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Thanks for the encouragements in your emails to us....I hope if anyone has fallen behind they can just pick up where we are today!

"...then you must destroy them totally" seems harsh showing God to be unloving to all nations. But in the context of His chosen people, God wanted to mould a nation which knew what is right from wrong, good from evil. I see a parallel in parenting.As parents we set discipline and good habits for our children. We may insist that they obey certain things without question but does that mean that we do not love them or have no compassion for our children? Certainly not, it's that in their infancy they need to know right from wrong or good from evil.

WOW... I have been reading almost everyday now and today with the Proverbs 12:1 I've been going through some stuff and I know God put leaders in our lives and i think it would only be foolish not to listen to there advice b/c obiviously they only do that is b/c they care and I know I might not want to hear what they have to say b/c i know they are right but I always need correction and it only helps me get stronger in my walk with GOD... Then along with that Psalms 69:16 It proves to me that when we are in a weak that GOD does hear our prayers and that his mercy is ALWAYS there and unfailing love .. I know to this day I don't know where my life would be without knowing that I have a heavenly Father that knows me inside and out and is always there for me he never leaves......

Today's reading in Deuteronomy really touched me in a very personal way...too much to explain here...but it was definitely God's still small voice speaking ever so gently to me. WOW! God is soooo good!! That's all I can say....

p.s. - I received an email from our friend Mae this morning....she and her family are safe after the fire but are not living back at home just yet. She is also not feeling well. Please continue to pray for her, her family and her health! Thanks!!! I know she is missing everyone! :)

Thanking him for you and all those you touch!

I have memorized Proverbs 12:1 earlier on in my Christian walk and I am reminded that I need the discipline that He provides for me daily.

The two verses that have spoke to me today were in Deuteronomy. Deut 7:10 is a reminder to me that if I hate God, then he will destroy me. In Deut 8:6, I am reminded to observe his commands and to walk in his ways and to revere him on a daily basis.

Thanks for encouraging all those who for any reason are falling behind in their reading. Your advice is good; if you are behind some, just skip forward to today's readings and progress from there. This is excellent for anyone who is behind several days and more.
Be encouraged, Mike, that even though some may be behind in their reading, and others may have dropped completely, there are new readers being added daily, and many many more reading faithfully that you don't hear from. Your work for us has been such a blessing. You have led so many to His Holy Word. Thank you.


Deut 7

Driving Out the Nations.

Note: God is immutable - He does not change. This means He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

How do we know this? God is perfect, if He changed tomorrow it means he would be either more perfect or less perfect. Neither is logically acceptable. God is immutable.
So why the harsh action to all the "ite" nations? Why not just have them pack their bags and move them out of the country?

This is a judgment on the seven nations (also a foreshadowing of what is to come when Jesus returns), God is just and righteous and if He decides to wipe a people out - it is a perfect decision. A perfectly righteous decision by the Creator because He has that right as the Creator. Israel is just the agent of God's judgment.

All mankind is in rebellion, if He wanted to - it would be just and righteous to just wipe out the whole earth. It is by His mercy and grace that some are "saved".
So can we even begon to fathom God's thought process? Somewhat.

- these people knew of God, knew of His work with Israel. Instead of going to Israel and saying - 'teach and show us your God', they chose to continue their worship of false Gods.

Deut 4:35
"You were shown these things so that you might know that the LORD is God; besides him there is no other." NIV

Their idol worship included the things that God detested most - child sacrifice, beastiality, same-sex unions, prostitution in worship, etc. There were probably rampant sexually transmitted diseases in this area.

They rejected God - and the sentence ultimately for rejecting God is "death". Back then for these tribes, today for people who reject Christ (God)receive "eternal separation (death) from God, and in the future at Christ's Second coming - the sentence is the same. Does it really matter how the sentence is carried out?

On top of that God was patient with the "ites" - He told Abraham the time was not right because their sins were not enough over 400 years before this writing.

They were given warnings. They were aware of God and His warnings and rejected Him.

When you do all this - God said earlier the "land will vomit you out". That is what happened to the "ites". Later on when Israel was unfaithful and followed an idolotrous path - they were also thrown out of the land. The only reason they were not wiped out was because of God's Word and promises to the Patriarchs and David.

Deut 8:3-4
"He humbled you, causing you to hunger and then feeding you with manna, which neither you nor your fathers had known, to teach you that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD. Your clothes did not wear out and your feet did not swell during these forty years."

Forgot about clothes not wearing out. From Calvin Klein to Walmart - this would not make retailers happy should it happen again :)

I always thought the swollen feet had to do with all the walking the Israelite nation did in Desert.

Turns out swollen feet are a sign of malnutrition. So perhaps God is pointing out that the manna was nutricious. While addressing their spiritual needs, their physical needs were "completely taken care of in the Desert.



I disagree somewhat about Israel's status in God's eyes.

Yes, today all nations are loved and open to salvation.

Currently Israel is a very secular country. But in the tribulation I believe that God will be using the wrath and destruction to bring Israel to its kness and come to see Jesus as Lord and Savior through a remnant. (That is why I do not believe the church will be here during that time - rapture - there is no point to our presence, and we are promised to not experiance God's wrath in these matters.)

I believe, ultimately Israel will receive all the blessings and promises God made those many thousands of years ago - so in essence - they will at that time be God's chosen nation once again - above all others.

Luke 7

Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman

One after another pictures of Salvation.

Snapshot with the centurion: It was through his knowing he was unworthy, yet recognizing the power and authority of Jesus to save his servant from death - pictures how our attitude should be when we come to Jesus.

Snapshot with the widow: She did nothing to earn Jesus' compassion. She had nothing to bargain with - it was by Jesus' grace that the boy was restored to life. Picture of God's grace to us sinners who have nothing to bring Him - yet he can bring us to everlasting life through His grace.

And here the Sinful woman who actually was saved before she ever entered the house:

"For this reason," said the Lord, "I say to you, her sins, which are many (present tense) have been forgiven (perfect tense-she had been forgiven sometime in the past and would continue to be forgiven), for she loved (agape, self-sacrificing love) much..." - Ron Ritchie

The woman had heard Jesus' teaching and she had believed and received Christ as her Lord and Savior - she loved much - because she had been forgiven much.

The love shown by the woman is not what saved her, but was an outpouring result of the gift of salvation.

Simon on the other hand was not forgiven anything - he showed no love. He was not honoring Jesus with the dinner, but probably had Jesus there to grill Him on matters and probably test Jesus. If he was honoring Jesus as the Messiah - he would certainly have done the things Jesus listed that were common items of respect at the time Jesus entered the house. His lack of love showed the hardness of Simon's heart, and his true nature (not withstanding the meal offered).
Luke 7:50 Jesus said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."

Not anything she did - but what she believed.

Interestingly "go in peace":

"The rabbis always addressed these words "Go in peace" to the dead, but here Jesus offered these same words as a greeting to the living. The woman had made her peace with God (Romans 5), and now she could enjoy the peace of God." Ron Ritchie

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