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Psalm 24

Songs Of The Savior Our Messiah Revealed In The Psalms

This psalm is disputed, and the folowing is a different perspective than at Mike's link.

David wrote this psalm out of a difficult time in his own life, the effort to bring the ark of the covenant to the city of Jerusalem. Perhaps this is writen not after a battle, but after the ark was returned from the Philistines in 1Sam6. David did not follow instructions the first time, and a priest died after touching the ark. this psalm may be about the second time the ark was being brought up to the temple.
Psalm 24:1-5

God is sovereign and everything is His. Why? Because He created it. who may stand in the sanctuary. Someone perfect and blameless.

So far so good - and no one seems to disagree with these thoughts.

Now the difficult part - verse 6.
The literal Hebrew translation here in poetic form is:

"This is the generation

seeking him

seeking your face,


The implication is not that one is seeking God, but the question is being asked:

"What man or woman can stand before God? What man in all of Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel, can say, "I'm the one--I can stand before the Lord with absolute purity of motives and purity of action, absolute integrity, absolute confidence in my righteousness, and complete confidence in God's blessing on my life"? - Doug Goins

The use of "Jacob" is interesting. Jacob means "deceiver" the name of Jacob before God changed it to Israel (God rules). Using Jacob instead of Israel in the Psalm implies the answer to the question about who in all the land may approach the sanctuary.

The answer: No one answers, because out of all the country there is no one worthy to enter the sanctuary.

So will anybody ever rightfully ever enter the sanctuary?


Lift up your heads, O gates,
And be lifted up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
Who is the King of glory?
The LORD strong and mighty,
The LORD mighty in battle.
Lift up your heads, O gates,
And lift them up, O ancient doors,
That the King of glory may come in!
Who is this King of glory?
The LORD of hosts,
He is the King of glory.

Who is this person? Who is this King of Glory and Lord of Hosts? It is Jesus Christ.

For a thousand years after David asked the question, no one stepped forward. Then on Palm Sunday Jesus came and ascended the hill to the song of Psalm 118 - the Hosanna. "Yahweh save us!", and that is exactly what Christ came to do for us.

Proverbs 6

Do not Provide surety or a guarantee for another.

I really struggled with this one. Why not? seems like a nice thing to do for someone. Help them to get ahead, etc.

It was not until I read Martin Luther's sermon (link below) on the subject that I began to understand. All quotes are from Martin Luther:

1) "Standing surety is a work that is too lofty for a man; it is unseemly, for it is a presumptuous encroachment upon the work of God." We are to put our trust in God alone, not in any man.

2) "In the second place, the surety is trusting in himself and making himself God (for whatever a man trusts in and relies upon is his god). But his own life and property are never for a single moment any more secure or certain than those of the man for whom he becomes surety. Everything is in the hand of God alone. God will not allow us a hair's breadth of power or right over the future, nor will he let us for a single moment be sure or certain of it."

Solomon condemns surety here and in Proverbs 27. Judah was punished for his presumption of providing surety for Benjamin in Gen 44. James sys it is arrogant to presume in James 4:13-16. Also in Luke 12 presumption is condemened. See link for more Scriptural support for condemning surety.

John MacArthur acknowledges that surety is not without precedent. Martin Luther says, "Hence, it is decreed according to Scripture that no one shall become surety for another, unless he is able and entirely willing to assume the debt and pay it himself."
So what do we do with our money?
- Give it to the needy.
-Luke 6:35 Lend expecting nothing in return. If it is not returned - it is a gift.

Maybe besides the presumption issue - while our money is tied up in a guarantee, we are not able to do the above?????


i think u missed Chris Tomlin and "king of Glory cause its THIRD DAY that does that one.... not Chris T


This is going to be redundant probably but I think the reason debt is mentioned in the Bible is not just the obvious reason but that the constant demand of it takes our mind off the Lord. Matt 6:24, Ecc 5:10 is on the other end of the scale. It is not ours to begin with & how we handle it shows our true faith in Him that gifted us with it.

A couple of resources regarding debt management and the development of a stewardship lifestyle could be Ron Blue's oft-used book "Manage Your Money" - the other is Crown Financial Ministries found at http://www.crown.org/ There is a wealth of information at this site, as well as very helpful financial and career tool downloads.

Matthew: The Rich Young Man

21Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

Some people think this verse means everyone has to become "poor" - give all your money away - and then you can be saved, or continue in your walk down the path of Christian maturity for sanctification.

I disagree with that analysis. I believe everyone has one thing closest to their heart. One thing that can keep them from salvation. One thing that is closest to their heart that can block advancement in your Christian walk.

God is sovereign and His will will be done in salvation and conforming us into the image of Christ. God is also patient, and until we come to realize what that one thing is and release it (give it up) - perhaps He is just patiently waiting for that moment to start shaping the clay on the potter's wheel in earnest.

For the rich man that one thing close to his heart was money. If Jesus had turned and pointed to someone else it may have been power. For another drinking. For another gambling. For another lust. etc. Each person has their own favorite "want to hold onto" item. Perhaps more than one.

For me at salvation - the thing closes to my heart was independance. I was willing to admit I was a sinner, repent, accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but I still wanted to run parts of my own life. I was willing to give God most of my life (will), but a few things I wanted to stay in control of while here on earth. It took two weeks of praying before I finally admitted to God - OK, enough. You win. My whole life is yours do with it as you will. Run my life for me. That night - I knew I was saved. There was no doubt in my mind. God gave me peace, joy, and the Holy Spirit, healed me from debilitating mental illness, and removed two of my addictions.

It did not end there. Shortly after salvation, it became clear to me, that God wanted something else I was holding onto in my heart. Privacy. I really did not like people. Would rather be left alone. God just kept putting people in my path that needed interaction. I kept refusing to interact. Got really convicted to the point that I gave up my privacy, and God has had me working with people Christians and non-Christians ever since. Actually quite enjoy it at this point.

Is something holding you back from coming to Christ? Pray about it to God, and ask Him to reveal it to you. Give it up - so you too can heave eternal life. Not happy with your Christian walk. Same advice, go to God and tell Him you really want to know. I pray that God will reveal it to you, and you will joyfully take up your Christian walk.

There is nothing we can do to earn Salvation. Nothing we can "do" to conform ourselves into the image of Christ. The point of this post though is - there may be something you need to give up.

[One of those posts where the above is my opinion, and I may be off base.]

Exodus: Plagues

See yesterdays post :)

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