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Praying for all our roots today!
Blessings Helen.

I just wanted to say that this is my first experience with the reading the Bible in one year, and I AM in AWE!! I have wanted to speak out on so many days so far this year , but today I must!! I want to thank God for using you for this experience for anyone!! I have struggled much with seeds landing in the wrong place, but today this minute, I want to PRAISE GOD for I know in my heart that I am in a field of good soil here with you guys, I am so blessed to be here, on the days I can't be here, I always catch up on every day i have missed.I just want to thank you and celebrate that today I know I am feeling a sprout of a root that I have never experienced before in Gods Word, I know there is alot that goes over my head, but I know He will bring to life to me when He sees fit. I just want to Thank You all. This site takes me to a favorite song of mine, Word of God speak!!! because God is in this place!!! Its an honor to be hooked, lined, and sinkered with you and your insights.

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