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Today, Leviticus 5:1 spoke to me, "If any of the people are called to testify about something they have witnessed, but they refuse to testify, they will be held responsible and subject to punishment." I need to chew on that one for a while.

Also, I love that God is my fountain of life!

I believe even as Christians we loose or do not walk in the fear of the Lord. We may just continue to sin because of the excuse "no one is perfect". The Bible says "Sin whispers to the wicked, deep within their hearts. They have no fear of God to restrain them." We do not pursue holiness and purity as we should without walking in the fear of the Lord. God please forgive us for not fearing you and pursuing you everyday.
Thank you for this daily Bible reading blog. God Bless you. Neil

"Sin whispers to the wicked, deep within their hearts. They have no fear of God to restrain them"
I have before felt this and I belive that it is true. But I also belive that GOD'S whispher goes beyond within. that although I am not PERFECT it sitll wont justify me because " Right living can save your life" and Sining is not Right living.


Prov 9:11
"For through me your days will be many,
and years will be added to your life." NIV

I have begun to see Proverbs a little differently, and really need to look at verses in larger context than one day readings allow.

It seems that the proverbs are meant to be wisdom/advice for the times, but in some sections (like this one) I think it is pointing to Christ. My reasoning: Just like the Law, "proverbs" points out that man can not live up to these standards. However, if Christ is in you and you in Him, then we can begin to approch these maxims.

There is a school of thought that Christ is represented by "wisdom". Go back in Proverbs 8 and here in 9 and substitute "Jesus" for "wisdom". Do not get hung up on the "feminine case". In Hebrew attributes/characteristics are in the "feminine case".

If this is true, then perhaps the meaning is that "through Christ" your days will be many...". And I take that to be when you accept and receive Christ you have "eternal life". It does not begin at death, but at the moment of salvation, when He comes to live in you.

What has more days and years than eternal life????

The transformation process begins at salvation, and I believe Gina is correct. We have things to do here for the Lord. So our time here is spent for the Lord, and at death - we will be with the Lord. But during both times the Lord is with us always.

[NOTE: This is a thought in progress. I am not sure it is clear when re-reading the post, but I hope it provides some food for thought. Certainly welcome others to chime in.]


The offerings as supplying the needs of man:
Burnt - Love (acceptance by God)
Grain - Joy (responding to God's acceptance)
Peace - tranquility of Heart (the peace of God)

Now God deals with sin and the need to confess and be restored.

It is true all five of these things are represented at the Cross - but notice the order God puts them in. God puts the Israelites in a place where they fulfill the needs of "Love, Joy, and Peace". Those being filled - God is saying 'Now let's talk about what it is that is separating us.'

I think this is a wonderful lesson in evangelism. Too many times Christians attack the sin issue first when talking to an unbeliver. It is true that God wants to deal with sin, and man can not solve his problems with God until he solves the problem of sin - BUT that is not where God starts here in Leviticus. God starts with the need for being loved, need for joy, and the need for peace of heart.

My process of coming to Christ took several months, and the young fellow that answered some questions for me kept harping on "hell". It turned me off to asking him questions, but I continued to read the Gospel of John. Once I prayed for the truth to be revealed - the blinders were off and I saw the incredible Love of God - and his acceptance of me as I was - a sinner. That is what caused me to make the decison to accept and receive Christ. I was drawn by the Love of God (and my need for that Love) - and the forgiveness and transformation followed.
Male animal - if priest, community, or leader - symbolizing leadership.
Female animal - for the individual - a follower.

Unwitting - not acts of deliberate evil - but the acts commited by our very (sinful) nature. the acts that take us by surprise - that we thought we would never do. I think God is trying to point out here that man by nature is sinful?????

The blood is sprinkled and poured in various places in the tabernacle. God is aware of it - the sinner(s) see it and knows that this blood has covered his sin, and his conscience can be at rest. (That is an important need of man).

For the (sins of the) priest and community - the hide and flesh are taken away and burnt outside the camp. [I wonder if this is true of all the sin offerings or just these two.] The symbolism: fat - richness of life - inner life is pleasing to the Lord. But the body (flesh) is not. Just as in Christians - the inner spirit is different from the flesh.
Now that man's needs for God are filled and sin is forgiven - man can deal with man.

Some trespasses could not be dealt with by an offering - some called for death. God can forgive, but man sometimes cannot deal with the stress on the fabric of society. I think this was God's way of relieving the tension when the sins were crimes against humanity - to preserve this society in its early stages. At this time, a way of limiting evil in the Jewish society.

But for those transgressions against fellow man that were not capital offenses - an offering and RESTITUTION were to be made. Filling the need for man to be at peace with man.

So often in the secular world this is done backwards. Committees are organized, governments make laws, and they try to figure out ways to legislate morality. God says - this is in the wrong order. The place to start is in your relationship with Him.

"That is why when Jesus summarized the Ten Commandments, he said, first, "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength," {cf, Matt 22:37 KJV}. And then, second, "Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself," {Matt 22:39 KJV}. You see, it is the first which provides the power to carry out the second. If you reverse the order you lose that." - Ray Stedman

Mark 2:17

"On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."NIV

"As it is written:
"There is no one righteous, not even one;" NIV

Jesus seems to be saying - that it is not those who "think" they are righteous - but those that admit they are sick (repentant sinners) who I have come to heal.

If one thinks he has no need for God - there is nothing to say to them. It is only when they acknowledge their problems, repent and seek the Lord - that He steps in.
Mark 2:19
"Jesus answered, "How can the guests of the bridegroom fast while he is with them? They cannot, so long as they have him with them."

There was only one day of fasting prescribed by the Law - Yom Kippur. But the Pharisees had added many more days - this was such a day. Serious, solemn, and ritualistic. Jesus is saying - 'you have it wrong. This is not time to act like you are at a funeral. I am here. It is time to rejoice, be happy and feast.'

I am now looking at the new patch and new wine a little differently as the new expressions of joy and happiness alluded to above. The new vital relationship with God expressed through Christ cannot be fit into or contained in the old ways (tradition). It must have its own structure - more flexible and giving to the expanding joy of one in Christ. Tradition should never be alowed to destroy that relationship.
Mark 2:27
"Then he said to them, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." NIV

"Jesus says, 'No, human need takes precedence over rules.' Rules are orderly ways to meet needs. That is what they are for. And they are perfectly right in that way. But when a rule actually ends up opposing the meeting of the need, then the rule has to go. Our Lord is the first to make that clear." - Ray Stedman

Mark 3:5a
"He looked around at them in anger and, deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts, said to the man," NIV

Christ was not angry at their looking for reasons to accuse Him, nor for plots to kill Him.

The literal translation (and I think the correct one) is:
"And having looked round upon them with anger, being grieved for the hardness of their heart," YLT

Christ was angered over the condition of their heart(s). "grieved" in Gk is "sullupeo" and only used here in NT. From Greek literature it is the type of "grief" one sees at a funeral when one throws himself on the casket sobbing out of control.

Christ was grieving over them as if they were dying (due to their stubborn hearts), and they are:
"the wages of sin is death".

The "anger" is the same as used for the "wrath" of God. Because these men had stubborn (hard) hearts - they rejected Jesus as the Son of God. When you reject the Son, you reject the Father.

"No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also." NIV

John 3:36
"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him." NIV

This was the momentary anger (or wrath) that Jesus' eyes expressed. It must have been chilling!
Why was Christ Greived to such an extreme extant?

I mentioned this last year, and I still ponder it at times. Jesus is in his early thirties. Not twenty years ago, some of these same men may have been sitting around him at the temple delighting in the child (twelve year old) who could discuss the Scripture with such insight.

It must have been a glad time as it went on for three days. Any comraderie or good will from that meeting, is now long gone. It must have deeply saddened Christ.

Verses that stoot out for me today:
Leviticus 4:13 "If the whole Israelite community sins unintentionally and does what is forbidden in any of the LORD's commands, even though the community is unaware of the matter, they are guilty".
Mark 2:17 "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners."
Mark 2:27 "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath".
Psalm 36:1 "An oracle is within my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked: There is no fear of God before his eyes".
Psalm 36:11 "May the foot of the proud not come against me, nor the hand of the wicked drive me away.
Proverbs 10:2 "Ill-gotten treasures are of no value, but righteousness delivers from death".

Have you ever felt sin whispering to you? Do you think that sin can indeed whisper to our hearts? Can it whisper from within our hearts? Do we need more that just fear of God to restrain us from sin? Has Jesus freed you from the whisper of sin within your heart? ~ Sigh ... this really goes deep! Very deep and personal ... But you all are my brothers and sisters and I'm sure you will recognize my following testimony. Maybe not the exact thing, but the feeling of the 'whispering sin". I thought about it, and decided to share this with you. I'm praying every day to be freed from the whispering sin. I have one big sin and it goes by the name of Wentworth Miller. Okay, please don't think I got stuck at age 16 and I'm pathetic groupie, because really I'm not. See, when I think of Wentworth Miller nothing really happens in my heart or thoughts. But as soon as I watch Prison Break and I see him walk and talk ... yuck ... It's not huge as an obvious attack, it slowly started, as a whisper within my heart. I can make jokes about Pete Sampras, how yummy he is, when I see him I feel nothing but deep respect. But when it comes to Wentworth Miller, it's different and it feels like commiting adultery ... shees, I'm crying writing this. Because the Lord knows I really don't want to think about 'things' when I see him. And it truly doesn't make sense because I don't feel anything right now thinking about Wentworth Miller. When I think about Rene I feel happy, I smile, I feel intense love, I feel he's one of the best things that EVER happened to me; he's my husband, my best friend, my counterpart and I can share everything with him. So I really know this has nothing to do with Wentworth Miller, this is stupid satan remembering me about my past, he's whispering it within my heart. I pray every day that this will pass. Because it bothers me, it bothers me because it doesn't make any sense. Those are not my own feelings and thoughts, it's satan putting me on the wrong track. I know Jesus will free me from the whisper of sin within my heart. He will accomplish in this, I'm sure this will pass. Satan wants me to remember my past, but you know what? I will remember him of his future! ha ha ha I was wondering, if some of you recognize this; thoughts and feelings that aren't really yours? But somehow you cannot stop them?

In reading Levit. all I can think of is THANK GOD FOR CHRIST, THE ATONEMENT OF SINS!!! I can imagine if we still had to sacrifice for our sins, just mine alone would wipe out the entire animal population!
Mark v. 17 stood out: "Those who are strong and well have no need of a physician, but those who are weak and sick; I came not to call the righteous ones to repentance, but sinners..."
Two things come to mind, one is obviuosly, everyone needed the physican, Jesus, but the pharisees were at a place where their hearts were so hardened, they saw no need for being healed. while jesus is accessible to all, he will not force Himself on anyone. These other ppl, the 'sinners' saw their need and Jesus ministered to them. The pharisees were too 'righteous' in their eyes with no need for a physician b'cos they were hardened in their hearts. Pride is so deadly!

Another thing, Jesus was condemned for hanging out with known sinners, but He Himself was sinless, He was not conformed to the world. There is a distinction between loving people and loving the things of the world. we are to love others, yet not be conformed to the world. I struggled a while back because my friends liked to drink n go to bars and stuff, i was still their friends but i started being torn, i didnt want to be be so 'holy' that i was "too great too associate with such", yet i didnt want to conform and i have to be careful cause my spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak. God brought me to a place where i could draw a line. just cause my associates/coworkers liked to go to bars, clubs, i didnt have to go. i could still love ppl who had different interests then me. It really bothered me to go to places where ppl got drunk and went home with strangers and all that, just the last place i want to be! i would feel sick inside, with a voice saying, 'why are you here?' After work, they wanted to go out drinking, i finally backed away from that cause even if i really didnt drink with them, i felt really out of place! i just didnt desire to be in bars and such. so now ppl dont even invite me, which i'm glad.
As a christian, i do have a responibilty to uphold God's name and not be in certain places. i have to take heed lest i fall the same way. I still love my nonbeleiving friends immensely, and if they want to hang out with me, we meet more on neutral ground. i welcome them to church! I love these ppl, but i dont love the world, i hate it and i hate feeling myself sucked in. seeing ppl drunk and hearing cussing, yeck. we cant think we above that. even if i dont get drunk i'm still affected by that. sooner or later i hear a bad word come from my mouth...where'd that come from? Garbage in, garbage out. i'm not calling nonbeleivers garbage, i'm calling the 'world' garbage. the enemy would love to torment me and suck me back in, so i have to stand back a bit and remain set apart. I have no idea if these friends talk about me behind my back b'cos of this, but i honestly dont care, if fact i'd be honored to be condemned!
I was reading somewhere about being condemned for Christ's sake (persecution) vs being condemned for a different, moral lifestyle. If I'm condemned because my moral choices are different, maybe i choose not to drink or engage in sexual activty, etc...this isnt the same as being persacuted. It is when i am sharing Christ and testifying of Him and ppl or really the enemy are shooting arrows, thats wen i am persacuted.
my lifestyle being mocked or watever, tho a more godly lifestyle, isnt considered persacution, its just a byproduct of being sanctified. i dont know if any of this makes sense, i'm not babbling again here. :p

Oh yes, i am singing that Third Day song! love that one! now wen i hear it, it will have even deeper meaning to me! i didnt know it was a Psalm.
Ps. v. 11 speaks to me: "Let not the foot of pride overtake me, and let not the hand of the wicked drive me away."

yes, of course sin whispers to me. I need to put on the armor of God to resist these things. its too easy to push away the spirit, or justify things to myself..oh, this is harmless. but i dont realize all these lil harmless giving-ins are building up! sin is then born. God, i need your help in this and in so much! i cannot fight this off on my own! Its like if i take just a lil bite of cake...wat the harm in that? ok...just one more. a couple hrs later, oh just one more. later on i realize i having eaten the whole cake! i will suffer the consequences. ugh, i hate sin, i cant wait til my new glorified, sinless body n nature! I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself...tho i'm not gonna let the enemy condemn me to death, i allow the spirt convict me to change, repent, be forgiven, then move on. When i just focus on Christ, everything else falls into place. I should just realize how awesome Christ is...look at the grace He has given!
He is worthy, He is perfect, He is lovely, He is pure, He is blameless.

Many times I've asked God, please tell me that some people do not wake up in the morning and determine who they are going to stress or cover with their evilness on that day. However reading Psalm 36;3-4 it sounds like that is exactly what some people do....So sad!

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