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I was also struck by Joseph telling his brothers that shepherds are despised in Egypt. Jews are still despised in Egypt; so the hatred began VERY long ago---long before Muslem and Judaism.
I thought Joseph took the Egyptians cattle for his brothers to look after because Pharoah told Joseph to have his brothers look after Pharoah's flock.

Joseph spent the years preparing Egypt for the famine by doing what God made him good at: business. He learned how to fretter food away and siphon and save so that when the land hardly grew food for seven years, there would be such a surplus as to support the entire region.

So when the famine comes and it's time to open up the coffers, he only does what he has done all along and that is business. He collects fair price for the grain and when no money is availible, he shows wisdom in finding other ways for people to pay.

It was in this way that Egypt was made so great and so rich. It is a little presumptious to say that suddenly Joseph was to be less Joseph, simply because people were running out of money in a severe famine.

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Today, I really enjoyed Psalms 19:1.

It reminded me of an evening a few weeks ago. We live out in the country and can see the stars beautifully on a clear night. Before bedtime, our family went outside. My son enjoys the "baby stars". It is great to see him facinated with God's creation at a young age.

Thank you Mike
I really love and admire your blog and agree with all your opinions...Thank you ...Thank you....I am sure I will meet you in heaven and I will give you a big hug and tell you ...you made a difference in my day and in my life

Do you believe that God is with you always? That he will go with you wherever you go?

I do believe that God is always by my side and in my heart. Since He is always with me, He always goes wherever I go. I think you mentioned today that sometimes God doesn’t seem as close as other times and that during those times you worry if you are doing Gods will. I too experience this. I always feel His presence, but sometimes He doesn’t feel as close to me as others. It’s in the times that I feel like He is not close that I pray and examine my life in an attempt to know if I am doing His will.

Regarding Jacobs blessing pharaoh twice; that too stood out to me and like you would need to try investigating the double blessing. I’m wondering if the first blessing is for allowing Jacob and his family to live in Goshen. Then pharaoh asked Jacob how old he is. I’m not quite sure whey pharaoh would ask him that, but what stands out to me is Jacob’s response, “My years have been few and difficult, and they do not equal the years of the pilgrimage of my fathers.” Jacob then blesses pharaoh for the second time. I wonder if the second blessing is because pharaoh will allow him to live longer and complete his pilgrimage just as his fathers have. Again…it’s something that needs more research.

Over the years I have been more aware of what comes out of my mouth. I must admit that every once in awhile one particular profane word slips out, but what I find amazing is that as soon as it happens I am immediately aware of, ask God to forgive me and then seek understanding as to why that word had to be used. It’s really only one word anymore, but I must say that my use of it is far and in between. I see this as God working in my life to correct the un-cleanliness of what exits my mouth and to make my heart purer. I know that it is working because I see and feel absolute changes in my life; changes for the good. Thanks be to God.

Yours in Christ,

I just wanted to say lots of times I don't manage to read the commentaries, but what I have seen you have done a good job with. I appreciate the time you take to do them. I am enjoying the daily readings. Thanks for doing this

I am wondering why Joseph moved all the people into the cities.

The Cell Groups at our church use the One Year Bible as our curriculum. We link to your blog feed on our website, and love your insights... they help us as we study the word.

I thought I'd add a little bit on this about Jesus and the Gentile thing happening here...
I posted this on the forum on our website as we discussed it.. I thought it might be fitting to repost it here..

Jesus was human. He and His disciples were tired.
and this lady was annoying them with her pleading.

From the Jewish perspective of the disciples.... the gentiles were pigs.

When I read this passage. I see Jesus recognizing that.

They came to Jesus and said, "Make her go away. She's a pig."

Jesus plays along, and tells her that she's a pig. (well, he says dog...but follow along here for a minute.)
I don't think He meant it to be insulting.... but rather to play along with the disciples racism to prove a point.

She demonstrates her faith in the POWER that she knows Jesus has, and pleads with Him.


One Chapter earlier, Jesus was scolding these guys for their lack of faith....(after Peter took a swim and Jesus calmed the storm)

Let's give it an analogy.

I'm a football coach in a mostly white town. My team cannot complete a pass for anything. Everytime we run a practice drill, the QB underthrows, or the reciever trips on his own feet. I am nagging them about this everyday. "You guys have to develop these skills. You can pass, and you can catch. You just have to do it."

So one day, a bunch of black guys come in and want to play.

My white boys get upset and ask me to send them off.

I know better. I'm not a racist... but I want to teach my boys a lesson. So I play along.
"Hey. Don't you guys know that black people can't play football? I coach white boys. Run along."

And they say, "We can play too." and they send off one of the guys to run alongside the field as far as he can run, and the other kid throws a perfect spiral, and they complete a 70 yard pass right in front of my boys.

Then I turn around and tell my white boys... These guys are good. Make sure you are getting this. They might be a different race, but they have skills you couldn't even dream of.

That's what I see happening here.

Jesus did come to reach the Jews first, but He knew He came for all. And He knew His Jewish boys didn't get this whole TRUST Jesus thing. So He lets this woman show them up to prove His point.

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