night doing just that and God has often established many of my thoughts during these times.

Verse 10 is a messianic prophecy pointing to the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead . Because of what He did on the cross we will never spend a second in Hell. Because He lives so shall we live also and we will spend eternity in Heaven with Him. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

PROVERBS 3:27-32

Verses 27-30 is further expounded upon in the Book of James concerning showing our faith by our works ( James 2:14-17 ). It is one way that we can fulfill the royal law of loving our neighbor as ourselves ( James 2:8 ) as Jesus Himself commanded us to do ( Matthew 22:39; Mark 12:31 ).

I t

What do you think, please, of Obadiah Shoher's interpretation of the story? (here: ) He takes the text literally to prove that the brothers played a practical joke on Yosef rather than intended to murder him or sell him into slavery. His argument seems fairly strong to me, but I'd like to hear other opinions.

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