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"Do you find the Lord's Supper to be a beautiful experience at your church?"

Alas, I find the sharing done in my church of plastic wafers that have been kept in storage at least a year before eating to be nothing but a dismal shadow of the great Lord's Supers where real bread was broken 2,000 years ago in the same way I find the formal cheeriness done as I enter and for a few minutes near the beginning of each service to be little different from the kind treatment I get from any professional stewardess as I enter and get settled in a plane.

"Do you think that you should have any fear God? Why or why not?"

Continuing the theme of raising children yesterday: any child that truly loves his or her parents will fear them (and their opinions) far more than any employee (or even any slave) despite also calling them, without hesitation, first when they have done wrong and end up in jail. Likewise, if we truly love God, we will fear and trust Him over all others.

Thanks Mike for the lovely picture of the cup and bread with today's study.

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