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The thought that resonated most deeply with me today concerned the detail with which the tabernacle was constructed, consecrated and dedicated to receive God's Glory...yet, as great as it was, we, as believers, are today God's temple. Should the detail of our lives, our consecration and our dedication be any less since we have God's Glory in the form of His Holy Spirit within us?

do you know what has been fantastic? up till now i have only read the Old Testament in portions that were relevant for a sermon or a Bible study etc so this is the first time i am reading the whole story and im finding it so exciting..seeing exactly where everyone fits in chronologically and my eyes being opened to the reasons behind events that happened..reading your write up and everyone elses comments has broadened my outlook as well( i love reading all your comments and the style becomes familiar as friends i find myself guessing who posted what comment before i get to the name :-))..i think more than anything else Exodus has brought home to ne the awesome fact that our God is Holy and that we need to give Him honour and reverence.

I too took notice of the nearly rhythmic repetition of "as Yahweh had commanded Moses." Yahweh speaking/commanding and the people hearing/doing reminded me of a dance--a very different perspective to bring into Leviticus.

Let the dance begin.

the Reading and absorbing GOD's Word is yielding results... Thank GOD for this Blog and Mike's leading...

Thank GOD for the audacity of Moses to ask to see GOD's Glory... truly one of the great requests in the Word...

Thank GOD for HIS Word today... HIS Glory we can now read about and carry with us... and blend into our lives... Thank GOD for Christians that want to grow... are not satisfied to sit back and be stagnant... to not be involved in JESUS mission!

THAT MISSION? ... SOULS... bringing in others to the kingdom is our business folks... that's what I got from Matthew yesterday... and GODs GLORY being revealed to Moses and now to us in JESUS stands out to me in Exodus!

Can't wait to tear into Mark and Leviticus!


Book of Exodus comments.....Moses was so faithful to do "As the Lord commanded Moses" with each seprate commandment. What an awesome example Moses turned out to be with God's care! Amen!

what really struck me as we read Exodus was the very careful preparation the people made before they came into the presence of God. in our current informal approach to God we often forget just how holy he is, and how special our coming together with his people is. I think I would like to take more time in future to prepare for worship and not just rush out to church. Thanks Mike for all the pictures, they really help me to concentrate on the slow bits!!

What captured my attention today was the turban or headpiece for the priest. It had an inscription fashioned in gold - HOLY TO THE LORD.

Later God instructs Moses to consecrate Aaron and his sons as priests. This is the same Aaron who (a few chapters ago) directed the people to give him their gold jewelry to make a golden calf to worship. Wow! That's the restoring power of God's grace and mercy! Now Aaron is wearing a turban with God's description of who he is: HOLY TO THE LORD. It's fastened around his head as if to say, keep in mind, Aaron, you are holy to Me. Let all the people know, Aaron is holy to Me.

What a lesson for us, who are also called priests to the Lord. 1 Peter 2:9 says:
"But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God's OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light." What a good reminder to me that every thought should be HOLY TO THE LORD, every word - HOLY TO THE LORD, all I do should proclaim - HOLY TO THE LORD. And when it doesn't, the blood of Christ poured over me cries out - HOLY TO THE LORD!

The Hebrew bible is my favorite of books, it changes my thought process and heart each time I read from it. For our reading of Exodus thus far what resonated with me is that the first time Joshua is mentioned in the bible was when Moses chose him to fight the Amalekites. Now I don't know about you, but this is the part of God' nature I love He will choose the most unlikely candidates to do a mighty thing. Moses, Joshua, me, you, Joseph ops I am getting ahead of myself but you get my drift. Also Joshua was able to go up with Moses to get the tablets. Not face to face as Moses did but he went far enough to give Moses what he needed and to be obedient to God. Fellowship what a wonderful thing!

I think the thing about Exodus that I learned this time from the reading was how much Moses changed. Before I saw him as standing in front of the burning bush and then leading the Israelites through the Red Sea. All "simple" Sunday School stories. Now I realize that God did a lot of changing in Moses as he does with all of us. He is the potter, we are the clay.


I'm right there with Penny on this one. "Holy to the Lord" jumped off the page this morning while I was reading it. If you're about God's work as someone ministering to His people and advocating some of them in prayer, you had best make it known. Like the ring of marriage, the circumcision, the baptism and the seal from Song of Solomon, we're called to not only be dedicated to God, but to also let it be physically and publicly known that we are dedicated to God. That is, quite possibly, the best accountability possible. If the whole world around you knows that you are "holy to God," they will watch and often follow.

My general impression from today is just the absolute power of God.

That picture of the cloud on the tent of meeting was awesome. I am willing to bet you that not a single nation would even come close to starting anything against a nation whose epicenter was a tent filled with either glorious cloud or righteous fire.

In the New Testament, Christ didn't have to use any kind of slick talk or apologetics or long quotations of scripture. He IS the Gospel, the good news, and only a word spoken from His mouth causes those destined to be His apostles to leave their old lives and join Him. They come up against a demon posessed man in the temple and the extremely powerful evil, probably prayed against for some long time by the Jews in the temple, suddenly submits to the King of Kings. This thing KNOWS the power that Christ posessed and begrudgingly feared it.

And David, in this beautiful Psalm, calls out for the power of God's victory. Verses 5 and 6 were particularly potent for me.

5) Let them be like chaff before the wind,
With the angel of the LORD driving them on.
6) Let their way be dark and slippery,
With the angel of the LORD pursuing them.

On both accounts, evil is nothing when the power of God is fully measured.

It is my resolution to always rely upon and trust that power, because it is what preserved the generations upon generations before us, and it is what will preserve me to paradise.

When I read Mark 1:17 today, where it says, “Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

I sense that Jesus was saying that to me personally.

My comment is on the gospel of Mark. When we were studying it a few years ago in Sunday School our pastor pointed out Mark's sense of urgency. The word IMMEDIATELY is used over and over. In today section, it appears six times. Perhaps that tells us that that time is passing and we should not put off spreading the word of God.

In the OT reading,it struck me the phases that Israel went through to become separated unto the Lord.They had to leave egypt behind,with it's gods,customs and laws.And God went into detail on the building of the temple as well as what He exepcted their customs and lifestyles to be.There was a punishment for disobedience,sometimes it meant death or being cut off from the rest of Israel.There were acts of disobedience that left no room even for atonement.
Jesus paid the price for our sins,because of Him we can boldly come into the Father's presence....but let us not forget He doesn't change and He is Holy so we should not take the words we read lightly,this is no bedtime story.We have left egypt but have we left behind our gods,our ways...this is a time of grace but let us not forget we belong to a Holy God.
Bless you all

It's pretty cool to come across today's passages from Mark, the same day in class we covered the outline, purpose, theme, etc in his gospel. 10 chapters on 30 years of Jesus' life and 6 on the last week of his life. Note how many times in Mark there is emphasis on silence. Jesus commanding those he healed to be silent - likely to relieve pressurr of crowds on his ministry. Also in exorcisms (as in today's passage) Jesus did not want the evil spirits to shout out testimony to the truth, even if what they said was true - he did not want to be associated with them in any fashion. (I think in modern terms we can take much out of this in things we choose to spend our time on, entertainment for example.) Third he tells his disciples to remain silent about his messiahsip. Probably because they simply did not understand it until after the resurection.

havent done my readings yet, but do want to comment on wat i've reflected on in exodus. I think we see the importance of trusting god (sorry i'm not capitalizing much, like god's name..my left shift key is stuck). we, the readers see the full story, so its easy for us to say, why didnt they just trust god more? maybe they were just like many of us, leaning to their understanding. thinking they knew a better way then god, maybe god forgot them or wasnt gonna really provide cos they didnt fully trust. i cant say i fully trust always. something i think, 'ok, this is it. god has abandoned me this time! not true.
why did the blessings of the Israelites stop? they continued to disobey god, they grumbled and murmured against him, they stopped trusting, they gave in to trusting in other things (false idols), they looked back on their "days of captivity" in Egypt longingly. (do we look back on our days of captivity in the 'world' longingly? )
Do we trust in other things? i doubt many ppl have golden calves lying around, but i mean, do we trust in other things to satisfy us? relationships with ppl, money, success, popularity, etc.
why have i turned and started trusting in these things suddenly? do they satisfy? (no!!) have i forgotten the one who brought me out of captivity? who set me free? who bought me with His own blood!? think of that, Christ bought us with His blood, His life!
god delivered them over n over again, look at all the miracles he did, parting the red sea, i mean, exodus is full of miracles...n maybe we think to ourselves, well if i saw all THAT i would never stop trusting! but we do see miracles in our lives, god does amazing things in our lives...but we forget. or we just stop trusting that it will continue or that we came to something too difficult for god perhaps?
i dont know, i just know the more i examine my heart, the more i see i am just like the children of israel. i doubt, i fall, i disobey, i get prideful, i complain.
now that i see this, its up to me to allow the Lord to grow me. I need to seek him, read his word, prayer, fellowship, share my faith, share my sorrows with other...its ok to be weak at times. its ok to tell god how we feel...maybe we think life isnt fair, we can share with god wats on our heart, but then we need to stop, give it to him, surrender, listen to him, and trust him. Let Him prove himself.
I also see how god loved these ppl so much! this same god loves me, us today. he has tireless patience, love, commitment, care. So i want to seek to bless him. i dont want to hinder him, i need to get out of his way n let him work, by dying to self, emptying myself.
wen i'm in need i need to allow him to love, help, n minister to me. this way wen others are hurting, i can let him work thru me, love others thru me, minister to others thru me. if i get comfort n help from him, i can pass it on to others.
we see also we are to reverence the lord, fear him. not put him on our level, he is above and beyond our understanding. we cannot contain him, he isnt our genie, santa claus, puppet, or 'the man upstairs'. He is holy and awesome and we need to respect him!
ok, just felt like sharing, though i'm really just talking to myself here!

Go ahead, talk to yourself Jenny! I love to read it!! LOL Thanks for sharing your thoughts! It was very refreshing! I love what you wrote "I need to seek Him, read His Word, prayer, fellowship ... etc". In my opinion that's what it's all about: SEEK HIM! You can go to church, pray, read the Bible ... but you also have to SEEK HIM! For me personally that's what I needed to do: seek for Him. To have the Lord in my life gives me the freedom. When troubles come my way, I do what I need to do with it and then I give it to the Lord and He'll take care of it. That's my freedom as a child of God ...

Thanks for sharing, Jenny!!

Mark is awesome!!! Really great to read! But I really need to keep this short. I'm exhausted ... it's 11:20pm here and I should go to bed. The Bible Conference is overwhelming ... but in the most wonderful way!!!!!!!!!!! The Holy Spirit is working on me! I feel blessed, I feel happy and I think I never learned so much in such short time!!!

Verses that stood out for me today:
Mark 1:8 "I baptize you with[a] water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit!”
Mark 1:11 "And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy.”
Mark 1:17 "Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”
Psalm 35:1 "O Lord, oppose those who oppose me. Fight those who fight against me".
Proverbs 9:11 "Wisdom will multiply your days and add years to your life".

You know what's funny? I'm there at the Bible Conference and think about you guys ... how great it would be if we'd be there together. That would be so awesome! It's in English, with a Dutch translator, the Pastors are from the US. We would have an amazing time together!


"So the cloud of the LORD was over the tabernacle by day, and fire was in the cloud by night, in the sight of all the house of Israel during all their travels." NIV

When everything was assembled (in order that God commanded) - God was pleased, the people were blessed, and He came to dwell with them.

Is it any different today? When the body is prepared according to God's instructions. (Repent, believe, trust and receive Christ) - God is pleased. We are blessed. The Lord comes and dwells within us 24/7 to lead us through our "desert" to the Promised Land.


[Note on Matthew ending: We did not see an ascension into Heaven for Jesus. Why??? Matthew was writing to the Jew with the emphasis that Jesus was the "King" they had been waiting for from the Lord. I believe Matthew ended it here to indicate that Jesus is the "King" and He is ruling now and to the end of the age.]

Mark writes to the Romans (both believers and unbelievers)with the emphasis on Jesus as the servant. As "Fonda" mentioned Mark's vocabulary was one of "action". Why does Mark write this way?

What would intrigue the Romans about this message? Stories of a "king" would not - they had their emperors with their pedigrees and imperfections available for all to see. Another "king" - ho-hum :(

Rome did not need to hear Jesus' qualifications as "King" - they wanted to hear what this "Jesus" could do - how Jesus would have an impact on Romans.

God coming to earth? The Roman mythology was full of stories of the gods descending to earth to "fool around", cause events to happen in mankind, but always to leave with the earth basically unchanged.

But a God that was a servant, THAT was different. A servant that is humble enough to teach and help mankind, yet a servant who Rules? One that promises you can be with God now and forever? THAT was intriguing.

As for brevity, the heavy use of "action" verbs, and things happening one on top of the other (immediately) - Rome was a culture of "action". Romans accomplished things - they "did" things.Rome was used to "getting down to business" and/or "getting to the point". Thus Mark's style fit the Roman culture.

Mark 1:1-28

"The birthday of Augustus was the beginning for the world of the good news that has come to men through him."

[A calendar inscription from about 9 b.c., found in Priene in Asia Minor: quoted from U. Becker, ‘Gospel, Evangelize, Evangelist’, NIDNTT, II, p.108.]

Romans had heard proclamations of "good news" before - why is this different?

It was foretold, John appeared as promised, John proclaimed the way to God (repentance), and assured them it was true by the symbol of baptism.

"Some people think that repentance is mostly about feelings, especially feeling sorry for your sin. It is wonderful to feel sorry about your sin, but repent isn’t a “feelings” word. It is an action word. Jesus told us to make a change of the mind, not merely to feel sorry for what we have done. Repentance speaks of a change of direction, not a sorrow in the heart." - David Guzik
Jesus' Baptism

Jesus came humble - identifying Himself with mankind. Endorsing the symbloism of being cleansed. He did not ask us to do anything that He Himself would not do.

Jesus was endorsed from the Heavens.

Jesus was tempted, and yet while being tempted by the "adversary" Jesus' superiority (and authority) was on display over wild animals and angels.

God came as a servant who identified with man, was endorsed by God, and did not succomb to temptations of the flesh like the Roman gods did on their visits to earth. To a Roman - this is different.
Jesus' Authority

Jesus came and proclaimed - Repent and believe the good news. Change the way of your mind - and believe that God has provided a way for you to be with Him forever.

1)Jesus called and the disciples came and followed.

Notice Simon and Andrew were fishing. They would pull the fish into the boat where they would die. Now they would be trained to be evangelists (fishers of men) - they would pull men in and they would die to their old life, and be transformed into a new life. This is what they would do - but how? Jesus will MAKE them fisherman of men. The Lord assumes the responsibility and has the authority.

James and John were preparing their nets, and they would do the same as "teachers of the saints". James and John also seemed to have more at stake - they walked away from their father and the family business - such was the authority of Christ.

2) Jesus taught with "authority" - most teachers of the time - 'Now, Hillel says this, and Gamaliel adds this, while other authorities contend...' Jesus spoke on His own authority, and the reaction of the people indicates that it had the "ring of truth". They were amazed.

3) Jesus had authority over demon(s). With a word they were cast out.

A God who was a servant - who was so humble, who established his authority by his actions (deeds), who taught and healed "man" - this was certainly different for the Roman.

Would they believe? Probably not (at least not yet)- notice the people did not believe. They were amazed, and spread what they saw and heard quickly - but no indication of believing the message or in the "servant" bringing the message.

I am a pretty quiet person myself but I think about you all and the other anonymous readers here and think it would be nice to meet everyone sometime to fellowship together.. but actually, that's what we do here every day in our own little way. I'm sure there are hundreds of people on here every day like me who are silent but enjoy what you and Jenny and others have to say.

When I read the commentary from you and the other friends it also helps me further my understanding--just like if we were having a bible study right here in my living room where I read from the computer! :)

Keep the comments coming--I enjoy them just as much as the Bible readings/Blog post!

Blessings to you Mae--and fellow 'quiet readers' like me!

I must say that was my first time all the way through Exodus! What a ride! :0) I know I probably missed a bunch of lessons as I found a lot of if a bit hard to understand but I'm glad I read it all. The details of the Tabernacle amaze me...makes me realize that, I believe, God is truly interested in the details of our lives too. Not just the big stuff - but all the little things too.

I have always loved Matthew - the parables are a great way to picture yourself in the shoes of the apostles...right there with Jesus as he does all the miracles! Plus my mom, who is a fairly new Christian (YEAH!) is also reading Matthew right now. Not on the One Year gig, but just on her own. It's been cool!

Psalm 35 today - well, I feel like that's what I am praying to God a lot lately. I feel under attack in lots of ways and I want God to "contend with those who contend with me"!

Mark is going to be an awesome read! I can't wait!!

Its a great idea to implement GOD BLESS ALL
rocky joshus

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