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Wow. Thanks for sharing that trailer. I was disappointed there was no reading today but now I am excited about finding my own copy of The Bible Experience. It was also nice to finally see a little more culture on your blog. I enjoy the art that you choose. It is one of the reasons I joined this blog. However, it seems you post only Western and European artists. I know from my own internet searches there are many depictions of Bible moments from many cultures around the world. Historically people have illustrated Jesus and other Bible figures to reflect their own culture. Probably to be able to identify with them. Because your blog is international it would be nice to see other cultures represented through the art you post. Thank you for what you do. God Bless. L

The Bible Experience trailer was very gripping.

I have been blessed by my husband who purchased it for me - well, for the both of us; nevertheless, he gave it to me (smile).

It is very awesome - you feel like you are experiencing it yourself. When you listen - it just arrests your spirit man and takes you on a most awesome journey.

It was great to see who the faces are behind the voices.

I truly enjoyed the voice of the "I AM" in the Old Testament; and although I am a fan of Samuel Jackson - I wish they didn't change the voice; but God knows better of course. I noticed it said because it was the New Testament, new voice; but scriptures state He is the same yesterday, today and forever - so I would suppose the thunderous voice of the "I AM" would be the same as well.

Everyone ought to experience the "true" experience!!!

I also want to thank the people who bring the "One Year Bible" on this site to life. Another awesome experience.

This will be my first time I will be reading the bible in one year. Although I started the one year reading on another site, I chose this site to complete my reading because it is awesome. May God continue to do a good work in and through you all!

Also, the comments posted by "L" is an excellent point.

We must engage all ethnic backgrounds - because the bible engages all ethnicities.



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