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Psalm 25:16-22

In previous verses the themes were trust, submission, humility, and reverence/awe of God. After David is in the proper place with God due to observing the above having asked for forgiveness- now David asks for Deliverance.

David admits he is alone and afflicted. His sins are between David and God. David asks God to be gracious - because David can do nothing to earn forgiveness.

Deleiver me God and take away all my sins. David asks for protection from his Physical enemies, but the protection can also be applied to our spiritual enemies. When we have the heart for God we can be sure we can be delievered from Spiritual enemies when we take refuge in God.

Psalm 25:21-22 May integrity and uprightness protect me,
because my hope is in you.

Redeem Israel, O God,
from all their troubles!

It is not David's integrity and uprightness that protects him; David has already admitted He did not possess those qualities. It is God's integrity and righteousness based on God's word, and Davids hope (with certainty) in the Lord that will deliver David.

Conclusion is David includes Israel in this plea for forgiveness and deliverance making some think this will be a psalm for the remnant in the Day of the Lord.

Proverbs 6:12-15

There are sinners and there are sinners. There are those seduced by the world, reject God, yet still do good things in the eyes of mankind.

Than there are those that embrace the darkness. Those that love the lifestyle. Those that wallow in their rationalizations on just doing whatever it takes to get over on another human being. As long as their pockets are lined, or their thrill seeking is satisfied, or their addiction is sated for a time - they could care less about mankind. These to me are scoundrels and villains who plots evil with deceit in their heart.

Proverbs 6:15 "Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant;
he will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy."

Certainly the newspaper and television are full of stories of villains who come to a quick end. But what about the ones who live long lives? Where is God's judgment on those villains.

If we live to be a 100, that is nothing compared to eternity. When a wicked person dies, the disaster and judicial decision of God is instantaneous and it will be a disaster for the bad guy. the penalty for rejecting God and Jesus Christ is spiritual death.

Going to hades, and then ultimately being judged at the white thrown and thrown into the lake of fire (hell) is being destroyed, and there is no remedy.

There is no second chance. There is no saying - I did not know. There is no saying - if you only had given me a sign.

There is no purgatory where anybody can suffer enough to earn their way to heaven, for if we could it would take away from God's Glory, and God shares His glory with no one (Isaiah). Salvation is God's work and God's alone. You do not accept God's plan for salvation, and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then the disaster and destruction will overtake the wicked in an instant (at death) - and there is no Remedy once one has died.

Hello Mike,

That is a great goal you've got and it looks like there is some great thoughts here. I just wanted to share a resource that I thought might be of some use along the way: http://www.dailyreader.net We don't have the entire bible in yet, but we have the New Testament. The way dailyreader works is that you decide on how long you want to read and what days you want to read on, and then it will send out automated installments to your email with your daily readings (http://www.dailyreader.net/content/book/The-Bible-(KJV):-Matthew )

Thanks and God Bless,

Hi Mike,

This is a great resource. God bless you for putting Him where so many can find Him.

I've read a couple of books lately that might be good regarding prayer and illness.

One is "Where is God When It Hurts" by Philip Yancy.

The other is "Too Busy NOT To Pray" by Bill Hybels.

Both are great resources that help with "unanswered" prayer or dealing with the questions that come up about illness and prayer.

God Bless,

Psalm 25 is an Acrostic - each verse in Hebrew begins with the successive letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. This literary device is used throughout the book of Lamentations, in Psalm 119 and some other locations. It provides a structure for reflection, and for memory.

Psalm 25 is personal psalm of trust from a person in some distress - see verses 16-20 where troubles, enemies, affliction and distress are mentioned.

Then we have verse 22 - this last verse does two things. It breaks the acrostic structure. So it would appear that verse 1-21 is a complete thought. Then it applies what has been said to the nation - “redeem Israel from all their troubles…”

This is an interesting link of the individual to the group. While we are part of a family or a church, a culture and a nation which form us, we are also individuals. Faith then is individually held but also held together.

Derek Kidner writes, “Right outside of the alphabetic scheme, the final verse claims for Israel what David had petitioned for himself, so making of a personal plea a hymn for the whole congregation.” (Psalm 1-72, Tyndale O.T. Commentaries, p. 115)

Thanks Mike for this wonderful Bible Reading. I love your comments and the pictures just open everything up for me. They say one picture is worth a thousand words.

On prayer, we must always pray in God's Will and sometimes it isn't God's Will for someone to be healed. Also, death is healing. We must also remember that sometimes God says "NO." It is all about love and faith.

Thank you again for your dedicated to the Lord and your faithfulness. May the Lord Bless You.

I just finished: The Great House of God by Max Lucado. It focuses on the Lord's Prayer and parallels the phrases to visiting God's house.

Watching the video today makes me want to build my relationship further with the Lord this year. My time home with my children is a time of growing closer to God and changing for me. God and I wrestle about my pride more than I like to admit. I am pretty goal-orienated and achievement-minded, and a Stay-at-home mom is not always honored publicly for her work; I mean is there an award for the Mom-of-the-Year (does she get to visit the White House and shake the president's hand? ). God is showing me that the seeds I allow Him to use me to sow in formative years of my children will far out last any honor I may recieve for public service. This is definately the hardest work I have done. There are days I don't know if I am going to make it. Then, I recount that it is God's strength and not my own.

OK, I don't know if that answered the question at all.

Hello all,
First, Mike you have inspired me to read the bible more than anyone. Thank you for the encouraging words in your weekly mailout to those of us who get behind in our bible reading to not play catch up but to start again reading with everyone that day. That really got me back on board again without feeling guilty.
Tom, your website on reading books is great... Thanks for letting us know about it. I was looking to see if you had the book on Saving Sarah Cain. It is a new book so I'll just be looking for it latter.
Susan, your statement about Stay-at-home moms where God is showing you the seeds that your sowing into your children is more important than anything else is beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work!!
God Bless you all.

Exodus 13

Celebrating by living sacrificially (13:1-2, 11-16)

"The first-born males of Israel, both children and animals, were to be devoted to the Lord. The animals, so long as they were clean, would be sacrificed to the Lord. A donkey is an example of an unclean animal that was not to be sacrificed.

Humans, of course, were not to be sacrificed. They were to be "redeemed," meaning a price was to be paid in recognition of their not being sacrificed (5 shekels, or about 2 and 1/2 ounces of silver, according to Numbers 18:16).

What's the reason for the devotion of the first-born to the Lord and the redemption of the first-born males? In the 10th plague, the Lord killed the first-born of Egypt. In now sacrificing first-born animals, all Israelites recognize that they, just like the Egyptians, deserve to die because of their sin. But they, like their first-born males, have been redeemed. The scheme of the devotion of the first-born serves as a vivid reminder to the people of what they deserve on the one hand but how the Lord has redeemed them from what they deserve on the other. On the basis of the truth that this ceremony reminds them of, what should they do? As those who have been redeemed by the Lord, they should live for him." - Scott Grant

Scott Grant says it better and more succintly than I ever could. Link to full sermon here:

Parallels between Passover/Exodus and New Testament: Exodus 11:1-13:16

11.5 death of first-born John 3:16, Col 1:15
12:2 new beginning 2 Cor 5:17
12:3 lamb John 1:29, 1 Cor 5:7
12:5 without blemish 1 Pet 1:19
12:6 all responsible Ro 3:23
12:13 freedom from death Ro 8:2
12:7 blood applied Ro 5:9; Eph 1:7, 2:8
12:6 vicarious sacrifice Matt 26:28, Heb 9:28
12:9-10 body of sacrifice Heb 10:4-10
12:11 readiness Mark 1:2-4
12:12 gods judged John 16:11, Col 2:15
12:14 celebration of feast Lu 22:15-20; 1 Cor 5:8, 11:23-35
12:14 permanent ordinance 1 Cor 11:6
12:14-20 no leaven 1 Cor 5:6-8
12:21 one way John 14:6, Acts 4:12
12:22 hyssop John 19:29
12:22 death can't enter Ro 8:2
12:27, 42-51 who may celebrate 1 Cor 5, 11:23-35
12:35 gifts after victory Eph 4:8-11
12:37 warriors Eph 6:12, 1 Ti 6:12
12:39 flee without provisions 1 Cor 6:18
12:46 no bone broken John 19:33, 36
13:1-2, 11-16 devotion to God Ro 12:1
12:3 power to save 2 Pet 1:3, Eph 1:19-24
13:14 freedom from slavery Ro 6:6, 8:2

There is nothing more important than establishing a loving relationship with God. If this is the only resolution we ever keep, I believe we've made the wises choice we can ever make.

Yours in Christ

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