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Remember that God has not finished with his chosen people Israel, that their inheritence, as ours, is given by grace, not earned. We are added to Gods chosen people, we do not replace them, even though as a nation they are currently in sin, He will restore them at his appointed time. See Romans 11.

when we give thanks to god on everything we face ,had this a blessing for us this is a great support to us and a strengh from above . i experience this in my life when i start my devotion or quiet time i bring with all the burdens from yesturday and when i start worship and praise god of what he are and give thanks to all what he gave through my life the burden get from heavy to a very light burden and why is so because giving thanks remind you of god's unfailing love and about his plentful mercy upon his children not to forget his holy spirit dwelling inside us he is a comforter for all who believe and trust him Amin

I try not to make "saying grace" some ritual. It's important that we are always thankful for all He provides (kind of hard when He has blessed us with so much!). He sees our thankful hearts more than He hears our ritualized words. just the opinion of a sinner.


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