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Thanks once again for the links to the music you include. "Indescribable" is one of my favorites. We have learned it as a congregation and it brings me to tears every time we sing it. God bless you this week. You are in my prayers.

A Warning about Worship is the link Mike referenced for our edification today.

The warning as stated: "... God warns Israel is that of hardening their hearts (v. 8). ..."

But I wonder if anyone caught this passage of scripture in Psalm 96 which is indeed as important when worshipping Abba Father:

Verse 9:
O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; tremble before and reverently fear Him, all the earth. (Amplified Version).

Wow - in the "beauty of holiness"; "reverently fear".

Not just in anyway we feel like coming before Him, but in reverence.

And I am more than sure that in the beauty of holiness is not on the outside, like what we wear or what we look like - as some commentators refer to as the "beauty of holiness" - but because God our Father looks at our hearts and He is holy and He calls us to be the same. It will certainly keep us from hardening our hearts!

Dr. James Merritt of Atlanta, GA has a message entitled: "Wholly Holy".

The message really penetrated my spirit and I believe will penetrate yours. Be blessed by the message and think about ordering it from: www.touchinglives.org.

The direct link is:

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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