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As the mother of two adult children I can look back and see where discipline was neglected and see the result. My job was to make people who can fit into society. Anti-social behavior, then, must be gotten rid of. Lying, cheating, greed, laziness-that in adults will get them no-where. Not being able to see the end from the beginning it's always a worry-is it too much? But we want children who are sucessful. Do not exasperate your children, sure. If we have God's Spirit in us, if we are in Him, and He is in us- 24/7; 360 days a year I think we can trust Him to guide us to be disciplining through us out of love. just as we can trust we love our spouses as ourselves, and run our business fairly and justly and so on with every aspect of our life.

On the subject of discipline,

Shepherding a Child's Heart by Ted Tripp. His teaching is based on Esp. 6:1. We discipline to keep our children in the circle of God's blessing

Also, Raising Godly Kids in an UnGodly World part of Chip Ingram's House or Home series. His teaching is that our goal in raising our children is holiness.

As a parent of 3 under 3, I find myself saying things to my children that I believe God says to me like "I love you and I need to tell you something important" , "I love you so much I can not let you do "x" because you could be hurt", "I love you and I know what is best for you" etc.

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