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I had to re-read Ex 4:24 four times to be certain I read it right! I feel sorry for Moses. Before God made himself seen to him in the burning bush, he's lived 80 years as an alien in both land and culture. Never really belonging with his Hebrew brothers or his adoptive Egyptian family and then living as an "Egyptian" (Ex 2:19)in a foreign land. Another good example for the importance of fellowship - EVERYONE wants to feel like they belong don't they? It makes me wonder if he had any faith in the God of Abraham up to this point. He was perhaps "cut off" or confused by the faith of the Isrealites, hence the reason for not circumcising his son before. By the way, why was only one son circumcised when "sons" were taken back to Egypt(Ex 4:20)?

Remembering Moses was the author of this book, perhaps he was deathly ill, which led him to convince his wife, and judging by her comment to Moses, she was not an impressed partipant, to perform the deed in which his obedience of the covenant is the reason for his recovery. Only God knows. I'm grasping here because I thought how strange and contradictory this passage was. Strange ride indeed. Anyways, onward ho....

It's so obvious Moses was not at all slow in speech,he was after all refusing God's calling and giving some pretty well thought out reasons,some even lies.He was bold enough to intervene in fights,bold enough to argue...It's strange to see God was even more angry at the fact that his son wasn't circumscised than at the fact that Moses didn't want to go back to Egypt...so angry at Moses was God that He almost killed him.
I guess Jesus works round the clock intervening for us when we disobey God...when "liberty"is abused and we ignore God's instructions.
As I read the teaching on little children,today I couldn't help thinking about the new converts,the babies in Christ.When we come to God we're full of our hurts,sins,bad habits....but we want to serve God with all we have....Sometimes older ones help us,they encourage us,pray with us,tolerate us,explain the word better...And that's how it's supposed to be....If out of self-righteousness,an older christian makes a younger one stumble,like a mother who wants to protect her new born,God will come down really hard on the "stumbling block".And like the father looked out daily for the prodigal son to return,so does the father look out for those who have stopped on their journey...This new year I was so blessed by the fact that the father used me to call back a son that had walked away from the faith....it reminded me so much of when I came back to God...I thank God for the people that He's brought into my life.My pastor has asked me to share my testimony in church and I like Moses gave excuses...My testimony includes suicide attempt,drug use...I did share it once after I was baptised...I pray God leads me on what to share,when to share it...The pastor thinks it would help others.....
God bless you all.....


Thank you for the explanation about how the Jews came to be in slavery in Egypt; I have not been ignoring you; work and activities have picked up so much, and it is just about all I can do to get the Scripture read.

Thank you.

You mention 'sexual sin'... I'm going to Amsterdam in 2 hours. I'm going to spread God's word in Amsterdam ... THE center of sexual sin ...if you ask me. Pornography, prostitution, sexsshops, sexclubs, toplessbars, etc. You name it and it's in Amsterdam! I just wish it would stop, you know! I know there are people who say "You don't have to be around those clubs, so mind your own business!". They might be right, it's their life and not mine. But there ARE girls in 'this industry' against their will and that's awful! They meet someone who makes them a drug-addict, then all of a sudden they need to pay him back for the drugs and they have to work in the porno-industry to pay him back. It's just terrible! Okay, not WHOLE Amsterdam is like this ... Amsterdam is a wonderful city. But most parts of Amsterdam need a serious awakening!

You know, I was thinking about 'sexual sin in the past' this week. Remember how surprised I was to read about so much cases of polygamy in Genesis? At that time it was normal to have several wives ... even God would bless them with children. So did God approve of the monogamy? I mean, I know there are things in the Bible that God didn't approve. So what about the monogamy? Does anyone know? I think sexual sin has always been an issue, see when Potifars wife wanted to seduce Joseph, quite early in Genesis. I mean, she KNEW she was wrong! I think sexual sin these days is more extreme than in the past.

I hope people can wake up one day and realize it's a sin ... People talk about phonesex, cybersex, adultry like it's nothing!!!!! But come on!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!! How can anyone think adultry is okay????

Psalm 22:22 stood out for me today "Then I will declare the wonder of your name to my brothers and sisters. I will praise you among all your people." I love praising the Lord with my brothers and sisters from church! Today we're going to Amsterdam, helping out our brother and sister, trying to make the people from Amsterdam going to their church! We declare our love for Jesus Christ in public today! I can't wait!!!!

Our Exodus readings start off with Moses making excuses. Was he really seeking to be defiant or generally concerned that he couldnt do it, not realizing he wasnt to do it, but God's power in Him. Sometimes no matter what our reasoning is, we need to step out in faith. God told him He would be with him, then Moses was arguing with God, who anger burned within Him, this anger was because Moses wasnt being obediant. God said 'go', moses said 'i cant' God said 'you can'. that should be the end, but no moses continues, 'no God, i really cant'. I think we've all been there, not seeing how God could do it so we try to get out of it. But if God says, go, you can, we better go. This just reminds me how patient and merciful God is with us.

In vs 21 God said concerning Pharoh, "But I will harden his heart". I got in a discussion once with ppl concerning this, does God harden hearts? Well I believe God doesnt go against human will, but I beleive God uses things in our lives to test us...when the testing goes through it will possibly harden or soften our heart, so I dont beleive God took a sweet man and hardened his heart, but allowed things to occur that showed his heart, it was hardened already, but it was further hardened by Moses' plea..

In Matt v 6, we get a very stern warning from God concerning children: "But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea." God loves children so much, literal children and doesnt take harming a child lightly at all. If anyone leads a God loving child away from the faith, he will receive a terrible punishment. I think children today are being led away and its so awful to see. Things today are way more escalated then wen i was a child only 20 yrs ago. There are so many abductions, molestations, sex slavery of children, pornography of children!!! I believe God has a special place in hell for those who harm children. I'm sure none of us reading this can phathom hurting a child like this, its so demonic and evil.

In ch 15 we read what to do if our brother sins against us or is in sin and we need to confront him. We arent to gossip and spread it around, we are to talk to this person in private, if they will not listen take this matter to others, not just anyone, but ppl of God to confront the person, not to anger or humiate the brother, but in order to seek and restore.

Gosh, I dont know any good books regarding sexual sin, i know my dad has some he uses for his counseling work. Honestly, i dont think we need special books or websites for our personal sin, we need the word of God, which i believe is sufficient. We need a solid relationship with Him. God alone has the power to free us from sin, we have to desire to be set free and God will free us. We definately need accountability, talking to pastors counselors, brothers/sisters in Christ. But one thing i know, we need to lay things down at His feet.

Sexual sin is actually probly not getting worse, but we are hearing about it more, have access to it more, tv, movies, internet, all our technology while good is used for evil as well. prostitutes, fornication, homosexuality, adultry, incest, beastiality, this has all been around for ages, but i think we hear about it more now b'cos of technology...it is certainly easier to get caught up in i think bcos of its previlance. I've been innocently going to websites and boom, porno pops up. this happened to me at my college library once, which is bizarre bcos bad websites are blocked. I was innocently doing reseaerch and a filthy page popped up...i immediatly tried to close it...i was so embarressed bcos i was sure the ppl on computers behind me would see. God knew i didnt mean to do it, but others would think i was a lil perv, haha. but the windows wouldnt close, i started panicing but finally got it all closed. but somehow it all slipped through the parental control filters. So in that, in the ease of obtaining sinful material n the acceptance of certain sinful lifestyles is increasing.

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