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Jonathan is a good example of one who put the kingdom of God before any earthly kingdom.He should have been next in line to Saul yet he knew David would be the next king.He saw David as a brother in faith and loved him,nothing else mattered...he supported David to his own hurt.
A messianic Jew once told me that the word "I am"is not used at all in hebrew out of respect for God.For example if one had to say "I am going somewhere"they'd say "I going somewhere"just so they wouldn't pronounce the same words God used to introduce himself.Jesus must have really made some jews mad when he didn't hesitate to use I he makes it so clear that he really meant "I AM".Even today few people acknowledge Jesus as deity.I pray we who know can always be a light that beckons to those who don't know Jesus as "I AM".
God bless you all

1 Samuel 18:5-19:24

The relationship Saul had with David can be seen in thousands and thousands of homes, workplaces, and sadly families and churches. Insecure people trying to “puff” themselves up in mainly their own eyes; insecure people who are afraid that the façade they have placed around themselves is showing, which it either will eventually and will give them away. There is always a love/hate relationship at the core, but that love is based on the desire to benefit themselves as the expense of others, which is a lust.

Either thinking that God is ineffective and senile or either God is bypassing them because of their shortcomings, they need the people they despise to make them look good, but hate them because they fear they will be shown up by success that is not theirs to call their own. .

I think that tormenting spirit from God is because of the absence of a godly spirit within Saul. If a space is empty, in this case Saul’s heart, then what is “no good” will fill it. There is a law in Physics that states, two things cannot occupy the same space, it has to be one or the other. For me reading this brings back that Proverb I have mentioned that has spoken so powerfully to me and continues to speak.

He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls. (Proverbs 25:28 KJVR)

Self-discipline is a fruit of the Sprit and without that Spirit, any and all controls are external not internal. Once the external controls fall or fail, which they will, then anything can come in and everything is going out.
But the fruit of the [Holy] Spirit [the work which His presence within accomplishes] is love, joy (gladness), peace, patience (an even temper, forbearance), kindness, goodness (benevolence), faithfulness, Gentleness (meekness, humility), self-control (self-restraint, continence). Against such things there is no law [that can bring a charge]. (Galatians 5:22-23 AMP)

The question is begged again, What is in control me? Is it the Holy Spirit or is it some external rules and regulations, is it peer pressure to behave? The Ten Commandments are great but if they are only external restraints’ and not written upon my heart, my controls will be lost.

Oh my! In reading the text in the Hebrew Scripture today, I was curious about who Adriel of Meholah might be; he was the son of Barzillai, but my search led me to remember that in Chapter 17 Saul had already promised Merab (his eldest daughter) to anyone who killed Goliath. Saul hated David so much that he was willing to make his eldest daughter a widow by using her as bait to get David killed -- sending him out to kill the Philistines!

David did not demand what was rightfully his, and in fact in humility regarded himself lacking the nobility from his small clan to be worthy of such an honor: To become son-in-law to the king!

Davidian Dynamics: Humility
Sermon by Dr. Ronald W. Scates
King Saul of Israel began as a humble man. We can read in 1 Samuel 9 that as he is anointed king, he resists, out of a deep, deep humility. But somewhere along the line, Saul starts believing his own press clippings. His motto becomes, “When you’re as great as I am, it’s hard to be humble.” And Saul’s humility gives way to an egotistical arrogance and a pathological murderous pride.

As we bring our sermon series on “Davidian Dynamics” to a close, for the 1st time now, you and I are going to be able to peer into the heart of David and what we’re going to discover there is a posture of humility that stands in stark contrast to the arrogance of King Saul.

Saul said to David, “Here is my older daughter, Merab. I will give her to you to in marriage, only serve me bravely and fight the battles of the Lord.” For Saul said to himself, “I will not raise a hand against him. Let the Philistines do that!”

But David said to Saul, “Who am I, and what is my family or my father’s clan in Israel, that I should become the king’s son-in-law?” So when the time came for Merab, Saul’s daughter, to be given to David, she was given in marriage to Adriel of Meholah.

...Well, you see, David has already done that. He’s already fulfilled the qualifications for the prize. Why does he have to go do something else? And secondly, what’s going on here is not an offer of Saul’s daughter’s hand in marriage; it’s the offer of a death sentence. Saul is hoping that David will go out and do something brave on the battlefield and that David will get killed on the battlefield.

It takes a humble person not to take the bait. David doesn’t take the bait and by not doing so, he saves his life and he foils Saul’s murderous plot.

Humility is all about you and me understanding who we really are in relation to the greatness of God and the magnitude and the majesty of His grace.

...David refuses Saul’s offer, the offer of the fast track and in doing so he ticks off a litany of his own smallness, his unworthiness. He says, “Who am I? What is my family? What is my father’s clan in Israel that I should be worthy to be the king’s son-in-law?” And by refusing this fast track, David saves his life.

Jonathan Edwards once said, “The best protection you and I have against the Devil and his schemes is a humble heart.”

It’s David’s humility that spares his life and it’s David’s humility that keeps him from going in the opposite direction of God’s will.

What offers, what prizes, what fast tracks, does the world throw before you and me? Perhaps a promotion. If you’ll… A business deal comes along that encourages you to bend, if not outright, break some ethical parameters. What about an invitation into the halls of power?


Saul seems to vacillate in his affection for David; in fact he appears to be rather unstable in all his ways much like James describes a double-minded man.

I must get more understanding about prophesying. I do not understand Saul's ability to prophesy after hunting down and trying to kill God's annointed. I will pray about understanding.

In the Psalms I have always loved to read "His love endures forever," and today we see also that "His righteousness endures forever."

God is SO GOOD.

I was remindend in today's proverbs of my haughtiness and trying to justify wrong behavior this past week; I confess, I have been a mocker who resented correction.

Thank YOU LORD for making that clear to me.

Household gods....I just couldn't help noticing the issue of household gods.When Michal was Saul's house maybe Saul wasn't a godly enough man(nor a good father)to make sure there was no other god except God in his home...Wonder if David ever knew there was a household god..or if he cared what his wife was doing.It does say Michal was in love with David,never says David returned her affection...Anyway,it seems Israel would sing praises to God for victory in battles but still kept their household gods...and to them that was ok.I pray God reveals our own security blankets(household gods)to us and gives us faith to look only to Him.

Saul Prophesying

In 1Sam19:20-24 the Hebrew word naba' - "prophesied" is in the Hithpael tense and is to be taken as 'to praise God, taken by a divine impulse to sing praise to God.'
i. When it says that they were all prophesying, it isn’t that they were all predicting the future. The Hebrew word simply has the idea of speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They were probably all giving spontaneous and inspired praise to God.

b. Then the Spirit of God was upon him also: Why did the Holy Spirit come upon Saul? For the same reasons He came upon the messengers Saul sent to capture David. First, to prevent David’s capture. Second, to tell Saul, “Hands off My servant David. I am in charge here.”

i. There may have been an additional message to Saul in this: “Saul, you are prophesying now, speaking beautiful words of praise and wonder to Me. This is how I could work in you all the time if you were humble and willing.”

Sauls' Insecurity

I now wonder about Saul's supposed humility and hiding behind the baggage before his anointing as king. Perhaps this was not humility as much as Saul did not really want or think he should be king. He was so insecure and had no relationship with God - he probably thought he was in over his head.
God's spirit came upon Saul at different times to accomplish tasks - but he never had or has a relationship with God. We never see him throw himself down and trust in, depend on, rely on God. God, on the other hand, will use Saul as a vehicle in His Divine Plan, but God will not force a relationship with Saul.

Nor will God force a relationship with us today - we must come to Him. God will not force us to love and adore Him - that is not love (when it is co-erced).
Fits of anger, lying, using others (even third parties - Philistines) to try and rid himself of David, jealousy over David's relationship and favor with God -----

All point to his insecurity. Saul is not secure because he is not whole. Saul is not whole because he never believed in and trusted in the Lord. When you are in that condition you have no roots, no backbone, no ultimate moral authority to conduct your life - and it is easy pickings for Satan to lead you down the path of anger, jealousy, lying, doubt, etc.

John 8:31-59

Random notes:

In Chapter 6 Jesus in the "Bread of Life discourse showed himself to be greater than Moses. Now here in Chapter 8 Jesus shows himself greater than Abraham.

vs 31-32 (Young's Literal Translation) "Jesus, therefore, said unto the Jews who believed in him, `If ye may remain in my word, truly my disciples ye are, and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'"

There are disciples and there are "true" disciples. Seems these Jews believed, but they had not yet received Christ into their lives. If you stay in his word (logos), you are in Him and He is in you - that is the mark of a true disciple - 'believing AND receiving'. When you do both you will know the truth (Jesus) and you will be free from the bondage of sin and the sting of death.

THE SAD THING: There are a lot of people who believe in Christ, but have never received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They acnowledge Jesus is who He says He is in the Bible. They believe in what he says regarding salvation. But in the end they do not know Jesus (Matt 7:23), and that lack of the extra step - trusting Jesus to abide in you and run your life - well, it is an eternal mistake.
vs 33. Two views
1)Never been slaves of anyone? Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, not to mention slaves of sin. The disagreement is getting heated and words are being thrown out without thought of their veracity.
2)Jews knew exactly what Jesus was talking about and as far as religion went they felt they had never not practiced Judaism. Although it is conveniant to forget that as a nation they often practiced idolatry along with worshipping the True God.

v. 44 Here personal pronouns are used, a time frame is given, a personal attribute (liar) is applied to the devil (Gk. Diablos) - seems apparent to me the Devil is a real entity.

Vs.56 Whether Abraham actually saw the day, or saw it in a dream, or metaphorically saw it when through his faith he was justified - I don't believe is as important as 'Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing this day'. These physical descendants of Abraham did not rejoice when it was actually happening before their eyes.

v. 58 Once again even if one does not want to admit what the declaration of "I AM" means (see Anka's comment) just LOOK at the reaction it causes amongst the people.

I agree, God's view of success and the world's are greatly in conflict. We should aim to be successful for God, for that is imperishable. Saul sending out David hoping he'd be killed...reminds me of what David does to Bathsheba's husband later on.
Saul's anger shows how much jealousy and envy can corrupt someone's life....very dangerous.
David brought back 200 Philistines' foreskins? eeewwwwwww!!
I love Jonathan's devotion to his friend. Man, Saul had a good start and went downhill...and we read why, because God departed from him, but really Saul departed from God through willful disobedience and pride. Its not how you start the race...its how you finish it!

In John v.2: "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."..I LOVE that!! So true! I have never been so freeee in my life as when I submited to Christ. The thought used to unsettle me. give up my will? surrender? like i would lose control, it kinda made me nervous...that was the enemy though. How blessed I am to submit and give away control...I am so free! Free from my sins, bondage to sin, my own self, free from my burdens, shackles, heavy heart.
I remember once in a philosophy class in college, there was so much confusion...the teacher was mocking the bible and i think God allowed me to feel that burden, the burden the world carries when they are in bondage and not in truth. it was sooooooo awful. But God let me feel that burden, maybe to make me mre compassionate? idk. I just got in my car and prayed and turned on the radio and heard My Refuge by Sonicflood: "I take my sorrow and lay it down at Your feet, I take my refuge, where i can be freeeeee, in Youuuuu oh Lord, in You, my God! when there's nowhere to turn, and nothing thats true, i find my peace in YOU!"
That song just SPOKE to me and the spirit lifted that heavy burden off me and i never felt such freedom in my life! I'll never forget that day or that feeling of having the weight of the world lifted off me and the confusion of bondage and being set free!

Wow...John is powerful!! "You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

Some of the most radical verses:
v. 47 "He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God."

v. 58 "I tell you the truth," Jesus answered, "before Abraham was born, I am!"
Go Jesus!! Go Jesus! =) I LOVE IT!! Amazing words!

Wow! i have to memorize this one:
Ps v 7 "He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD."
Sounds like something God has been working on in me. Susanna knows this =).
Psalms is just beautiful.
I'm learning more about the fear of the isnt just reverence, its actual fear, healthy fear. We should have a fear of displeasing Him. We should tremble at the thought of sinning against Him. I think I get too cozy perhaps and lose a bit of that fear. fear as a deep respect. God is very lovingly and graciously showing me this.

Prov v. 13 "A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.".......Boy does it ever!

I was wondering wen the tv tangent was coming. that was a short..) last year's was nice and long, haha. I love the tangents! =-) I agree! i dont watch tv. i do turn on the news every now n then to hear about a big story and ok maybe a basketball game! but thats it! Its amazzzzing the difference in your life wen you give up tv. I didnt consciously give it up...i just lost the desire (i was a former tv junkie). Now i'm the most uncool person around, haha, people talk about all these tv shows ???? I have no idea wat they are. i really dont feel i'm missing out on anything. I'm not!

I really like reading 1 Samuel! And David ... he has been through a lot with a king that hates him, shees! Saul really hated him for being succesfull, I love verse 18:14 "David continued to succeed in everything he did, for the Lord was with him".
There's just one thing I don't understand; why would the Spirit come upon Saul? Did the Lord want to prove something to Saul?

John was sooooooooooo powerful!!!
Verse 36) So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. ~ Well Amen!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been so free in my entire life! The moment I turned myself from my old life and started my new life in Christ it was a feeling of freedom! Just to be able to grab my garbage (yeah, using this metaphore, since I see this dude carrying his garbage) and give it to the Lord. "Here Lord, toss it out!". True freedom, that's what it is!!!
Verse 43 Why can’t you understand what I am saying? It’s because you can’t even hear me!~ also powerful! Actually verses 42 till 47 are very powerful! It just explains why some people don't believe the Gospel. Verse 47 explains it all "Anyone who belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God. But you don’t listen because you don’t belong to God". First find Jesus, to get to God. To understand the Gospel! Naturally I don't listen to people who try to provoke me, it's just no use. They can't hurt me with the things they say, I don't take it personally, I know that God hears them. I can talk with non-believers about my relationship with God, but I will not go into some huge discussion. Not because I'm afraid to, I'm not afraid at all! Verses 42 till 47 explains it ... people just won't listen, they can't listen, they can't hear what I'm saying. They're not with God!

Psalm 112 is wonderful! It's encouraging!!!
Verse 7) They do not fear bad news;
they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.
Verse 10 The wicked will see this and be infuriated.
They will grind their teeth in anger;
they will slink away, their hopes thwarted ~ How sad, eh?

Todays readings were awesome!!!! I love this Biblestudy!! I'm so glad I'm a part of this!

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