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“But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

Truly, we can only find God if we fully believe in Him, if we look deeply into our hearts and give Him our unconditional acceptance and love just as Jesus has---no if's and but's.

Just a Thank You Mike. Thanks for the inspiration to continue with the daily readings. I have kept up for the first time in my life. God knows I've tried to do this many times before. I know there is a long way to go, but I've never made it this far before. I'm sure the layout, Old, New Testament and Psalms, Proverbs has really helped to continue the move forward.
Thanks, Again


I have tended to be one who prefers to 'learn' while driving in the car, so have avoided an overdosing on 'worship music.'

However I have been observing that God gave us 'songs for the journey'. For example, the songs of ascent--Psalm 120-132 are what I call 'soul music'..As God's people 'traveled up' to the LORD, they sang these songs. For a better understanding of this I refer you to Eugene's Peterson classic book "A Long obedience in the same direction."

Music is good if it stimulates my thinking about God, and if it stirs my heart to love God and to serve Him. However I have also seen that 'worship music' can be very self serving, where people never respond to the 'songs' that carry a lot of depth and meaning, and that are designed to 'set us on fire for God and His purposes.'

Yes, I'm one of the ones who listens to worship music in the car, and sings along. I listen to channel 23 on XM radio which is a contemporary Christian music station. I find that those songs are in my head during the day when I need some encouragement, and even when I lay down to sleep at night. Thanks be to God!

As I read about the Israelites journies after coming out of Egypt, I am struck by what motivated them to sin:

They had no concept of how much God loved them.

When we know we are loved, and by whom we are loved, we trust and obey; we want to please the one who loves us, and we want more of that love.

When we fear, though--and God repeatedly says "Fear not," we doubt His love for us; we start depending on ourselves and we find ourselves in disobedience and oftentimes in frightful situations like the Israelites found themselves, and with God's wrath, and chastisement.

Yesterday my cat jumped up on my lap, and I was moved by his absolute trust in my rubbing his chin, behind his ears, and he drooled--yes, drooled on me. I had asked the vet about this drooling, and she and her assistant laughed mockingly at me when I was concerned; they said it was because he feels complete trust!

I know how it makes me feel when my cat trusts me completely (he runs out the house when we have company or the housekeeper comes on her regular visits). His confidence in me to protect him from danger is quite a feeling of enjoyment; I wonder if God feels that way when we turn to Him, enjoy Him, and desire Him unfeigned like my cat.

Just a thought.

The new dollor coin is being minted with the words In God We Trust on the edge of the coin.

I am so Glad when I have a chance to sing loud and praise God with no critics (I have three children who have never been a fan of my tone-deaf sound)! It is writen "Make a joyful sound"... in the car, I have my best opportunity to really let loose! God bless you all this Lord's Day Morning!

I LOVE to sing in the car! I've got some really great worship cd's also that I listen to. I know people driving near me think I'm nuts! :) I do enjoy good preaching too. I listen to CSN Radio (Calvary Satellite Network) in the car also. Just depends on the mood I'm in!

Poverbs is great today...my hubby and I are in that test right now...trusting God regarding money. we've been hit all at once with some bit money issues but we totally know God is in control and we can trust Him to provide.

Until last week I was on the road over 40,000 miles a year for the last 2 years. I'd listen to Moody radio in Florida, music, programming, news & then from time to time, put in a Florida Boys CD, Gaithers & occaisionally Marantha Singers from Promise Keepers. I'm already missing my time, but have a 12 mile commute now and a lot more family time.


Deut 4:35
"You were shown these things so that you might know that the LORD is God; besides him there is no other." NIV

Hebrew Words for:

LORD - Jehovah or Yaweh. The God of personal relationship whose name first appeared in Genesis 3 with Adam.

GOD - Elohim. The name for God that points to Him as strength, power, the Creator. The name used exclusively in Gen 1-2. Elohim is always in the plural (interesting; perhaps pointing to the Trinity).

Jehovah is Elohim - they are one and the same. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the Creator.

God has blessed the Israelites that they have had a personal and front row seat to His revealing Himself. How could they ever doubt??? How could they be disobediant??? There is no other.
Deut Breakdown

Saw this and never realized it before:

Early Deut - Looking back (History)

Mid to most of Deut - Looking Up (the Law)

Late Deut - Looking ahead (prophecy)

Deuteronomy is the most quoted Scripture by Jesus.

Sorry I'm a day behind...I went to a Laker game sunday, woohoo! and saw the players before at a fiesta, funnnn!
anyhow, lots of good readings!!! Kinda hard to concentrate, i brought my friend to church tonight and she accepted Christ!! i"m so overjoyed! there are no words, its just a complete miracle! PRAISE GOD!!!
I dont see anything wrong with praising God in song! I think its individual, your friend isnt so into music, but i am! Some of us just love music! We are made differently. I know God loves to hear His people worship! In fact, we were created to worship Him! I think it depends on the individual, but what does God want from us more then anything? Our hearts, our worship, our obedience! We can listen to sermons, yes thats awesome, but we definitely need worship and to apply things in our lives, be a doer, not just a hearer! i alternate between the two...probly more music (i'm talking about in my car). Yes I belt it out and sing to Him...i even lift my hands in praise, or one hand, haha, drive with the other. A heart devoted to Christ is a blessed one and it pleases the Lord that we love the things of HIM, whether it be sermons or Godly music!!!

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