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Psalm 21

Psalm 20 is a psalm before Israel's battle. Psalm 21 is a psalm of thanksgiving after the battle.

It is understandable when people of God go to Him before hard times asking Him for victory. What is wonderful here is the psalmist did not forget God after the victory. To God went the praise. It could be very tempting after a victory or a string of victories for a king or people to start thinking - "Hey, we're pretty good, a mighty country with a great king who can vanquish anyone."

Perhaps we are guilty of forgetting God in times of spiritual victory or blessings. Praying to God in earnest when things are dark and foreboding, but forgetting to thank God and praise Him when we prevail in our own battles. (Something to think about, and a place where I have been humbled recently.)
In Psalm 20 - it is God's protection that is sought for the king.
Psalm 21:4 He asked you for life, and you gave it to him—
length of days, for ever and ever. ( a hint of the Davidic covenant???)

In Psalm 20 - it is God's support that will determine the success of the king,
Psalm21:1 O LORD, the king rejoices in your strength.
How great is his joy in the victories you give!
Psalm21:5 Through the victories you gave, his glory is great;
you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty.

In Psalm 20 - it is God's receiving of the king's prayers that will bring the victory.
Psalm21:2 You have granted him the desire of his heart
and have not withheld the request of his lips.

The people had specific requests, and now they are going down the checklist and thanking God for granting the requests and praising Him for his victory, His Power and his Might. God did it and to God goes the Glory.
Application Verse

I just think it is the whole concept of remembering to thank God after victories in our life.

Starting to think we are special or superior to other Christians is a trap too easily fallen into when we begin to take credit for the victories in our lives. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ - God just uses each of us differently, and to Him goes the Glory.

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Proverbs 5

Just a few notes as we will have a few days on this chapter.

- God does not approve of adultery. Marriage is sacred to God. Adultery to God is important enough to list in the original ten commandments.

- The man is talking to his son giving advice about seduction. The antagonist has to be a woman. If the proverb was about giving advice to a daughter, the adultress would be referred to as an adulterer (a man) and the same concepts would apply to the man.

- Lastly, it might be helpful to consider the adultress not as a woman, but as Satan.

Satan will flatter and lie when seducing us into a sin. No one commits adultery because they see it as a horrible evil thing, initially it is seductive, attractive, pleasurable and no one needs to know type of thing.

However, in the end there is bitterness, suffering, and hurt. If the adultering spouse will not admit it, it will definately do the above to the spouse's partner in marriage.

When you fall for Satan's lies about adultery - you are following someone who is heading for death and desolation, and is on his own path of destruction. He just wants to pull you down with him into sin so that your testimony will be destroyed and you are distracted from serving the Lord through your loss of fellowship with God.

It seems to me that while the church in the west is declining, it grows in the poorer and oppressed parts of this world. So much so, that we see missionaries from Africa ministering in Britain. I love the church but each one I have attended, there is bickering. We should return to scripture based church and focus on Jesus.

I am continually amazed at how much I love meeting another brother or sister in Christ. It's always pretty clear that God has made a "connection" for us with other believers that only He could accomplish in our lives. The fact that God established the church is probably the most important thing to remember for me when it comes to how I think about the church.

Unfortunately, pride sours this beautiful body that Jesus paid the price for and we see division and a lack of love quite often in the church today. On the other hand, I've been involved in a couple of collaborative efforts in our community where 40+ churches joined together to serve the community over a weekend called ShareFest. What a tremendous example to our local area of how the church glorifies God when we humbly unite in a common purpose.

I have personally determined to "humble myself in the sight of the Lord" and to submit to the authority of my local church. I go to church in order to serve others and worship God with them. It used to be that I was critical of the music, the preaching and the programs and then God helped me to see how much this displeased Him. So, with a grateful heart I'm committed to finding whatever is pure and lovely and keeping my mind set on these things.

I have heard it said that other countries are now sending missionaries to the US as we need the Lord so badly. That saddens me. The song that says "if we are the body why aren't are hands healing etc" I don't know the artist or exact title but that song convicts me every time I hear it that I am sitting on my hands too much & need to move to tell everyone the reason we believe who He is.

My pastor of 26 yrs has left for medical reasons & I love my church also. Praying for the same type of Godly man for our shepherd. As of now the flock is staying tight. I am a 12 yr Christian & was one that hated the idea of church. But God drew me here & it has been a wonderful change of heart. There are churches that are money & numbers driven which is so sad but many are not. Our church tithes go directly to missions first to strengthen the body. By the way I loved that photo you posted.

Reading about Joseph, I had no idea this is why the Hebrews were in Egypt when the story of Moses starts. I always wondered how they got there! I'm sure the famine was over by the time Joseph died, I feel they should have went back home maybe to keep the oppression from happening. BUT then Moses wouldn't have been who he was. God is so good how he puts puzzle pieces of our lives togther for reasons beyond us. So sad that few see this & it gets by others so easily. Thank you for this blog to bring us together when sometimes I sit under a tree feeling sorry for myself that I am the only one out here.

Matt 16:15 always strikes me when I read. Yes, we all hear in our various churches, our friends and parents say who Jesus is but ask your self this question, who is Jesus to u? From vs 17 we get to know that its only through revelation that you get to know who he is. Let me put it in a practical way, I have a dad, and then when i was a child i knew that my dad is the provider, he provides food and all that, so I know when i am in need all i need do is go to daddy. Your revelation of Jesus determines your relationship with him and the power of God that you experience in your life. Spend more time with him that he may reveal his many sided person to you. He is my healer, he is my comforter, he is my knight in shinning armour, he is my all in all. Who is he to u?

I attend a church I love; much better than the fundamentalist brand I attended as a child and young adult.

However, my family lives far from town so we are looking for a place to attend for a mid-week service...because of the price of gas traveling in an out of town can get quite pricey. So, is it wrong to be a hybird member in two different congreations? my family is also looking for ways to plug into a ministry in the church we currently attend. I think God is leading us toward children's ministry.

A couple random tangents:

I've been reading Nightmare Academy by Frank Peretti. It has convicted me that it is so important to teach our youth the standards the Bible teaches before they get caught up in cultural relativism. I thought I was a well-grounded in my beliefs as a youth but I can look back on my life and see how relativism was taught in my public education and how it affected my views and decisions as a young adult. This week on Focus on the Family...Dr. Dobson's guest discusses how the logic of a relativistic world view leads to one's acceptance of abortion.

I have also been reading Love, Sex, and Lasting Relationships by Chip Ingram. I would recommend this book for a parent of any teenager. It is so important to open our young peoples' hearts and minds to the Truth so they can secure their hearts in Him. Chip discusses how Hollywood has sold culture a lie about how to do relationships and again, when one does not claim God's truth as a standard it can lead to the logic that sex outside or marriage is acceptable. This book also opened my eyes to how my sin can affect other people and their walk with the Lord.

I have been blessed with great churches all of my life. Although there's always disappointments when humans are involved, I have felt God at all the churches I have attended and I have learned much from the members of those churches. I know that can be rare but I also know that we need to pray constantly and trust in Him. We just moved and had intentions of going to two different churches but for "some reason" we were not able to get to them and we ended up where we are now, and we thank God because he led us to our new family!


Quick Hits:

Satan is nothing if not persistent. Satan has always either tried to kill off, persecute and eliminate God's people. If satan can accomplish that - then God is a liar, his promises can not be fulfilled, and satan wins. That is why this technique is employed even to this day regarding Israel. Israel is secular today, but if satan can eliminate the Jewish race (as a people) there will be no remnant for God to save at Second Coming. Again the idea is to make God a liar.

Failing that satan tries to corrupt God's people. Sometimes it looks like satan is winning - that he may have God in a checkmate, but there is always a move to be made. God always preserves a remnant even in the worst of His chosen people's times.

In God's plan it is a long match, but in the end - no one human or angelic can stand up against God and win. Even when it looks like Satan is winning - Joseph is correct. What you meant for evil - God meant for Good.
New Pharoah

Here the plan is to cap the population of the chosen people and reduce it by marrying off the daughters to Egyptians and diluting the bloodlines. the children by lineage would be Egyptians. Would take a while - but that is the plan.

Satan did not know that the midwives were in God's pocket, that Pharoah's daughter would have a soft heart, that in God's plan the boy would even be returned to his mother for nursing and growth.


In Hebrew it cannot be determined at what age Moses was turned over to Pharoah's daughter. I believe it is long enough for this faithful Jewish mother to instill the oral tradition of God's Word into Moses. At night the mother would tell Moses the story of the Garden, the promise of the redeemer, The promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and the story of how Moses' people came Egypt and were saved from extinction by famine.

Conjecture on my part, but it would explain why Moses had a heart for His people and knew God. If Moses had been raised as an infant in Pharoah's court - it is unlikely that Moses would have the feelings above about His native people and God.


AAGGH too much here, maybe Mike will post some old stuff of mine next year. Some quick hits though:

Matt16:19 "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."

Much argument over this verse. Did Jesus give Peter alone the authority to save or condemn people on earth to the kingdom of heaven?

My take.

While here in this verse it may be Peter alone, later in Matt 18:18 Jesus repeats the same statement to all the apostles - the "you" is plural. So taken in toto the authority is to all the apostles.

What authority?

Can the apostles really proclaim whether a person is going to heaven or not? Yes and No.

The verbal forms “shall be bound” and “shall be loosed,” in the Greek New Testament, are perfect tense, passive voice participles. The perfect tense suggests that the binding and loosing had already occurred, and the effects of that action would remain.

What does this mean? In layman terms and in context remember that the apostles were given great gifts at the first Pentecost. They would need them to establish the early "body of christ" (church). when they were preaching the gospel and establishing churches the Holy Spirit would let them know who was truly converted or who was a hypocrite in pronouncing Jesus Christ as Savior.

Yes, they could proclaim who was saved and who was not, but only because it had already been established in heaven (by God/Christ), and they were informed (perhaps instantaneously) by the Holy Spirit of heavens decree. Certainly someone declared unsaved, could at a future date with the right heart come to God for salvation. That right is not gone until a person breathes his/her last.

No, they would have no authority on their own to proclaim first and then have it happen in heaven. God alone has the power to judge people. It is not for us to judge, only to proclaim the Gospel and what is in God's Will. This last is what the apostles did very well.
Matt 16:28 "I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom." (NIV)

Transfiguration comes up again later in gospels, so I will talk to Mike about posting some old posts on that topic.

What about the above verse? Did Jesus not tell the truth? Was he just incorrect? Or has Jesus already come back and we missed it??????

Jesus told the truth. for a lot of people the trouble is an unfortunate chapter break and the word "kingdom". Kingdom here can also be translated "royal power" used in the New Testament to refer to "the reign of the Messiah".

If that is true, and I believe it is correct, then the transfiguration should have been included in Chapter 16. Why? Because on the mountain of Transfiguration "some who are standing here" (Peter, James, and John) were obviously not dead yet - and they saw Christ transfigured (changed) into his Glory - (His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.)

I think it is fair to say that those three apostles, while alive, saw Jesus in ALL His royal power (hence "kingdom") when he was Glorified (transfigured) on that mountain.

Thus Matt 16:28 is true and has been fulfilled.

Matthew 16:20 & 17:9 20 Then he warned his disciples not to tell anyone that he was the Christ. 9 As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus instructed them, “Don’t tell anyone what you have seen, until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.”

I’ve always wondered…why did Jesus warn his disciples not to tell anyone that He is the Christ or that they should not tell anyone what they saw on the mountain when Moses and Elijah appeared to them? Why didn’t Jesus make himself know to anyone but the disciples, His mother and a choice few others?

I attend a church that I’ve been a member of all my life. It has approximately 1800 families at last count. I run hot and cold with attending mass; I guess that just told you that I’m Catholic. I love the celebration of the Eucharist, but the 5 to 10 minute homilies are much to be desired most of the time. I get so much more from watching Charles Stanley and listening to David Jeremiah teach and I love to listen to Billy Graham. I’m comfortable in my church but I can say that I’m totally happy. I’m trying to become more active in church groups but my erratic work schedule prevents it most of the time. It’s our 100th anniversary this year and I’m on that committee. It works well with my erratic schedule because I can help work events or do whatever there is to do around my schedule. But I would like to find a church that teaches more from the Bible. I’d also like to find a good Bible study group. My church has one but it’s during the day and I’m at work. I’ve thought about starting my own, but I really don’t feel qualified. My neighbor across the street is the Pastor of The Carpenters church. He as invited me to check them out, but I haven’t as of yet. I pray for God’s guidance as to whether I should stay with my current church or start looking for another. I guess maybe you can tell that I’m somewhat confused at this time as to what I should do and God has not been giving me any clues that I’ve picked up on. Of course maybe my getting active in our 100th anniversary is His way of telling me that I’m where I belong. Time will tell and everything in His time.

Yours in Christ


"Why didn’t Jesus make himself know to anyone but the disciples, His mother and a choice few others?"

Not sure that is correct. The Gospels are full of accounts where people came to believe Jesus was Messiah. They heard the Gospel as relayed by Jesus and believed in Him. Sometimes it is associated with a name and sometimes it just says "many". Lets keep an eye out for this as we go through the gospels.
As to the silence about the transfiguration event - God's ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

My guess is - because Jesus' ministry was not about the spectacular. Many saw miracles, but they never believed. Jesus' ministry was about God's spoken word and His message of salvation. Remember: we are not given an account of every word Jesus spoke - just what God has revealed to us in the Gospel accounts. Jesus often taught and spoke for hours on end to crowds of people.

The miracles and this event are just confirming signs that "he was who he said he was" - For those three and for those that believe the bible is God's inerrant account of His Word (in the original manuscripts). No one was saved by miracles - they were saved because they had faith and/or heard and believed.

If the apostles had told of the event, in all likelihood the story of Moses and Elijah coming back would have impressed people more than Jesus' Glory. The hubub and crowd around Jesus may have gotten so frenetic that Jesus' spoken ministry might have been hampered or slowed down.

There is also the possibility that it would have forced the Pharisees hand earlier than it eventually occured - also hampering Jesus' ministry.

Regardless of what I think - I trust God made the perfect decision here regarding the transfiguration event.

Thank you for the feedback John. I am aware that Jesus spoke to people for long periods of time that have not been recorded. Wouldn't it have been wonderful to be there and listen to him!

Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback


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