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This is a pretty long post..
David,a man after God's own heart was painfully human.He lied and is about to get the priest into trouble(I'm sure Saul's shepherd wasn't eavedropping just out of curiosity)then David acts like a lunatic to save his life.I couldn't help wondering,was this idea of acting inspired by God?David his annointed was really not behaving like a king.At the same time,I can't help wondering how Jesus's disciples felt seeing their master beaten,spat on then hung naked to die on a cross.Where was all the power that Jesus displayed and spoke about?It may be easy for us to believe without having seen Jesus humiliated.Even though there's a controversy surrounding the movie The passion of Christ,I think every Christian should see it because it shows a vivid picture of how Christ truly suffered and was humiliated.The amazing thing is God was watching and even through this suffering and rejction,He still was working.David may have been discouraged yet when his life was saved,he attributed it all to God(psalms 34,56).I pray for the strength to look up to God when in trouble.David ran from Samuel in Ramath to Jonathan who was near Saul.In times of pain and confusion we sometimes even loose our ability to think clearly.Running to our enemy(negative thoughts,alcohol,drugs...the enemies arms)rather than remain on our knees in prayer.
The Jews seemed to want the blind man to doubt his testimony.He didn't know Jesus but believed the devil couldn't have set him free.The blind man didn't think Jesus used his own powers,he replied to them "he is a prophet"and when they tried to get him to think Jesus was a sinner,he hung to his miracle...he may have thought"well I don't know how Jesus stands before God,but I know God worked through him to give me a miracle and I know God doesn't answer sinners".
This man couldn't care less if he was thrown out of the synagoge,there was an element of defiance in his reply"I have told you already and you did not listen. Why do you want to hear it again? Do you want to become his disciples, too?"He wasn't going to change his testiomny nor was he going to accept to smear the character of the man he received his miracle from.When asked by Jesus if he knew the son of man,this former begger didn't say no,he wanted to know who Jesus really was then worshipped Him when Jesus revealed himself.
We may falter in our faith due to discouragement but we should never let go of our convictions.At the end of the day what satan tries to do is attack our knowledge of who God really is.When we go through humilitaion,doubt,despair,satan comes to attack our relationship with a "well if God is love,how can he let this happen to you,if God takes care of your needs then why do you have to count pennies,if God is a father then how could he let your child die,if you're created in God's image,then why do you have a disability?"etc.The trick is I guess keep walking,crawl if you have to but never let go of your convictions...if you feel those convictions slip away,then stick to God's word.I humbly believe it is for times like these that God had put the desire in Mike's heart to start this blog so you can see wounded soliers cling to their swords(the word) and you can see that God is still present in our days.He still is in the business of getting us out of the enemies arms if we cry out.
God bless you all

1 Samuel 20-21:15

A —Thank you for your wonderful words. Words that not only cause us to think but words that inspire and encourage.

In thinking about what you wrote, Anka, the question comes up, “What and whom did David fear? We lie and operate out of deception because we fear for our lives, our reputation or falling out of favor with man, and maybe God. We fear that our true selves with be revealed if we tell the truth. Truth is confrontational, especially the truth about ourselves. The question what information and from whom are we believing. Back in the Garden Adam and Eve hid after they sinned because their eyes were opened. When God asked them, “Where are you,” He wasn’t asking them logistical information He knew where they were. He was asking them because He knew where they where but did they truly know their standing and how far they had fallen God’s response to them when they said they were naked so they hid was, “Who told you?” What and whose information was David believing about himself, about Saul and about His God?

David thought Saul would kill him despite the Word of the Lord he had heard from Samuel, despite the acknowledgement and confirmation of the Word from his friend Jonathan. Was there something going on in David’s life that made him forget that Promise or did he, like many of us, negate the promise because of a feeling of inferiority, of some false guilt, of a sense that God is not able to bring what He has promised to pass?

When “running for our lives,” do we run to our enemies, as Anka has noted, or do we run to the Rock that is higher than ourselves.

Thank God for his mercy and grace when we miss it by more than a mile or kilometer.

Okay, so

~~the festival of the New Moon; it appears it was a monthly festival ordained by God, but I could not find much to support it, and it sounds so "pagan."


~~why did David bow down to Jonathan three times? Was there some significance in the number of times he bowed down?

And why,

~~oh WHY, would Saul hire an Edomite (Doeg) to be his head shepherd? Was he SO EVIL by this time in his life that he didn't realize what enemies Edom was to Israel?

Seems I am chalk full of questions today in the text; don't get me wrong, I love it, 'cause it gets me to search and try to find the answers...but, alas, I hit brick walls today--and, oh my! I still have to vacuum the house, fill and run the dishwasher, and (oh yeah--my day job --proof 24 psychiatric reports and transcribe another 15 of them). What to do, what to do. Well, I guess you know what my priority is now. :)

[sue's post was from last year, but some may have the same questions.]

New Moon Festival

We first hear about the New Moon Festival in the book of Shemot (Exodus) 40:1-2: “And the L-rd spake unto Moshe, saying, On the first day of the first month thou shalt set up the tabernacle of the tent of the congregation.” In the Hebrew calendar the new moon begins a new month. It was on this particular day that the L-rd wanted Moshe to erect the Tabernacle.

After the Tabernacle was erected, on that very same day, the Glory of G-d filled it. Shemot 40:33-34: “And he reared up the court round about the tabernacle and the altar, and set up the hanging of the court gate. So Moshe finished the work. Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the L-rd filled the tabernacle.” It was on the new moon that the glory of the L-rd filled the Tabernacle. The New Moon Festival was also a day of sacrifice. Bamidbar (Numbers) 28:11: “And in the beginnings of your months ye shall offer a burnt offering unto the L-rd; two young bullocks, and one ram, seven lambs of the first year without spot;” Not only that, it was also to be a day of the blowing of the shofar. Bamidbar 10:10: “Also in the day of your gladness, and in your solemn days and in the beginnings of your months, ye shall blow with the trumpets over your burnt offerings, and over the sacrifices of your peace offerings; that they may be to yo u for a memorial before your G-d: I Am the L-rd your G-d.”

Besides many other Biblical events which occurred on the new moon, it was also the day when Moshe spoke to the children of Israel giving them the L-rd’s commandments.

This is all cut and paste and info from a messianic Jewish website.

[ Re-reading it seems the Festival was only on the First month of the year. Besides the biblical commands, something akin to our New Year's Day celebration.]
Bowing three times

A custom in the ancient world to bow three times to royalty. No mention of why three (3)?. Jonathan was a prince. David at this time - still a servant of the king. Everything after the bowing was as "good friends"
Doeg the Edomite
"doeg" means fearing, anxious.

Who knows? Saul did what he wanted. Perhaps Doeg had some physical traits that Saul desired in his chief herdsmen. (Stature, strength, etc.) Perhaps he had proven his loyalty over time being promoted from a regular shepherd. Remember shepherds were the lowliest form of occupation in Israel, so being the head shepherd was not a place of great distinction. Perhaps doeg had converted to Judaism (doubtful).

In the end he was an extension of Saul's evil wishes (and perhaps Saul himself)and slays the priests when no other of Saul's servants will do the deed.

Saul was evil at this point and had no hesitation of hurting people of Israel (priests), Edomites hated Israel and coveted their land. Seems like a match made by "satan"?????

John 9

Pool of Siloam

Scoffers of the Bible used to point to this "pool" named in the Bible, and claim it did not exist. Just another error in the Bible.


In 2004, the pool was discovered in an archaeological dig.
John 9:25b
"...One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!" NIV

My favorite line in John - it applies exactly as to how I was before Salvation, and how I became after Salvation.
Greater Miracle than the Last

This man the Lord chose (nowhere does it say the man came to the Lord for healing)

No one had ever been healed of Blindness from birth.

The opening of eyes to the light: to me Jesus first covered the eyes with spittle and earth (the world) and then told man to wash the mixture off in the Pool of Siloam. Water ingested represents the Holy Spirit, Water used in exteranl cleansing represents the Word. By belief and the use of the Word, the filth and blocking of vision by the world will be taken away. You will see the light.

This man stood up for Jesus in front of scrutiny. He was banned from synagouge.

He was not only given physical sight, but spiritual sight.

He chose a man who was blind from birth, just as man is spiritually blind from birth, and he healed him.'s OT readings are exciting! i'm loving this book!!!

John is again, amazing! Some great verses from John that stand out: "One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!"
that is all born again believers testimony there! I love it!
I like this former blind man's answers!
v. 31 "We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly man who does his will."
Amen! what a beautiful promise for those who receive His gift of "sight"!
I love the rest of John as well regarding spiritual blindness! so powerful!!!

I love Proverbs! "But he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast."...AMEN! SO true!!
The NIV says for vs 17: "Better a meal of vegetables...." Yay!! I'm a vegetarian so i agree, haha. yeah, i cut off the rest of the verse, but better is vegetables anyway. :p

I think I said it before, but I'm really starting to learn now about the OT! It's so exciting to read! When I'm reading it I go into the 'character' of David and I feel what he's feeling! First Samuel really floors me!

John is amazing! Touches me every day:
Verse 31 "We know that God doesn’t listen to sinners, but he is ready to hear those who worship him and do his will".
I'm really going to take this verse with me tonight!

We have healingservices at church, so I'm ready to go. Please pray for us! We did a lot of witnessing and street ministry to get visitors. It's a 3-day event at our church, with Pastor Steve Bowman from the US. We spread a lot of flyers as well, so I hope we'll have visitors. I hope they open their hearts for God's Word, so he can work in their lives!

PS: that bowl of soup looks like "Bakso" that we eat in Indonesia! Hmmm ... I could have that right now ... very nice ...

Telling lies

"He said, 'Let me go, because our family is observing a sacrifice in the town and my brother has ordered me to be there. If I have found favor in your eyes, let me get away to see my brothers.' That is why he has not come to the king's table." NIV

There was a discussion last year on the blog about whether it is ever right to lie.

Study note from faithtacoma church:

Here is another case of a godly man telling a manifest untruth in a context in which it is not clear at all that the Bible condemns him for doing so (cf. the Hebrew midwives; Rahab; etc.). There are circumstances in which telling an untruth does not amount to “bearing false witness against one’s neighbor.” Interestingly, in the biblical examples, the untruth is told virtually always on behalf of someone else, not oneself. Here David. So, by and large, count on it. The lies you feel tempted to tell will very rarely be justified by such examples as these.

More on telling lies

David fabricates a story and tells it to Ahimelech the priest at Nob.

More from faithtacoma:
Fact is, we don’t get anywhere in this material the sense that the narrator necessarily disproves of these deceits. The ethics of war are not the same as the ethics of peace. No one disproves of an army concealing its intentions, even attempting to convince its enemy that its intentions are otherwise than they are (Joshua sending the spies ahead of his army into Canaan; the allies regarding the invasion landing sites in Normandy). What we have here, of course, is the early stages of the war between the house of Saul and the house of David.

Regarding Jesus' Deity
John 9:37-38
"Jesus said, "You have now seen him; in fact, he is the one speaking with you."
Then the man said, "Lord, I believe," and he worshiped him."


Another verse to show those who do not believe in the Deity of Christ. In the Scripture only God is to be worshipped. If something or someone ever contradicts scripture - Jesus, in the past, has always corrected the situation.

Jesus does not object to the worship - so even though not verbally declaring His deity - the lack of objection by Jesus confirms His Deity.

My question is in regards to John 9:41. "Jesus said, "if you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains" Does this mean that those for whom the spiritual veil has not been lifted will somehow not fall under judgement? I often have this discussion with folks as to those who just don't seem to get it. I guess again it could be a heart condition of not wanting to see what the Holy Spirit is trying to reveal to a person. It just sometimes makes me wonder as I often would like to think that God will eventually save all (is that called universal salvation?) and that it is just a matter of time for all to "see". But just having read C.S. Lewis's "The Great Divorce", I am pretty sure that there will be those who choose not to see what is revealed to them. Don't know, just wondered!


John 9:41
"Jesus said, "If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains."

Read a few commentaries, but I am going to go with what I think.

This has been a "spiritual" chapter. so - I think - Jesus is saying here - if you knew you were spiritually blind - knew that you didn't have the answers. Well, I can deal with that - I can bring you to salvation, then you would not be guilty of sin - because I will have that covered through my "blood".

BUT (and remember he is speaking to Pharisees here who will not recognize the evidence before them)

If you claim you have spiritual insight (that you see)- think you have the answer (and it is wrong). Well, you will not listen to me - you will go with what you think you know (mankind's pride). I cannot bring you to salvation - you will not allow me to, because you do not hear and you do not believe. Therefore your "guilt" remains.

[This is just as true today for those who reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior as it was for the Pharisees back in the day.]
I think in the gospels and in the rest of New Testament - there is no justification for a universal salvation (everyone goes to Heaven).

It is a thought conjured up by man - because no one wants to see anyone go to Hell. We can't believe a merciful and lovving God would send people to Hell.

The Truth is some people choose to go to Hell. They reject God, and they do not love God. God is not going to bring them to a place - in His presence - by force. That is not love - it is coercion.

God has a plan - all people have to do is acknowledge that plan, and take God up on His offer. By refusing to do so - they choose eternal separation from God. They want that here on Earth - they will get their way for eternity.

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